Study says dark matter is definitely missing in mysterious galaxy

A mysterious galaxy is definitely missing dark matter, the authors of a new paper say.

The scientists behind the study say that when they first reported the results, they were asked to do more research, and a closer examination would reveal that there is dark matter around the galaxy that isn’t around. they are studying.

But that further study only revealed in more detail that the dark matter is in fact not there, which suggests that galaxies can exist without dark matter and that there may be something wrong. contrary to other possible theoretical frameworks.

“This is, of course, what we thought and hoped for because it confirms our previous measurements,” said Pavel Mancera Piña, one of the researchers on the new paper. “But for now the problem remains that the theory predicts that there must be dark matter in AGC 114905, but our observations suggest that there is not. In fact, the difference between theory and observation is only getting bigger and bigger.”

The study focused on a galaxy called AGC 114905, a galaxy 250 million light-years away. It is super diffuse – about the size of our Milky Way, but with thousands of times fewer stars – and is called a dwarf galaxy, despite the fact that it is faint rather than small.

Those detailed observations look at gas in the galaxy, check how far it is from the center of the galaxy and how it is rotating, which is one way to reveal the presence of dark matter. . But the gas is moving in a way that can be explained entirely by ordinary matter.

The researchers write in a new paper published in the journal Monthly Notice of the Royal Astronomical Society. They write that it may have been stripped of dark matter by nearby galaxies.

Mancera Piña said: “But no. “And in the most famous galaxy formation framework, the so-called cold dark matter model, we would have to come up with extreme parameter values ​​far beyond the conventional range. Also with modified Newtonian dynamics, an alternative theory to cold dark matter, we cannot reproduce the motion of gas in the galaxy.”

It is possible that the galaxy is being observed at a more polar angle than researchers thought. But they would be completely wrong when it comes to dark matter, they said.

Furthermore, they are examining another super-diffusion dwarf galaxy that could be another example of its dark matter-free galaxy, even strongly suggesting that such a surprise could exist. in. Study says dark matter is definitely missing in mysterious galaxy

Tom Vazquez

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