Tarik and JasonR clash after drama of “dodging” female Valorant teammates resurfaces

Twitch streamers Jason ‘JasonR’ Ruchelski and Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik had a heated clash after drama surrounding JasonR “dodging” female teammates was brought back to the fore.

In February, JasonR came under fire after allegations he was deliberately avoiding and muting female players in-game, citing many in the Valorant community such as: Pro player Annie Dro pounded on Jason, for the “manipulation and gaslighting” of his audience.

The controversy came nearly four years after he was called out for banning women from his chat in 2018, jokingly saying, “Every single fucking girl on Twitch is little fucking hoes.”

Now the controversy has surfaced again as JasonR slammed his longtime pal Tarik for failing to defend him amid the allegations, prompting the two to go head-to-head on the stream.

jasonr-answers-to-accusations-blocking-women-valorant JasonR came under fire after an allegation surfaced that he avoids and mutes female players in-game.

During their March 26 live streams, the two streamers happened to be plugged into the same Valorant game together. However, things took a turn for the worse when they started losing the match, leading Jason to bluntly refer to Tarik as an “L-boyfriend”. After the game, Tarik asked Jason to explain himself, which led to a long and heated argument.

“They are able to tell people that JasonR is not the person that these people are trying to make me out to be,” Ruchelski said. “You are in this position and you have chosen to be quiet. You defended and shut down and banned certain people, but you didn’t go out and tell people and give me a certificate of good conduct. ”

Tarik hit Jason back. “There’s undeniable, undeniable evidence that you clearly dodge the queue with girls,” Celik claimed. “When I play with you it seems like I encourage that behavior and I don’t know why you do it – it’s your personal reason, your private matter, but I don’t agree with that and I find it strange .”

The CS:GO Major winner continued, “That’s my stance on it and when I play with you it seems like I support that behavior. But I’ve never been on my stream and talked shit about you or said something bad. I ain’t never been here like f**k Jason he do that shit F**k Jason, why is he acting like that. No, I’m calm, but I said I don’t support it, so I won’t play with him.

“You know what, that’s fair,” Jason admitted. “But again, you’re taking a neutral stance on this when you’re supposed to be a fucking friend of mine. He continued, “You asked me why I think you’re a f***ing friend and here’s why. You blew up on Twitch and you’re too scared to play the damn position of defending me.”

The two went back and forth non-stop for almost an hour, and by the end JasonR admitted the conversation was going nowhere after repeatedly going in circles with their argument.

He also explained how disappointed he was with Tarik’s decision not to stand behind him. So, who knows if they’ll be connecting for games soon.

https://www.dexerto.com/entertainment/tarik-and-jasonr-clash-after-dodging-female-valorant-teammates-drama-resurfaces-1792350/ Tarik and JasonR clash after drama of “dodging” female Valorant teammates resurfaces

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