The apologist press is crazy about Biden, the Americans are fed up

Anyone watching the media rushes to defend the President Biden’s madness in Warsaw receive a free tutorial on the corrupt relationship between the press and this White House. The maids’ maniacal rush to shield him from an avalanche of deserved criticism also helps explain why Biden’s presidency is a flop with voters.

For most of the world, including our European allies, Biden’s remark that “this man cannot stay in power” is in Poland was a clear statement for ending Vladimir Putin’s rule in Russia. It was a dangerous surprise because the President appeared to be committing the United States and NATO to a radical policy of regime change against a brutal dictator who is talking about it use nuclear weapons.

Nothing close to this policy had been mentioned before, but in the context of the speech and the war in Ukraine there could be no other interpretation of Biden’s words.

His aides certainly heard it that way, which is why they immediately issued a clarifying statement, claiming Biden “would not discuss Putin’s power in Russia or regime change.” foreign minister Antony blinking went He also insisted that no such American policy existed anywhere in the world.

It later became clear that the reference to Putin’s removal was not included in prepared remarks, but was added spontaneously by Biden.

If that were all, Washington would have moved on in a day or so, dismissing the detour as just another Biden-be-Biden Gaffe.

But that was not all. Instead, many of the The usual media suspects took up the president’s heated language to credit him with heroically expressing his general horror at Putin’s cruelty.

CNN, The Washington Post, Newsweek and others published op-eds praising Biden’s cry from the heart, if not from the head, as if praising a teenager for the sign of virtue. It’s not that they necessarily advocate regime changeit’s just that his outburst made them feel better.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting with young award-winning cultural figures in Moscow, Russia, via videoconference on Friday, March 25, 2022.
President Joe Biden has doubled down on his claim to replace Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Mikhail Klimentyev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool photo via AP

Joe’s lame excuse

None of the apologists could top Daily Beast columnist David Rothkopf, who suggested Biden surpassed JFK’s Speech “I am a Berliner”. and Ronald Reagan “Mr. Gorbachev is tearing down this wall” address. He found the remarks so moving that they reminded him of Winston Churchill’s remarkable “Iron Curtain” speech in Fulton, Missouri, in 1946, which preceded the nascent Cold War with the Soviet Union warned.

Rothkopf, while acknowledging the White House withdrawal for regime change, still saw value in what he called a “moment of clarity from the outspoken president who “elevates his speech. It made it clear that Biden’s passion was heartfelt and real.”

Apparently, the White House suddenly sees such unexpected praise as too good to resist switched overnight and grabbed it like a drowning man grabs a life raft.

Now she, too, saw only virtue in Biden’s spontaneous addition, and the president appeared Monday to defend the very pronouncements his aides dismissed on Saturday.

Speech by President Ronald Reagan at the Berlin Wall.
One columnist compared President Joe Biden’s Warsaw speech to Ronald Reagan’s Berlin war address.
Thierlein/ullstein picture via Getty Images

“I have expressed the moral outrage I feel and I make no apologies for it,” Biden told reporters held a cheat sheet with possible questions and their answers. He said he never intended to call for Putin’s ouster and that it was “ridiculous” that anyone thought he was one.

“No one believes I spoke about bringing down Putin. Nobody believes that,” he stressed.

None but most of the world, and therein lies the political problem for Biden and his team. Operating under the illusion that Big Media and its big tech Fellow travelers take the views of most Americans, failing to realize that the Amen Corner reflects only an elite part of the country.

Approval continues to fall

Put it this way: how is it possible that there is only the softest and most casual criticism of Biden on any subject in the major newspapers, the broadcast media, CNN and MSNBC and on most social media while the president’s approval rating is down the toilet among all voters?

The CNN logo is displayed at the entrance to the CNN Center in Atlanta on Wednesday, February 2, 2022.
CNN is among those recently praising Biden’s efforts.
AP Photo/Ron Harris

The distance is enormous. The most recent Harvard-Harris poll has him there right now an approval rating of 39% and the Real Clear Politics average of polls over the last two weeks shows him 41% agree and 53% disagree.

On the economy, his average approval rating is 37.5%, with 58% disagreeing. On foreign policy, which means Ukraine in particular, his approval rating is 40.7 and disapproval is 54.2. On immigration, 34.4% agree versus 57% disagree.

Disaster threatens

Those numbers mean a massive defeat for Democrats in November, but the politics are remain largely unpopular on the spot as the general public is discounted while press support is overrated.

Recall that the the ridiculous attempt of the administration Blaming Putin for inflation after a year of skyrocketing prices for everything was actually welcomed by some in the press. The almost complete collapse of border enforcement gets little mention in the media, apart from accusations that anyone who wants an orderly, secure immigration system is a racist.

The pattern began before Biden took office, with The Post being ousted for daring to expose Hunter Biden’s influence actions Schemes and his father’s hidden help are the best example.

Gas prices to be posted March 23, 2022 at United Oil's gas station in Los Angeles.
President Biden blamed Putin for skyrocketing gas prices.
AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

Then came the flood of crazy ideas the left wing, from filling the Supreme Court, to making DC a state, to destroying the domestic energy sector, all had more media support than the general public. Even the few remaining moderate Dems only flinched.

The same goes for the spending monstrosity known as Better rebuild and the attempt to have Washington control all electoral laws, an attempt that demonizes states as “Jim Crow 2.0” if they dared to ask for a voter ID.

Biden’s heinous allegation that anyone who opposed the measure sided with George Wallace, Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis remains a low point of his presidency. But even this swab was no obstacle for his lapdogs.

Of course, every politician wants and seeks media acclaim. But the smart, successful understand that the public no longer trusts most media outlets and that lock-step press support can be a death knell. Someone should tell Joe Biden.

Where terror is celebrated

From the Times of Israel story about a terrorist attack killed five near Tel Aviv, including a police officer: “Security officials identified the terrorist as Diaa Hamarsheh, 26, a Palestinian woman from the West Bank town of Ya’bad, near Jenin, who was in Israel illegally. According to television reports, there were celebrations outside his family’s home later Tuesday.”

Crime in New York is still high

It’s the end of March and crime in New York still hasn’t done it went on vacation.

An early morning shoot at 124th Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem in February.
Police cordoned off the scene of an early morning shooting on 124th Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem in February.
GN Miller/NY Post

The shootings, stabbings and robberies reported in The Post are just one example of the chaos. According to NYPD Statistics until Sunday, Crimes in the seven main categories are up 45% since last year.

And lawmakers in Albany still see no problem. The apologist press is crazy about Biden, the Americans are fed up


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