The burnt-out husband decides to leave his manipulative wife and Reddit users couldn’t be happier

Reddit users are immensely supportive of a man who asked, “AITA for telling my wife it’s time to go back to work,” and the ending of his story will surprise you.

The Reddit post sparked one-sided opinions until the husband pointed out issues in his relationship with his wife and users thought he was at the end of his rope. The husband says the comments below his post gave him a “realization” that is badly needed for his own good.

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Husband asks “AITA for telling my wife it’s time to go back to work”

The Reddit user’s wife has been unemployed since 2018. She stopped working after suffering a nervous breakdown in her fifth year. Since then she has been in therapy and the couple began marriage counseling during the coronavirus pandemic.

As the husband is the only breadwinner in the family since his wife is not employed, he has been working overtime at work, sometimes working more than 18 hours a day, to save enough for retirement and handle the financial expenses of the house .

They sought the advice of a marriage counselor when his wife complained that he was pushing her too hard to go back to work while he had to work extra shifts to offset their share of the joint income.

They recently had another argument, and when the Reddit user told his wife to go back to work, she said it wasn’t the right time yet. She’s made great strides, and if she hurried she would lose everything she’s worked towards over the last five years.

The woman broke down and accused her husband of downplaying her mental health issues. The husband argued that the extra workload could cause him to have a nervous breakdown, but he couldn’t afford the luxury of not working like his wife.

Wife says husband is trying to get her to get a job

The husband not only goes to work, he also comes home without dinner. The couple orders food from either restaurants or resorts to be prepared in the oven.

The wife was upset that her husband was complaining about her expenses even though his individual earnings were more than their combined earnings, but she was unaware that he was putting in extra hours to earn something for both of them.

Apparently the therapist also agrees that the husband’s problems are not as serious as his wife’s. When he suggested he take a part-time job that might help him relax a bit, the wife and therapist suggested he should instead cut his retirement savings, hold back loans, and manage expenses until his wife gets better.

The husband wanted them to downsize into an apartment and rent out their house to pay the mortgage, but the therapist advised against it because the change might be too drastic for his wife to comprehend.

The husband eventually realized that he had a life of his own and that he could not pay off his wife’s debts forever while she was subsisting on his income alone.

In the update, the Reddit user announced that he is meeting with a lawyer to weigh all options since he has decided to move out of the house he and his wife have been living in. He will be staying with a friend until he gets things sorted out.

Users believe that he made the right choice

Reddit users have supported the man’s decision to leave the marriage and focus on his life.

“Despite the explosion, I say NTA. You sound burnt out and overwhelmed. Five years with up to 84-hour weeks? Are you sleeping?” one asked.

Another added: “Ask her how is your mental and physical health. Also, are you sure that the therapist is actually acknowledging everything that way? It sounds like your wife is just saying, “But my therapist says…” to add weight to what she’s saying. And accusing you of manipulation is ridiculous.”

“Maybe it’s time to call this an unsustainable relationship and let go,” said another.

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