The best ergonomic tools, massagers for hand and wrist pain

Let’s talk about your hands. During the pandemic, many of us lucky enough to be able to continue working from home experienced the unfortunate effects of living remotely: blurred work schedules and boundaries, a more sedentary lifestyle, 24/7 office mates, etc. The impact on the mental health — depression, burnout, anxiety — is well documented, but there’s also the physical toll that 40+ hours behind a desk can take. And even if we return to hybrid or office-only workspaces, it’s unclear if those weeks of strained shoulders, typing on keyboards, and spending hours pushing mice across our desks will change.

We know that repetitive motion injuries, like carpal tunnel or tennis elbow, aren’t exclusive to knowledge workers. But if you are For example, if you’re behind a desk and want to strategize your return to the office, there are a few gadgets we’ve found helpful in preventing week-end aches and pains.

Here are some of our proven favorites.

[Photo: courtesy Sagely]

Sagely Naturals Extra Strength Relief Cream
In 2015, founders Kerrigan Behrens and Kaley Nichol created a more accessible CBD-themed brand with the clean, organic ingredients and spa-like branding of their Sagely Naturals brand. While their current product line extends beyond CBD – a non-CBD collection for Target released last year – the true gems of their range feature high levels of cooling, minty menthol. And in combination with 750 mg CBD (5x the original) I found that Extra strong relief and recovery cream is a magical, icy, soothing tonic that absorbs quickly into the skin and provides near-instant relief. I like to rub it in my wrists and hands and then on my temples and behind my neck. Just don’t look!

[Photo: courtesy Therabody]

Therabody Wave Solo
I bought my partner a Therabody Wave Solo this past holiday season, but I often find myself stealing it. The tiny rubber ball — about the size of a bowling ball — is designed for pinpoint muscle relaxation (think: right in your hamstring, or between the curve of your shoulder and chest muscle). But holding it between your hands is quite satisfying, like waiting for the Golden Snitch to open. The three levels of shockingly powerful vibrations help stimulate circulation in stiff and sore hands, and feel amazing being rolled under your forearm on a desk. (Dare I say it? It’s even better than the Wave Duo.)

[Photo: courtesy Lyric]

Lyric massager
Lyrical Late last year they launched their stylish massage gun, which offers a different approach within this category: a powerful percussive massage that uses a rhythm that reflects between intensity levels to soothe and loosen aching muscles. The device also features a small color touchscreen that guides the user through different techniques, showing where to press the device and how to move it across the skin.

[Photo: courtesy Microsoft]

Ergonomic Microsoft Sculpt keyboard and keyboard
Ergonomic keyboards are a fairly inexpensive, passive way to keep your wrists aligned (or in the right alignment) throughout your workout entire Day. Microsoft’s sculpt keyboard is curved and split down the middle along the keys so your hands and forearms sit at a more natural, relaxed angle when typing.

[Photo: courtesy Grovemade]

Grovemade leather and wood keyboard palm rest
I’m a big fan of the cozy desk/the cozy gamer community on tik tok. Surrounding my desk with citrine chunks and carefully selected ceramics is basically my personality, well Govemades beautiful desk accessories are the perfect balance to my aggressive rainbow colored mechanical keyboard. Your Portland-made, trend-setting stands, leather palm restsand Merino wool desk pads are a great choice for soothing, comfortable cushioning and elevation that looks great and actually makes a difference.

Anker 2.4G wireless vertical ergonomic optical mouse
I thought vertical mice looked silly, but the effect they have over time is pretty undeniable, at least in my experience. I recently traded my mistress anchor for a cute pebble pink mouse that I love but my shoulder doesn’t. After just a week of Kibble Mouse and I can see a definite difference. A vertical mouse keeps your wrist at a more natural angle as you click around all day. Yes, the repetitive motion exists, but doing so puts less pressure on your wrist.

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