Stepmother is called ‘manipulative’ for convincing teen to borrow her dead mother’s jewelry

An “AITA for stealing necklace that belongs to my daughter” on Reddit has left readers outraged by the stepmother’s actions.

If you’re ever in a complicated relationship or stuck with family issues, Reddit is just the place to find solutions from strangers. The “AITA” posts are popular because they expose us to the unknown challenges that are unique to every situation and relationship. Today we discuss a father’s perspective on a situation involving his teenage daughter and his second wife.

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OP asks “AITA because she stole my daughter’s necklace”

The OP’s daughter is 15 years old and her mother passed away five years ago. She had passed on her gold necklace, which her father carried with her until her daughter was 15 and later gave it to her. The teenager promised to only wear the necklace on special occasions such as her mother’s birthday or the anniversary of her death.

The OP remarried after his partner died. His second wife Lisa and his daughter have a close relationship and get along well with each other.

The second woman seemed to have her eye on the gold necklace as she mentioned it a few times in casual comments. The OP had to explain to Lisa that his first wife’s necklace was a special gift for his daughter and he expects her to respect his decision to give it to the teenager.

However, he was shocked to see the necklace on Lisa, even though he had made his intentions clear, and his second wife told him that his daughter had given the necklace to her.

When the father asked his daughter if he found his late wife’s jewelry on Lisa, the daughter said she couldn’t deny her stepmother when she approached her and asked about the necklace. The OP told his daughter that in some cases it was okay to say no and that she was responsible for keeping her mother’s gift for her safety.

Second wife “manipulates” stepdaughter into borrowing her mother’s jewelry

The OP assumed that Lisa wouldn’t borrow his first wife’s necklace until he saw the same piece of jewelry on her when they visited his in-laws.

The father was angry and couldn’t resist asking his wife why she was wearing his daughter’s necklace. As always, Lisa named the teenager who lent her the necklace.

But when the OP spoke to his daughter, he learned from her that Lisa had persuaded the teenager to borrow her mother’s jewelry.

Lisa apparently told her stepdaughter that she was like her mother and should let her have the necklace. Lisa emphasized that the daughter “gave it to her herself”. and the matter was between them.

The OP demanded that his wife return the necklace after realizing how she got it in the first place. He took back his late wife’s jewelry and locked it up again so that his second wife couldn’t get her hands on it again.

When Lisa said the father was wrong for keeping the necklace from his daughter and described his behavior as “controlling,” the OP told her he couldn’t trust the teen. The second woman was hurt and began to cry as her husband said she kept trying to get to his late wife’s belongings.

Angry users support the man’s decision

Reddit users believe that the OP made the right decision by taking the necklace away from his second wife and daughter since neither of them can be trusted with it.

Some of them are disappointed in the second woman for manipulating the teenager into giving her what she wants.

“Stepmother constantly manipulates daughter to keep it. It’s high time she realized this,” one wrote.

Another added: “I say divorce her. She clearly doesn’t respect the girl and will never stop taking the necklace as long as they live in the same house.”

“Stepmom needs to stay on the manipulative train and leave town – it’s sad that the child can be taken advantage of,” one user wrote.

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