Terrible moment Motorcyclist is thrown through the air after being hit by a spinning car

A HORRIBLE collision sent a motorcyclist off his bike as a car turned right onto an empty road.

Shocking dashcam footage captured the frightening moment when the motorbike crashed into a turning car on the A576 in Salford last December.

Nextbase's dash cam was triggered at the moment a motorcyclist crashed into a bonnet


Nextbase’s dash cam was triggered at the moment a motorcyclist crashed into a bonnetPhoto credit: Nextbase
The driver skidded down the sidewalk and hit the fence


The driver skidded down the sidewalk and hit the fencePhoto credit: Nextbase

The driver tried to recklessly overtake, but eventually crashed into the hood of the car and slid over it.

The motorcyclist is violently thrown from his bike to the ground, skids across the sidewalk and slams into a fence.

He was lucky enough to walk away with only a back injury.

However, the two vehicles were badly damaged and both drivers were shaken by the accident.

The violent collision shook the driver of the car, who was traveling between jobs as a surveyor.

He said: “It happened really suddenly and was pretty reckless driving.

“I can’t think of an excuse and it could have been a lot worse considering the motorcyclist wasn’t wearing safety gear.

“I am grateful that I managed to get footage of the accident and that the motorcyclist was fine in the end.”

The driver stopped immediately after hitting the motorcyclist to see if he was okay.

Much to his relief, the rider was able to get up and walk around right after the fall.

To add to the bad news, the motorcyclist had borrowed the bike and was not insured to ride it.

So it was very fortunate that the driver recorded the scary moment on his nextbase 522GW dash cam.

Bryn Brooker, Nextbase’s Head of Road Safety, said: “There is no doubt that this could have ended extremely badly.

“From my point of view, the motorcyclist was clearly traveling too fast and also tried to overtake the car on the wrong, right-hand side. That is why this incident happened.

“Looking at the video, it is clear that the driver was driving at a reasonable speed.

“The motorcyclist’s pronounced lack of concentration and being unconscious of the Road Traffic Act is not only dangerous for road users, but also for everyone else around them, especially for pedestrians who may have walked on the sidewalk.

“The fact that the motorcyclist had little security coverage and no insurance made the situation even more dangerous.

“Video footage from a dashcam acts as an independent witness in these situations and is proving crucial in protecting motorists from blame.

“The increasing use of dash cams is providing evidence to insurers and the police.

“Actually, the footage here is clearly an example for all of us to learn what went wrong and to improve road safety.”

What do the road traffic regulations say about turning right?

You can find the Road Traffic Act online with all the road traffic rules you need to know. It says before turning right you should:

  • use yours mirrors to ensure you know the position and movement of traffic behind you
  • Turn right turn signal
  • Position yourself just left of center lane or in the space marked for right-turn traffic
  • If possible, leave space on the left for other vehicles
  • Wait until there is a safe distance between you and an oncoming vehicle
  • Watch out for cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and other road users
  • Check your mirrors and blind spot again to make sure you’re not being passed, then turn
  • Don’t cut the corner Terrible moment Motorcyclist is thrown through the air after being hit by a spinning car

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