The boy wrote a letter to Santa asking for expensive gifts, only to find a letter under the Christmas tree – Story of the day

An eight-year-old wrote a shocking letter to Santa and his mother and father decided to teach him a lesson about the meaning of Christmas.

Carolyne Fisher asked all of her third graders to write a letter to Santa and promise that the best would be delivered to Lapland, and delivered straight to Christmas Land via courier.

Carolyne sat down and read the letters with a warm heart and a smile on her face until she went to see Kyle Burnhart’s teacher. Carolyne couldn’t believe her eyes. Never has she read anything so disturbing and selfish!

Kyle got the biggest surprise of his life while waiting under a tree | Source: Shutterstock.com

Carolyne picked up the phone and called Kyle’s mother and father and asked them to meet her after school to discuss Kyle. When they arrived, Carolyne explained the assignment she had set for the class, then gave Kyle’s parents his letter.

“Dear Santa,” Kyle wrote. “I have to tell you I am very disappointed with the gifts you gave me last year. I hope you will do much better this time. So you better bring me that KidiZoom PrintCam, one New iPhones and a new PlayStation, and some fun games like Call Of Duty, not lame kids games like last year, and no Legos or anything stupid like that.

“Miss Carolyne wants us to ask for things for poor kids, but I think that’s pretty lame. They should have been smarter and born to rich parents like me. Anyway, I’m fine. good, so you better do your part now. Kyle”

Kyle wrote a surprising letter to Santa | Source: Unsplash

Kyle’s mother looked up from the letter. “I… I can’t believe this!”

Kyle’s father took the letter and read it, then read it again. He looks really upset. He said, “You know, Miss Carolyne, I was born into a very poor family, and I always swore that my son would have it all… But this…” He shook his head and said yes. scowl.

Sometimes raising a child means making difficult choices.

Mrs. Burnhart looked at her husband and Mrs. Carolyne and smiled. “I have an idea. We’ll teach Kyle a lesson!”

On Christmas Eve, Kyle helped his mom and dad set up a plate of cookies and a glass of milk next to the tree. He looked at the glittering tree and frowned. “It’s strange!” he say. “There are usually a lot of gifts here now!”

Kyle demanded many expensive gifts | Source: Unsplash

“Well honey, I thought you wrote a letter to Santa?” asked Mrs. Burnhart. “Maybe he’s delivering things personally this year!”

“Yes,” Kyle said. “That’s it! And he’d better do it right this time…” The Burnharts’ eyes met on Kyle’s head but they didn’t say a word. They all bake some marshmallows in the fireplace and then go to bed.

The next morning, Kyle jumped out of bed even as the sun rose and rushed down the stairs. “Parents!” he cried. “Wake up! It’s Christmas!”

Kyle ran to the tree and froze. Instead of the HUGE pile of presents he was used to seeing, there were only four or five small packages under the tree. Kyle chose the first one. It is for his mother. The second one is for his father…

The meager gifts on the tree are for his father and mother | Source: Unsplash

Kyle quickly arranged the Christmas presents. They are ALL for his mom and dad and nothing for him! He then saw that behind all the parcels under the tree was a simple envelope addressed to Kyle Burnhart.

Kyle eagerly opened the envelope. He made sure it contained an attractive gift certificate so he could go out and get everything he asked for but he came with a big surprise.

“Dear Kyle,” he read. “I’m sorry you were disappointed with last year’s presents, but I’m afraid I’m disappointed in you too. You wrote in your letter that you were ‘good’, but that’s not entirely true.

“You’re not bad, but you’re not what I would call good either. You’re not kind, or helpful, or generous. You don’t think about other people. So if you want presents next Christmas, you will have to be GOOD, think of others and do good deeds.

For Kyle there was only a letter and a diary under the tree | Source: Unsplash

“There is a diary under a tree, and I hope you will write down at least one good deed every day for the next 365 days.

“Merry Christmas, Santa Claus.”

Kyle was shocked. “I don’t have any gifts! NO ALL!” The Burnharts seemed sympathetic and asked to read the letter, but Kyle blushed. “It’s a private matter,” he said. “Between Santa and me!”

He looked under the tree and there he found a small diary with a red cover. Kyle picked it up and carried it upstairs. Moments later, the Burnharts heard him crying.

Kyle became a kinder and more loving boy | Source: Unsplash

They looked at each other. “Oh, John!” Mrs. Burnhart cried. “Are we giving him a hard time?” Mr. Burnhart shook his head. “No, Maggy,” he said. “We’re doing the right thing, and it’s in his own interest.”

Since that day, Kyle’s parents and teachers noticed a gradual change in him. He became a kinder, more generous boy, always willing to help his classmates and take good care of his grandmother.

By the end of the next year, Kyle’s red diary was indeed full, and he wrote a new letter to Santa, but this time all he asked for was a puppy. Santa must have heard him. because on Christmas morning an adorable puppy is waiting under the tree with a big red bow around his neck.

It wasn’t easy but Kyle learned his lesson and became a cuter and cuter boy.

Next year there is the sweetest puppy under the tree | Source: Unsplash

What can we learn from this story?

  • It’s not enough to do nothing wrong – we should all actively strive to do good. Kyle learns that he must do good to others, not just behave in order to be on Santa’s list.
  • Sometimes raising a child means making difficult choices. Kyle’s mom and dad knew their son would be disappointed and upset, but they needed him to learn compassion and empathy.

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