Suspect in New York subway shooting of Daniel Enriquez, who is charged with murder

The career criminal wanted in the subway shooting last weekend of Goldman Sachs employee Daniel Enriquez was arrested by police on Tuesday, according to police sources and his lawyers, when a minister and his lawyers at a Chinatown police building discussed his handover negotiated.

Andrew Abdullah, 25, was struck down with second-degree murder and criminal arms possession aboard a Q-train bound for Manhattan at 11:42 a.m. Sunday morning, police said at a briefing.

“I’m happy for the city,” the slain man’s partner, Adam Pollack, said Tuesday after learning about the bust. “But it doesn’t change anything for me. I get no relief.”

The suspect in the deadly Q-Train shooting sat in a Rolls Royce outside 5th Precinct on Tuesday while negotiating his surrender.
Andrew Abdullah, 25, turned himself in in the 5th Ward in Chinatown after negotiating his surrender with a Brooklyn pastor.
New York Police Department via AP

Abdullah attempted to confront Mayor Eric Adams in negotiations over a Brooklyn bishop – who showed up in a Rolls Royce in the 5th Precinct on Tuesday afternoon. But he was instead snapped by cops at the Legal Aid Society’s Manhattan offices while talks were ongoing, police sources and the society said.

Abdullah has been on the run since the shooting on Sunday morning in the last car of the train.

“A murderer has disappeared from our streets,” Adams said.

Andrew Abdullah has been on the run since Sunday morning’s shooting.
Paul Martinka

At a news conference on Tuesday, New York City Police Department Chief James Essig said the shooter was “pacing around the train car mumbling to himself” before the shooting.

“The only distinguishable words you heard were ‘no phones,'” Essig said. “The male suddenly and without prior interaction or provocation approached our victim… and shot him once in the chest.”

Abdullah was first identified by sources earlier this week as a person of interest in a shooting before he surrendered and faced charges on Tuesday.

forces on the train.
Daniel Enriquez’s family attacked City Hall over rampant violence in the city’s five boroughs and mass transit system.
Michael Dalton

After his arrest, Abdullah’s lawyers complained about the way he was treated while negotiations were ongoing.

“Before Andrew Abdullah could voluntarily present himself to the local district, he was unnecessarily ambushed by City Marshals outside our Manhattan trial office and denied the opportunity to first consult an attorney,” the Legal Aid said in a statement.

“Since last night, we have been actively engaged in discussions with the New York City Police Department and the New York City Attorney’s Office to negotiate his surrender, and what emerged today was wholly inappropriate and unwarranted in the light of those discussions,” it said.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead, a controversial Big Apple minister, told reporters outside the precinct that he was “startled” when “eight officers ran past me with guns drawn and[Abdullah]brought to the ground.[Abdullah}getonthefloor[Abdullah}getonthefloor

“This man is innocent,” Whitehead said of Abdullah. “His family has countless records showing that he has mental health issues. As he says, he can’t remember anything.

Daniel Enriquez.
Daniel Enriquez had only recently started taking the subway to work after Uber prices had risen sharply.

“I pray that the courts will do the right thing with this young man,” the bishop said. “But if he wants to come forward, I don’t think he’s a villain.”

Whitehead said he contacted the mayor’s office and tried to negotiate a peaceful surrender before police arrested Abdullah.

“Mayor Adams, we’ve been in touch all morning and he was willing to be here so the young man could be dropped off,” he said outside the police building.

“I wish the police would have done it a little differently and allowed what pastors are doing. We do,” said the bishop. “And that really hurts me because I thought we were dating, right?

“And I understand the seriousness of the crime – the alleged crime. But we must have a transition. We need a link between the community and the police. And I want to thank the mayor for his understanding and great support for this young man who turned himself in.”

When asked what he said to the mayor, Whitehead simply said, “I’ve had several conversations. I don’t really want to get into that, but he’s been very supportive of this young man because Mayor Adams is cleaning up this town. And to hear that the alleged person who committed the crime is ready to turn himself in, he was glad to hear it.”

Whitehead has previously made headlines for his close ties to Mayor Adams. Whitehead himself has previous convictions for identity fraud and grand larceny, he has also been accused of promoting bogus mentoring programs for youth. Adams nevertheless stood by Whitehead when asked about him in 2016.

Police said the shooting happened after the gunman paced back and forth in the last carriage of the train, then drew a gun and shot Enriquez once in the chest.

The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

NYPD spokesman John Miller also confirmed Tuesday that police stopped Abdullah as he fled the station – but let him go because he had changed his appearance and didn’t fit the description of the shooter.

“‘Why are you stopping me?'” says Miller, the accused gunman told the officer. “‘I didn’t do anything’ and so on. They radio back. You will get the description of black hoodie. They document the stop and there is nothing connecting it to it.

“Later when we get the picture that you saw yesterday you see the sweatpants, the sneakers, the hoodie and underneath you can see this orange or red shirt,” he said. “And the transit officer looked at that and said, ‘That must be the guy that I pulled over.'”

After the senseless shootings, Enriquez’s family took action against City Hall for rampant violence in five boroughs and the Big Apple’s transit system.

“I wish you would go back to Mayor Adams and tell him the city is not safe,” the dead man’s sister, Griselda Vile, told the Post. “My brother just became a statistic on his way into town. He was shot at point blank range.”

Daniel Enriquez on a stretcher.
“My brother just turned into a stat on the way to town,” said Daniel Enriquez’s sister.
Michael Dalton

Abdullah, who has had at least 19 arrests in more than a dozen incidents since 2015, fled the Canal Street station after the shooting and had been the subject of a police manhunt.

He had been released after a stolen car break-in in April, although Brooklyn prosecutors wanted him held on $15,000 bail.

“The most fundamental purpose of the criminal justice system is to keep people safe in the only state in our country where a judge cannot consider dangerousness when posting bail,” Adams said at the briefing.

suspicious images.
Police said the gunman paced the last carriage of the train before pulling out a gun and shooting Daniel Enriquez once in the chest.
New York City Police Department via AP

“This was another, yet another failure of this system,” the mayor said. “And now Daniel Enriquez is gone. His family and loved ones are suffering and rightly want to know why.”

Adams dodged questions about his relationship with Whitehead, a controversial figure who was once serving a five-year sentence for fraud and grand larceny before being released in 2013.

“Well we always encourage, especially the religious leaders, I have a good relationship with a lot of the religious around town,” he said. “And when I realized that this person wanted to turn himself in, I communicated with law enforcement because it’s about getting the bad guy off the streets.

“We did that,” he said. “And everyone involved supported us.”

When asked about the bishops’ claims that he was on the phone with the mayor, Adams referred questions to prosecutors because “this is an active case.”

Pollack, Enriquez’s partner, told the Post Monday that Enriquez only recently started taking the subway to work because of the increase in Uber fares.

Enriquez’s partner, Adam Pollack, told the Post Monday that Enriquez only recently started taking the subway to work because of the increase in Uber fares.

Pollack, 54, said his partner, 18, usually traveled four days a week to his job at Goldman Sachs and liked to venture into Manhattan on Sundays for brunch and play pool with friends at a local dive bar.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead arrives at 5th Precinct to negotiate Abdullah's surrender.
Bishop Lamor Whitehead arrives at 5th Precinct to negotiate Abdullah’s surrender.
Robert Mueller

“He wanted brunch,” he said of Enriquez. “It’s just so random.”

Police released surveillance photos of the shooter after the shooting.

The killer fled after the 11:42 a.m. incident and delivered the murder weapon to a homeless man when he reached Center Street before running away.

Cops said the homeless man then sold the gun – a 9mm Luger – to another tramp in exchange for $10 worth of crack cocaine – and that man then turned the gun over to police.

Essig said the gun was reported stolen from Virginia in 2019.

On Tuesday, police sources said tests on the gun had positively identified it as the gun that killed Enriquez on the subway.

Additional reporting by Jack Morphet and Bernadette Hogan Suspect in New York subway shooting of Daniel Enriquez, who is charged with murder


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