“Smear Campaign” Against Clarence Thomas and Other Comments

Conservative: “smear campaign” against Thomas

A New York Times magazine “hit piece” is part of a campaign “aimed to undermine the legitimacy of Judge Thomas’ jurisdiction.” thunders Peter Wood at Spectator World. The conceit is that the judiciary “could be unduly influenced by his wife” for advising entities such as his own National Association of Scholars, despite having nothing to do with the NAS briefing in a college affirmative action case before the Supremes had to do. But the real problem is that he “reads our constitutional law to advocate equal justice regardless of race.” Ironically, the case involves Harvard, and Justices Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan are Harvard grads (Kagan was also the dean of law school) — “a far more obvious conflict of interest than Thomas.” So “the bang to demonize Justice Thomas” is “like a bunch of progressive advocacy, deeply hypocritical.”

From right: Energy Awakening = Weakness

Team Biden is “so committed to the “awakened religion” of “phasing out fossil fuels that they have sacrificed our energy independence on their altar.” fumes Ned Ryun about American greatness. “Crude oil has more than doubled under Biden. . . Natural gas was up 74 percent before the Russians invaded Ukraine and prices continued to rise. “None of this had to happen . . . because under Donald Trump, the United States had become a net exporter of energy.” But Biden has “crippled our self-sufficient energy production and made us dependent on buying absurd amounts of oil from countries that despise us.” The rational move: “Reopen the Keystone pipeline and explore additional options for drilling, fracking, and nuclear power” to “achieve cheaper costs for consumers and thousands of jobs for Americans,” strengthen “our national security,” and “make Europe of.” to liberate Putin’s influence”. provides additional power options.”

Warguard: Which Breaks First?

“Something will break in the Russian invasion of Ukraine” Jim Geraghty writes for National Review. “The only question is which will break first: Russia’s supply lines, Ukraine’s ability to resist effectively, Russia’s economy, or the patience of some nearby armed figures,” Vladimir Putin said. If Westerners “can see how disastrous the war is for Russia, there’s a chance someone else closer to Putin can see it, too.” And Putin’s alleged health problems would explain “keeping your distance from others when making public appearances”. But: “Would a man battling an incurable disease be in a hurry to achieve his lifelong goal of retaking Ukraine from Russian rule? Would his usual precautionary and risk calculations be jettisoned as he felt he was racing against the ticking clock of his own mortality?”

Foreign Desk: Russia’s Loss, China’s Gain

China will be “financially and geopolitically the big winner” of the “US-led hybrid war against Russia, centered on unprecedented sanctions.” predicts Brahma Chellaney in The Hill. Beijing has not faced “significant sanctions despite engulfing Hong Kong, redrawing the geopolitical map of the South China Sea, expanding its land borders in the Himalayas, and establishing a Muslim gulag with more than 1 million inmates.” Russia is an “easy target” because America “has little stake in the Russian economy.” But “heavy economic penalties against Moscow” will “turn China into Russia’s bankers and enable it to reap enormous profits.” Sanctions, “a greatly overused tool,” could thus prove “counterproductive to America’s own economic and geopolitical interests.”

Libertarian: Musk versus the totalitarians

Continued internet access has allowed Ukraine to “show the world the brutality and folly of the Russian attack.” observes Reason’s Isaac Reese. Russia wants to “take the country completely offline,” but Elon Musk has provided Starlink, “a global satellite internet provider owned by Musk’s company SpaceX.” Now everyday Ukrainians can “coordinate their defenses,” “win people over to their cause,” and show the “devastating cost of war.” And in the future, “satellite internet could one day be an uncensored alternative for people living in North Korea, China or Cuba.”

— Compiled by The Post Editorial Board “Smear Campaign” Against Clarence Thomas and Other Comments


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