The Future of Gaming: Cryptocurrency Edition

There is no denying the popularity and growth of online gaming as a “sport.” Today, the gaming sector is a reliable way to walk away with huge payouts. It has moved away from the conventional debit/credit card system. To demonstrate its expanding popularity, one can say that cryptocurrencies have stepped in to help gamers with the virtual assets trade.

The fusion of gaming and crypto has been a phenomenal one. Cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly altered the gaming sector, whether in terms of gamefi or payment methods. With the present scenario looking fine, the future seems quite promising.

This write-up will shed some light on the future of gaming in association with crypto.

Functioning of Blockchain Gaming

As modern digital currencies, cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. This decentralized control allows them to stay safe from political interference, intrusion, and duplication. Cryptocurrencies and Non-fungible tokens(NFTs) are prospective revenue streams for video games.

Players can customize their characters in a variety of online games using skins or other in-game items, which they can earn and trade with other players for in-game money. The capacity to convert virtual items into real money is a crucial aspect of some video games.

Blockchain games often allow players to exchange in-game things for cryptocurrency, converted into real money. Because of the traceability of the blockchain, this may avoid some issues with grey markets.

Developing Relationship Between Gaming and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has come to supplement gaming needs. Blockchain technology makes the characteristics and functionalities present in gaming worlds safer, more secure, and easier to manage, from in-game virtual money to collectible and ownable digital goods.

Since the gaming business was one of the first to adopt the technology, it is unsurprising that the two industries are forming a symbiotic relationship. The adoption and application of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in our daily lives are currently anticipated to start with gaming.

With the widespread deployment of 5G technology just around the corner, the gaming sector is experiencing a significant uptick, and blockchain technology is prepared to accelerate this boom. Around 2 billion people play video games worldwide and spend $50 billion on in-game items.

Factors Indicating Bright Future of Gaming With Crypto

We can predict a bright future for the relationship between gaming and cryptocurrency. Here are some indicators that point to promising prospects:

People Play to Make Money

In the past, players had to pay to either play or buy their favorite mobile games. The notion that they could earn from these games was nonexistent back then. But today, the gaming business has a secure and convenient way to make money thanks to crypto gaming.

 It primarily draws unemployed people constantly looking for methods to make money.

Many people who play this slot machine have gradually but steadily established a reliable source of income. They’ve benefited greatly from cryptocurrency. Future developments will undoubtedly see more cooperation.

Promotion of International Gaming

Internationalization is another phenomenon associated with cryptocurrencies. They allow people to carry out transactions all over the globe without worrying too much about the exchange rates and safety of transactions. They give users a choice to play without authenticating their identity or email. It enables players to pay and withdraw money more quickly and without limitations anywhere in the world.

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Transactional Efficiency Is Phenomenal

As digital entities, cryptocurrencies have a decentralized control system. This means that they are free from the hindrances posed by bureaucratic control and enable gamers to experience their favorite games instantly. They speed up and streamline the exchange of crypto units.

Another area that game developers frequently need help with is marketing their apps outside of app stores. Once more, crypto saves them in this situation. On the blockchain, gamers can execute nano-payments and instantly get payment.

Safety Guarantee Is a Crypto Speciality

Online gaming involves trading virtual assets. Gamers need a reliable and safe medium to trade their assets. The blockchain technology employed by cryptocurrencies provides safety to gamers. It stops the illegal trading of digital assets in online games. Establishing an immutable record also ends key duplication, hacking, and theft.

Decentralization Promises a Lot

Anyone can build on blockchains because they are public and permissionless. This means that in the future, layer-one blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and others will provide the foundation for blockchain games. The easy transition between games will allow users to take their assets, such as non-fungible tokens in the form of skins, symbols, or weapons, with them.

Final Words

Nothing is exciting to see technologies coming to solve modern problems and establish new avenues. With the gaming industry growing and blockchain technology embedding itself in the growth, the future of gaming and crypto looks quite exciting. Rest is for the time to tell.

Huynh Nguyen

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