The Last Airbender’s best background characters, ranked

The world of Avatar: The Last Airbender is full of colorful characters, not least the main cast of the series. The show has been praised for its immersive character arcs, consistent personality, and even a realistic redemption plot. But ATLA also full of unsung heroes: background characters.

From appearances in an episode to repeated jokes, ATLAThe background characters of the characters are less important to the plot but extremely important to the construction of the world. Everyone is memorable in their own right. Here are twelve of them ATLAfunniest, most legendary and most memorable background characters.

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12. Dock / Coins / Bushi

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While traveling through the Fire Nation, Gaang came to a polluted riverside town, where they met Dock, an eccentric ferryman. Dock’s “twin brother”, Xu, works at the fish market and looks just like him, except for the other hat. Soon after, the third brother, Bushi, arrives on the scene, revealing that the three brothers are really just one, with many personalities. Despite the revelation, Dock/Xu/Bushi still insisted that they were the three brothers, despite all reason, much to Sokka’s annoyance.


11. Haha

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During the Book One finale, a romance blossomed between Sokka and Princess Yue. Unfortunately for them, Yue is engaged to someone else: Hahn, a Northern Water Tribe warrior whose courage is matched only by his arrogant stupidity. Rude, feisty, and arrogant, Hahn maintains a haughty personality, one that became his loser when he secretly attacked a Fire Nation ship. After his challenge to Admiral Zhao, Hahn was immediately thrown on board, nothing more than a momentary distraction as Zhao continued his normal conversation. Although Hahn only appeared in two episodes before his failure, his immediate trial and failure made for a gratifyingly hilarious ending to Yue’s engagement.

10. Lo and Li

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As older mentors to the formidable and highly social Princess Azula, Lo and Li are nonetheless jovial twins who love the Fire Nation. First introduced at the beginning of Book Two, mentors occasionally appear to provide wisdom and equal frontrunners. In the Book Three villain-centered episode, “The Beach,” Lo and Li prove that they’re never too old to party. They also become Azula’s firebending advisors despite not being firebenders, a confusing but humorous situation. Despite being technically villains, Lo and Li are still happy to be on screen, despite one of them (who is unknown) being banished from the Fire Nation at the end of the series. movie series.

9. Pirates

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First introduced as colorful but fearsome scallywags in Book One, the pirates liked the term “high-risk traders” and made fun rivals for Gaang, as well as a relationship with the pirates. legitimate threat to Zuko. In the lead-up to the end of Book One, they nearly kill Zuko when hired by Zhao to blow up his ship. Even their iguana is a capable fighter.

8. The Helmsman

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Due to Admiral Zhao’s interference, Zuko unfortunately doesn’t have much time to interact with his crew in Book One, but one particular crewmate shows up to impress him. Helmsman is never clear in the frame, but Zuko is often seen yelling at him to place or change direction. In the episode “The Storm”, lightning strikes the ship, knocking Helmsman off the ship’s tower and causing Zuko to save his life, showing Zuko cares about his crew. Although Helmsman doesn’t say much, the way he does appear in the story is when Zuko shouts, “Helmsman!” is a hilarious occurrence that viewers may not notice at first glance.

7. Foofoocuddlypoops

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During their travels through the Earth Kingdom, the Gaangs concentrated on Aang’s earthbending lessons, leaving Sokka to hunt for food. What he found was a saber-toothed elk lion, an adorable little wild “meat creature” who defeated all of Sokka’s attempts to hunt without even trying. The cubs keep Sokka company while he is trapped in a crevice in the earth, bring him apples, sit on his head, and generally show his cuteness. In the end, Foofoocuddlypoops wins out over Sokka, as Sokka declares herself a vegetarian (although the transition was short-lived). While Foofoocuddlypoops is cute and cuddly now, his mother’s arrival provides a terrifying glimpse into the threatening creature he will grow up with. However, for now, the saber-toothed lion cub remains one of the loveliest creatures in the world ATLA.

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6. june

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When Zuko found Katara’s lost necklace in Book One, he and Iroh went in search of someone who could be tracked with their sense of smell. They find the bounty hunter, June, in a rowdy bar, winning arm wrestling competitions with men twice her size. Intrigued by the golden promise, June agrees to help the villains with her shirshu, Nyla, a giant mole-like creature that can paralyze others with its tongue. June returns in Book Three to aid Team Avatar as they near the end of the series, first in search of Aang and then in search of Iroh. Although her allegiance is not to any country but to anyone who can afford her services, June is an important background figure, not just entertaining for the personality. sarcasm but also because of her unparalleled tracking abilities.

5. Sparky Sparky Boom Man

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Silent and mysterious, the Fire Nation assassin hired by Zuko in Book 3 made it his personal mission to hunt down and kill Aang, using a subset of firebending known as firebending. Armed with metal prosthetics and the ability to shoot fire with his mind, the mercenary was named Sparky Sparky Boom Man by Sokka and later renamed the Explosive Man to better suit his his menacing presence. Although he doesn’t talk much, Sparky Sparky Boom Man leaves a lasting impression thanks to his unusual firebending, his terrifying silence, and his relentless attacks despite being called by Zuko’s name afterwards. The assassin eventually self-destructed after a blow to the forehead by Sokka’s boomerang, a fitting ending considering his explosive nature.

4. Bubbly Mouth Guy.

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During Gaang’s visit to Kyoshi Island at the beginning of Book One, Aang demonstrated his airbending as proof of being the Avatar. However, one of the islanders was a bit overzealous. Mouth foaming The young man was so amazed at the Avatar’s abilities that he lost his mind, foaming at his mouth, and screaming with excitement until he fainted. Though it started out as a one-off joke, Foaming at the Mouth Guy makes a glorious comeback in Book Two when Katara and Sokka revisit Kyoshi Island. Sadly, his second shout, although similar to the first, was of no avail, as he soon realized that the Avatar hadn’t made the trip this time.

3. Rock

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In Book 2, Team Avatar is introduced to one of the most popular characters in the series, the stubborn earthbender Toph. But in her introductory scene, another character appears first: Boulder, an earthbender who specializes in wrestling based on Dwayne The Rock Johnson. The Boulder makes his matches endlessly exciting by passionately shouting out scripted one-sided players, beating opponents, and presenting himself in the third person. Although quickly defeated by Toph, Boulder remains one of the most popular background characters, due to his “conflicting emotions” and his reappearance on the Day of the Black Sun in Book 3. , changed his image from a wrestling thug to the allied Earth Kingdom.

2. Chan and Ruon-Jian

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Episode 3 of the villain “The Beach” featured the richest children of the Fire Nation on Ember Island. Chan and Ruon-Jian introduce themselves as a couple to Mai and Ty Lee, demonstrating their ignorance as they fail to recognize or invite the Fire Nation prince and princess to their beach party. While Ruon-Jian beats up the fire prince’s girlfriend and ends up being thrown against the wall, Chan rejects the fire princess, both embodying their own brand of emptiness. However, they don’t deserve to have their house ransacked and burned by a bunch of bad villains. Chan and Ruon-Jian will always be on top ATLA the background characters, if not for their hilarious presence, at least conjure up the episode’s most memorable line: Azula’s flirtatious “sharp costume” line.

1. Cabbage merchant

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The most iconic background character in Avatar: The Last Airbender Definitely a cabbage dealer. He is the most hardworking, industrious and intense small business owner in the Earth Kingdom, selling his cabbage cart from Omashu to Ba Sing Se. Despite the repeated joke that his ill-fated cabbage plants were always destroyed, the cabbage merchant never lost control. He was so determined to see his business thrive so he rolled up his sleeves and got it done. In ATLAsequel series of, The Legend of Korra, it was revealed that the cabbage merchant had grown his small cart business into Cabbage Corp. very successful, a true testament to the drive of a man who only loves cabbage.

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