Survival nerfs in League of Legends are coming soon, maintaining the meta

Out of all the complaints about League of Legends over the past few years, maintenance has been one of the biggest. Champions can heal too much with loads of options now. However, Riot is ramping it up again in their biggest lifesteal nerf ever.

Sustain is only growing up in League of Legends. Omnivamps are more popular as champions balance the game’s high damage meta with high healing.

In the past, Riot has taken steps to try and fix the system in League of Legends. Enchanter aids are buffed, while items like Goredrinker are nerfed. However, the latest changes coming in League of Legends patch 12.6 are arguably the biggest yet, affecting almost every champion in the game.

The developers are taking a two-fold approach, targeting both items and runes to try and make sustain less common on Summoner’s Rift.

Order of the Lotus Irelia Wild Rift
Riot Games

Sustain has been nerfed again in League of Legends.

Reducing the power of the Lifesteal item increases the “maintenance cost”

The first prong of the lifesteal nerf is aimed at items. League of Legends staples like the Vampiric Scepter, Blade of the Ruined King, and Bloodthirster are being cut for lifesteal. However, the power is being converted into other raw stats like attack damage.

“As a general rule, maintaining (like any other indicator) comes at the cost of” developer ‘TheTruexy’ stated. “If you want to deal a ton of damage, you often sacrifice durability. If you want to turn into a sump, you shouldn’t pose a high damage threat either.

“Imagine this as a systematic pass to reassess maintenance costs.”

Immortal Shieldbow is the only Mythic item to date to suffer a nerf on the PBE, with Goredrinker avoiding the nerf. Runes Fleet Footwork and Legend: Bloodline are also being toned back to prevent them from over-expanding late game.

Firecracker Jinx in TFT
Riot Games

The latest lifesteal nerfs will affect the majority of AD carry in League of Legends.

New Treasure Hunter Rune replaces Treasure Hunter

The second prong is rune changes. In addition to the aforementioned ones in the Accuracy tree, the Dominion’s Brutal Hunter is being replaced by the Treasure Hunter. The new rune now gives players a bonus gold for their first target kill, up to 150 gold.

“The goal of the runes here is to provide a different mindset and choice to the Hunters,” TheTruexy explained. “Instead of a rune that scales slowly, this one is about racking up early and hunting for your ultimate pluses.”

The new Treasure Hunter rune is for the jungler, but other junglers in the top, mid, and even support could benefit from the early gold injection. It will ensure you reach your power sooner than your enemies so you can snowball.

Arcane Ekko.
Riot Games

Treasure Hunter will be the first choice for snowballers like Ekko.

Riot will be keeping an eye on some of the champions who used Rage Hunter for Omnivamp ⁠—namely AP fighters like Ryze and Cassiopeia ⁠— and see if any adjustments need to be made after removing it.

“General AP Heroes don’t need to maintain core stats as much as other classes,” TheTruexy admitted. “Obviously there are champions who break these usual standards and we will investigate them as necessary.”

The lifesteal changes will be introduced in patch 12.6 of League of Legends on March 30th. It will likely change between now and then and we will keep you informed of all updates. updated as they appear on the PBE. Survival nerfs in League of Legends are coming soon, maintaining the meta

Emma Bowman

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