The cost of living crisis will affect Britons

POLICY parties that cannot be contacted will lose power. The government only has to look to Labor to see it.

In 2019, the Opposition lost a bunch of seats across the North because it lost the confidence of voters.

Conservative MP Jake Berry said:
Conservative MP Jake Berry said:Credit: Getty

It doesn’t understand the issues that affect Northerners’ lives the most, so it can’t come up with policies to make things better.

But I worry that unless urgent action is taken on the cost of living, the millions of voters who turned to the Tories in 2019 will lose faith in us after just one term.

Sadly, there’s no denying that we’ll all be struggling to make ends meet for the next few months.

That is why the Northern Study Group, a group of dozens of Tory Red Wall MPs, today launched a three-point plan for Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to capture the pain coming to voters’ wallets.

People certainly need help with their energy bills, but also with council taxes rising – and the poorest should be excluded from National Insurance raised to pay the NHS.

In the House of Commons yesterday, Labor demonstrated that it has yet to reconnect with the North.

They are only calling on the Government to cut VAT on energy payments in light of the recent sharp increase in wholesale prices and the imminent large increase in household energy bills.

The reality is that cutting VAT, like any tax charged as a percentage of your entire bill, will help the richest – with those in the biggest homes, heated swimming pools Warm and illuminated tennis courts, benefit the most.

We want the Government to go further than that. We want ministers to explore removing the green tax from everyone’s bills for a year to tackle rising heating costs, just when we need it most.

This is more relevant and beneficial Labour .’s plan, because casual workers will feel the most benefit, with hard-working families saving an average of £159 on their household bills.

Along with skyrocketing energy prices, the predicted record increase in council taxes will also weigh heavily on household budgets.

A report this week by the Institute for Fiscal Studies found councils’ recent spending was half of their original estimated budget, with many councils even having loaded into their savings accounts, called is reserve, in time Disease.

The IFS states that the findings mean that as a whole, councils received “many billion more dollars in funding than their actual net spending has increased”.

This report demonstrates that now is the time for a two-year council tax freeze. City hall leaders need to save – just like all families will have to this year.


With cash already tight, there’s another big impact on paycheck income from April in the form of a new National Insurance tax increase to fund aged care.

This 1.5 percentage point increase – from 12% to 13.5% – would cost the average Northern worker almost £300 a year.

The increase in NI affects the poorest disproportionately, as the lowest-paid people are paid the most as a proportion of their wages, and the highest-paid declines slightly.

This triplet whale is creating a cost-of-living crisis and it will hurt. That’s why Goverment need to ensure that no one pays this additional tax on the first £12,570 of their income.

Below this rate, workers pay no income tax and it seems unfortunate that this new round of tax collection will take effect almost as soon as they start earning.

We can all see this crisis coming, so now is the time to act.

Our simple, three-point plan will put hundreds of pounds back in your pocket and prove it is Conservatives it’s the true party of the North and is in touch and sided with our hard working families.

  • Jake Berry is a Conservative MP for Rossendale and Darwen, Lancs, and founder of the Northern Study Group.
Jake Berry is a Conservative MP for Rossendale and Darwen, Lancs, and founder of the Northern Study Group
Jake Berry is a Conservative MP for Rossendale and Darwen, Lancs, and founder of the Northern Study Group
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