The best family party board games for Christmas 2022

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re hosting, there’s no doubt you need some family friendly party board games to play. The following games have each been chosen because they are fun for kids and adults alike and present core concepts that are easy for the whole family to understand.

Do not get

Don’t Get Got is an excellent game for large groups that could theoretically last all of Christmas Day. The great thing about Don’t Get Got is that it doesn’t require your full concentration as players are given secret missions to complete throughout the duration of the party. These missions range from mispronouncing a movie quote and getting someone to correct you, to spreading power and getting someone else to copy you.

The beauty of these secret missions is that they’re mundane enough that you can get away with them, but also weird enough that someone might spot you doing them. If you complete a mission without getting caught, you’ve made it, and if you’ve made it, you’ve missed, with the winner being the first to successfully complete all three missions.

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The Blockbuster Game

Christmas is a time of nostalgia, and what better way to reminisce than reminding your Netflix-watching family of blockbusters? The legendary video library is recreated in tabletop form and offers “a movie game for everyone who has ever seen a movie”, meaning that basically all ages can enjoy it.

In the Blockbuster game, players split into two teams before drawing three cards, each with the title of a movie on it. Players must then try to describe each of these films using one of three techniques – act it out, say a quote, or give a one-word clue. The great thing about The Blockbuster Game is that you don’t need to know the movie you’re citing or portraying – you can say and do almost anything to guide your team to the right answer.

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If you’re looking for a slightly quieter party game, Dixit is a perfect choice.

In this storytelling game, players pull beautifully illustrated cards from their hand and describe what they see in as much or as much detail as they like. Other players then choose a card in their hand that they think best fits that description, before everyone votes on the card they think originally described. Points are then distributed based on whose card was selected, with players receiving zero or all votes receiving zero points – vague as such, but not to vague is the way to go.

Encouraging players to provide some detail but not too much results in great retelling of what is shown on the cards and makes for an engaging gameplay. If you have an imaginative family, this is the game for you.

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code names

A regular favorite, Codenames turns players into two teams of spies trying to accurately guess as many codewords as possible in order to beat their OO opponents.

If you’re not into spying, don’t worry – the spying theme is just a background for a fun word sequence game. Each team has a Spymaster with a secret card representing what codenames on the board his team needs to correct the guess. To guide them to these codenames, they are allowed to say a word and a number to unify multiple codenames at once. For example, if the codenames on the game board are “buffalo” and “duck,” the Spymaster might say “wings” and “2.”

While it’s a simple premise, successfully pointing your team in the direction of the words they need to guess is immensely satisfying, making this a hit with competitive families.

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King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo is a great game for kids and adults alike as it combines an action packed and competitive concept with colorful monstrous characters.

The goal of King of Tokyo is to rampage around the titular city while the other monsters try to dislodge you from your position in it. This is achieved by rolling dice, which you use to either attack your opponents, heal your monster, or collect points that are used to use ability cards. If you are looking for a fast-paced game with just enough RNG that everyone can play and enjoy, this is for you.

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