Station Eleven is the best thing on TV – but you probably won’t want to watch it all

Fskip the ball Netflix hits and HBO TV series – TV shows that are most worthy of your time have been secretly filmed Starzplay in the UK. The problem is, when you start, you may not want to finish watching.

Station 11The gripping, masterfully televised opening episodes introduce the show’s world and story in intriguing and tantalizing ways. Adapted by Maniac’Patrick Somerville from Emily St John Mandel’s 2014 novel, the series begins amid a flu pandemic that wipes out 99.99% of the world’s population.

Episode one, set in one night, sees eight-year-old Kirsten (Matilda Lawler) gain Jeevan (Himesh Patel), his sister, a doctor, advised him that civilization when they knew it was coming to an end. “It’s too late to run,” she told him. “Lock yourself up, set up a barricade – that’s your best chance of survival.” By episode two, 20 years have passed, Jeevan has become AWOL and Kirsten is part of a popular group of actors now moving from town to town, performing Shakespeare and other plays.

Casual viewers who expect a simpler viewing experience will be hampered by the change in speed. In fact, Station 11 there’s the most daring but jarring transition from the first episode to the second episode I’ve ever seen. (It’s also important to note that episode two is just as weak as other compelling shows.) It may not be immediately obvious how the different characters are linked: there’s apocalyptic Kirsten, now in her 20s, played by Mackenzie Davis, the protected businesswoman Miranda (Danielle Deadwyler) and a macabre cult leader known as the Prophet (Daniel Zovatto). Somehow, it’s all tied together by a picture book that once belonged to a respected actor named Arthur Leander (Gael García Bernal), and the title of the book gives the film its title.

In a time when TV has to grab your attention to maintain it or create buzz on Twitter with inauspicious things that mostly go nowhere, Station 11 outstanding among the crowds. It’s a TV show, the surprises of which just happen to continue until the time is right to reveal them. In this way, the series moves forward before leaping forward. Well, that’s a big ask for someone to invest 10 hours in a program they might not like – especially one that frequently mentions “infection rates” and “transactions”. isolation” – but to further lead to a more satisfying viewing experience than Stay closee on Netflix or ITV’s Activation Points. The more time you invest in Station 11Its effect is even more superior.

Unlike, say, the recent feeling of the United States Yellow jacket, Station 11 uninterested in the trickle-down clues to the mysteries that the viewer may eagerly attempt to decipher. Instead, the story is told in a seemingly winding way until – explosively – you are given the answer to a question you didn’t even know you were asking. Only when that piece of the puzzle is in the right place will you realize the extent Station 11 in process; Don’t be surprised when you fist pump the air in glee.

‘Station Eleven’, Starring Matilda Lawler, Is Challenging, But ultimately rewarding TV show

(HBO Max)

Station 11 is a meticulously mapped sequence; you just have to trust that you are in safe hands. No wonder Somerville cut his teeth on Damon Lindelof Leftovers – fans of that show will be in safe territory here. In many ways, Leftovers’ the orbit represents the 10th arc of Station 11 quite effective: a lot of people skipped the first season, loved the second, and felt the third solidified its status as one of the best shows of the past 21 years; recently it was named saturday The best TV show of the 21st century of BBC Culture. If Station 11 was made when the vote took place, it would certainly deserve a spot on that list.

You may not think so right away. But to evaluate Station 11 after only a few episodes is to make a big show of disagreement. This is a series that needs to be evaluated comprehensively.

https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/features/station-eleven-b2005292.html Station Eleven is the best thing on TV – but you probably won’t want to watch it all

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