“Testicle King” eats raw steak for 100 days, raves about diet

A job well done?

Pauly Long, 30, says he feels great after eating raw steak for 100 days straight.

The so-called ‘king of the testicles’, who lives in Bali, Indonesia, ate a variety of foods as a child but decided to restrict his diet after developing stomach problems five years ago.

“I wanted to experiment and see how I felt and show the public that eating raw meat is perfectly safe,” Long explained press jam.

“I would do one raw steak a day and then anything else I wanted to eat could have been another steak that I cooked or ate raw again,” he added.

The content creator is dubbed the “King of the Testicles” as he has documented devouring animal hearts, testicles, and tongues.

Man posing with a raw piece of meat.
Father Pauly Long, 30, ate raw steak for 100 days.
Jam Press/@paulylong

Photo of a man eating raw testicles.
Long has previously earned the nickname “King of the Balls”.
Jam Press/@paulylong

Photo of a man eating raw steak.
On his TikTok page, Long can often be seen eating raw meat.
Jam Press/@paulylong

In general, it is not recommended to eat uncooked meat The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention He points out that “eating raw and undercooked meat and poultry can make you sick.”

Accordingly UCLA HealthEating raw meat can lead to foodborne illnesses like E. Coli — but Long insists he’s never gotten better.

The father of one child claims he’s had “no complications” from eating large amounts of raw meat, but is urging others to do their own research.

Photo of a man eating raw meat.
“I did one raw steak a day and then anything else I wanted to eat could have been another steak that I cooked or ate raw again,” Long said of his 100-day challenge.
Jam Press/@paulylong

He says he’s noticed a positive change in his digestion, energy levels and general mood.

“I started noticing the biggest change around day 30 – it was really noticeable every day after that – good energy, great digestion, great raw feeling all over,” Long explained.

He admitted that his diet typically includes raw and cooked foods, but he feels most comfortable eating foods that are uncooked.

“I combine a mix of raw and cooked because I’m a big foodie and love to enjoy good food out, but overall I feel best when I eat raw,” he said.

Photo of raw meat.
Long has said that eating raw meat is perfectly safe.
Jam Press/@paulylong

Photo of a man eating raw meat.
Of course, the CDC advises against eating raw meat.
Jam Press/@paulylong

He says he buys his steaks at a “reasonable price” and believes people could “thrive” on a totally raw diet.

in one current tik tok With more than 870,000 views, Long showed up eating a homemade steak tartare on the 97th day of the challenge.

He received countless comments asking why he was “not dead” and not getting sick.

Long doesn’t mind – he just brushes off the haters.

“I’ve gotten so used to it that I don’t even pay attention to it anymore,” he said.

“Of course everyone thinks I’m crazy and during the challenge everyone kept saying I was going to get sick and die, but for me it’s just entertainment.”

Photo of a man cutting raw meat.
Long often receives comments from users on social media who are worried about his health.
Jam Press/@paulylong

Photo of a smiling bald man.
Long claimed this lifestyle helped his digestion.
Jam Press/@paulylong

Long isn’t the only one who eats uncooked meat all the time.

Last year, an Instagrammer embarked on a mission to eat raw meat every day.

He documented eating uncooked steak, fish and chicken, and egg yolks.

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