The 2022 midterms will take place on January 6: Democrats can win if they fight Trump’s Big Lie

Donald Trump may have Canceled his press conference was to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the January 6 uprising that he had incited on Capitol Hill, but he still managed to convey his desire for the event to be hailed as a glorious revolution. He wants to whitewash an act of domestic terrorism in the name of fascism, making life extremely difficult for Republican politicians who want to continue to be barricaded. A year later, Republican leaders continue to hedge their bets. They are trying to appeal both to the Trump base by pretending to believe there is a “question” about the validity of the 2020 election and also to appeal to voters and moderates by publicly denouncing violence. The force of the uprising was motivated by such “questions”. But playing in the gray area may no longer be an option for the Republican Party — if Ted Cruz is doing badly, not having a good week is any indication.

Cruz’s woes began Wednesday when he, correctly, called the Capitol riots “a violent terrorist attack” and praised Capitol police for their bravery in fighting back. Cruz, it should be noted, takes absolutely no credit for this. He, like most GOP leaders, is intervening for Trump by participating in a massive sparking effort where Republicans will admit the violence happened, but pretend it didn’t. regarding Trump or his lies about the 2020 election. However, Trump has long been hostile to such trilateral political tactics, especially when it comes to his own ego. . He clearly wants the uprising to be staged as a winning attack in his fight against democracy, not this kind of “violence is bad” rhetoric.

So it’s not surprising that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went after Cruz, insisting that “it was certainly not a violent terrorist attack.” (It absolutely is. The FBI Defines Terrorism because violence is committed “for further ideological goals,” attacking the Capitol to overthrow an election 100%.) And Cruz, not surprisingly, either, went to Fox News the next night to seek forgiveness, calling his phrases “sloppy” and “stupid”. But because Cruz repeatedly insists that it is wrong to assault police officers — while he downplays the number of Trump supporters who engage in such conduct — Carlson repeatedly rips him, making it clear. that any slurs against Trump’s violence are simply unacceptable.

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The case was the basis for a year long – and now wildly successful – right-wing effort to bring the GOP into line with not only Trump’s Big Lie, but the belief that violence in the name of Lie great is not only acceptable , but commendable . That’s what Republican leaders have been up against. At first, the hesitation seemed to be caused by many of them really getting confused when a crowd came to take their place. Now, however, it is purely for political reasons.

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Polls show majority of Americans disapprove of uprising at the Capitol. But in the 2024 election, President Joe Biden and Trump are standing shoulder to shoulder. That can only mean a lot of voters are happy to vote Republican, as long as they can keep telling themselves a story about Republicans not being the party of violent insurgency.

That’s why Cruz and other prominent Republican figures – including Carlson himself – were drawn to a January 6 narrative, describing the event as an anomaly. coincidentally, rather than the direct result of months of Trump ramping up violence. Even Trump himself understands that winning more moderate Republican votes could mean supporting this absurd cycle of events and falsifying a narrative where the GOP is a ordinary political party. That is why he, however reluctantly, canceled his January 6 anniversary event, at the request of Republican leaders who thought there was a way to advance the Word. big lie without having to accept the resulting violence.

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However, Cruz’s situation suggests that may not be acceptable. There is no and never has been the way for Trump to resist his coup or the violence he exploited in his last-ditch attempt to steal the election. To support Trump is support what Trump stands for, it was a violent uprising in the name of fascism. The only way that Republican leaders can continue to act like this, pretending somehow it’s for Trump but not for his violent uprising, is if this issue isn’t a problem. beginning of the 2022 midterms. Unfortunately for Republican leaders, that’s unlikely, for a few reasons.

For one, celebrating Trump’s coup is a surefire way to get the most hardened Republican voters engaged and excited. As Axios reported on Monday morning, prominent Republican candidates – including several Senate candidates – were campaigning aggressively on Big Lie, finding it to be a great way to reap heaps of donations. For another, Trump’s ego won’t let the problem go away. He may have canceled his January 6 celebrations, but he made it clear that he intends to maintain the drumbeat of pro-insurrection talk at various rallies and rallies. his other contacts.

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Democrats can – and absolutely should – make sure Republicans can’t play this game.

The Democratic candidates must resist the urge prompted by campaigning consultants to always change the subject to “kitchen table problems”. Instead, between now and November (and ideally for as long as necessary), Democrats must not treat their opponents as if they are having a friendly disagreement over tax rates, but make sure they must answer because of Trump and his violence every day. Mention the uprising often, in debates and in advertisements, and make sure it never leaves the voters’ minds. This need not take the place of talking about kitchen table issues, but it simply cannot be remembered, as Republicans deeply desire.

As Cruz’s example shows, Republicans don’t have much room on this issue, because they are trapped by Fox News and the right-wing media. Efforts to distance themselves from violence have increasingly led to harsh criticism from the likes of Carlson and other powerful right-wing leaders and experts. That is why the uprising, although an unusual event in American history, remains an important standard issue, one that pits the GOP against moderate voters without they need to win the election. (While we still have elections, it may not be long before Democrats complete their 2022 midterms.)

The good news is, by gave a speech on January 6 where he didn’t shy away from blaming Trump, Biden signaled to go ahead to the rest of the party to make January 6 a central issue of the campaign. House Selection Committee on January 6 attacks It also appears to be prepared to continue to spread the word and create news hooks that make it hard for Republicans to remember the event itself or Trump’s central role in it.

There’s a reason Fox News and Republican leaders resent Democrats for “politicizing” Trump’s act of political terrorism. They want to scare Democrats into talking about an issue that will draw voters to their side. Democrats should take that fake outrage as more evidence to study the issue and not give in to it The cowardice urge to avoid controversy caused them to lose the election. The 2022 midterms will take place on January 6: Democrats can win if they fight Trump’s Big Lie

Huynh Nguyen

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