The female student started a retail socks business

A 10-year-old has started a budding business (Image: Associated Press)

A fashion statement in your teens to show how ‘stylish’ you are, or mature pragmatism in the absence of one in the wash – quirky socks we’ve got they.

A schoolgirl in Russia ran away with this unpleasant reality of life and set up her own business.

Dasha Kuznetsova, 10, wears an odd pair of socks – but not by accident, or because she can’t find the right pair.

The schoolgirl is the mastermind behind the Single Socks collection – a business that specializes in selling single pairs of socks, without a single matching pair.

Maria Chevichelo, a customer, says the idea of ​​quirky socks is great – it’s stylish and saves the wearer the trouble of finding the right pair in the morning.

‘I just love the idea. It’s so simple and great at it,’ she said.

‘You have 11 socks, they’re all different, and you can wear them in the order you like. No need to worry, just drop them in the drawer. ‘

Each box contains eleven pieces of clothing, differing not only in color but also in design, each of which is dedicated to a major global event of the year.

The 2021 collection features tributes to events such as the death of French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, and the blockage of the Suez Canal.

“I’m happy with the idea, and the second thing I like about these socks is that they’re based on the top events of the year, which is great,” says Chevichelo.

Last year, when Dasha was nine years old, she attended a startup school for kids, called Silicon Valley Camp, where kids are taught the basics of business and marketing.

That’s where the idea started to take shape.

Dasha said she also wants people to feel comfortable and not ashamed to wear weird socks.

‘The first task is what problem do you want to fix that people have every day? I think people have a huge problem with socks because the nisses (mythical creatures) are stealing socks,’ she said.

Dasha won second place with her business project.

While the adults came up with what global events should be featured, Dasha and her brother outlined themes – including the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s historic space flight. , Covid-19 vaccinations and the launch of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon.

‘If I did a collection where all the themes were just me, there would be all sorts of games, cartoons,’ says Dasha.

‘Oh, and the story about McDonalds. How a guy bought a Happy Meal, but didn’t feel happy, and then he sued McDonalds. ‘

The only problem they had at first was finding a factory to produce such small batches.

‘Dasha has socks that are technically difficult, require great attention to detail, lots of colors, sixteen colors in one sock, so it’s not just a line we’re doing here, but a whole picture, a whole work of art. So this, of course, is different from other things,’ said plant manager Valentin Rybalkin.

However, they practically sold out before production ended.

“We barely have time to make this batch, pre-orders are already done, almost everything is sold out, we don’t have time to pack and release right now,” said Rybalkin. said more.

According to Ella Manzhеeva, Kuznetsova’s mother, the success of the project largely depends on her daughter’s charisma.

“You need to have some lightness, inner charm and a lot of luck for things to work out like this, because no effort has been made here, in this project, which is what every human being does. people feel, it’s lightness,” she said.

‘We didn’t do anything intentionally, didn’t pressure her or the partners, didn’t beg or ask for anyone, this idea will somehow expand and grow on its own. ‘

A box of 11 socks costs 1,990 Russian rubles (about 26 USD) and comes in two sizes.

But what’s important is the free spirit, says Dasha’s mother.

‘Now, we all wear different socks, and all of our friends wear different socks, and this gives you a very interesting feeling, a sense of quintessence. liberty, that you have the right to do something different.’

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