Sleeper’s 7 Potential Counter Movies

Looking ahead to the list of movies slated to hit theaters in 2022, it’s easy to identify the biggest box office blockbusters of the year. The latest titles from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe are sure to draw viewers in like a moth plunging into flames. Meanwhile, new titles from James Cameron and Jordan Peele will likely prove successful based solely on the track records of their respective filmmakers. As for anime about the ending, who would doubt the box office viability of new films starring Buzz Lightyear and the Minions?

But what about the smaller headers? What about the potential hits of 2022? These are titles that don’t have a big brand or massive marketing campaign but end up becoming box office success stories that people can’t stop talking about. In recent years, titles like Crazy Rich Asians, Pull out the knife, and Rocket Man, among many others, has fit this bill. 2022 seems to have a number of titles that, for various reasons, seem like they have the potential to be the next movies to prove that it’s not just superhero yarns that can make the big bucks at cinemas. Let’s dive into seven movies that could be the biggest grossing movies of 2022, starting with one that is sure to wow fans. The boy next to the door and Intership wild…

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Marry me

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Thanks for the movie 2019 Hustlers, Jennifer Lopez restored some of her box office power and reminded everyone that, beforeGigli, movies like Out of sight is what audiences flock to. Her next star vehicle for that hit crime drama is Marry me, a romantic comedy that pairs her with Owen Wilson. The actor later is also flourishing in his career thanks to a widely loved supporting role in Loki. Putting these two together is always an exciting proposition, but it seems to have come at the perfect time in both of their careers.

Besides star power, what makes Marry me a strong candidate for being a box office hit in 2022 as the release date. Opening just three days before Valentine’s Day, Marry me could become a worthy choice for date night movies everywhere. Never bet on a movie of this genre hitting theaters this time of year. With all these factors in mind, it seems likely that people will say “I like” to the prospect of buying tickets to come Marry me.



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Robert Eggers already a rising star in the world of independent cinema thanks to Witch and Lighthouse, but he hasn’t broken into the mainstream yet. That could change with his third directing attempt, Northerner. Although a period piece resembles his two earlier features, Northerner It’s an entirely different story in some key respects. Specifically, it’s bright bold colors instead of the monochromatic and muted palettes that have dominated his previous titles. It is also a much more extensive work, a “revenge story” with a budget significantly larger than anything Eggers has done before.

The promise of big fights and brighter colors make it like Northerner has the potential to be the most mainstream-friendly Eggers movie to date. Ask Liam Neeson. Combine that stereotype with the fame Eggers has developed up to this point, Northerner maybe the title becomes a box office hit big enough to take Eggers to new heights of fame.



We all know that Christmas is the optimal time to launch a blockbuster, ditto movie the first weekend in May. But what is less talked about is that mid-August is a great time to launch a comedy. If you want to hit the box office in this genre, then this is exactly where you have to launch epic yukfests. Are from Very bad come Tropical Thunder come We are the Millers even till the end of 2019 with Good boys, R-rated comedies bloom in mid-August. There’s nothing like ending the summer with some inappropriate giggles!

This track record bodes well for Bros, NS first star vehicle because the Billy Eichner. Scheduled to launch in August 2022, Bros is set to be the next box office hit to prove the viability of an R-rated comedy this month. This helps the film being released by Universal Pictures, a studio that has a track record of releasing comedies in the modern era while Eichner is on the cusp of a boom as a one-time lead. As a smaller-scale native feature, Bros is currently not of much interest but beware. If history gives any indication, this R-rated comedy could become one of the biggest hits of 2022.

Tickets to Heaven

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Nostalgia is a powerful tool, especially in the modern cinematic scene. Often, nostalgia has been used for big-budget blockbuster sequels to remind people of old characters or their favorite comedic lines. Tickets to Heaven also aims to erase some nostalgia in the hearts of moviegoers, but not through bringing Star Wars or Spiderman actors. The itchy nostalgia that this trait seems to gnaw at are those who yearn for the days of early 2000s romantic comedies for grown-ups, complete with reunions of George Clooney and Julia Roberts to start up.

That atmosphere and this pair of actors haven’t been beaten to death in the movies, making it a key fodder used for some nostalgic marketing that draws people into the movies. If Tickets to Heaven anywhere close to the box office peaks of the biggest Clooney/Roberts collaborations, keep an eye out. This could bring back the same romantic comedy as 2003.

Anything Anywhere Anytime

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In November 2020, Deadline announced that the new film from Swiss Army Man director Daniels, Anything Anywhere Anytime, is preparing to hit theaters. Even more interestingly, this part also reveals that the project will get a big boost from the indie studio and a production cost of $25 million. This makes Anywhere, Anywhere, Anytime, Anywhere one of the most expensive A24 movies ever, even surpassing the $19 million budget of Uncut Gems.

With this price, it is clear that A24 expects Anything Anywhere Anytime to create a bank number at the box office. The fact that early reports suggest that this project will also be an action movie also suggests that this work may have broader appeal than previous films created by the members of Daniels, as Dick Long’s Death. The A24 movie doesn’t have to be a Marvel Studios blockbuster to be considered a success. However, there are many influencing factors Anything Anywhere Anytime that seems to suggest this could be the next sleeper hit from this indie studio. If A24 can get an Icelandic horror movie called sheep to open up to 1 million dollars in the country, who knows where Anything Anywhere Anytime may go.

See how they run

Images through spotlights

Pull out the knife has become a box office craze, so be prepared for a revival of the murder mystery film. With the genre’s scarcity on the big screen in recent years, it’s hard to complain about getting new entries, especially when they’re original projects like See how they run. A story set in London, See how they run looks poised to have sleeper-beating potential thanks to its star-studded cast. Sam Rockwell and Saroise Ronan to be depict two murderers trying to solve an all-star carnage, while David Oyelowo, Adrien Brody, Shirley Henderson, and Harris Dickinson, among many others, appeared in the cast. The widely engaging nature of this set of actors and the murder mystery genre makes See how they run It seems that something can suddenly appear to surprise everywhere.

Do you have God? That’s me, Margaret

Judy Blume not allow adaptations of many of her favorite novels. Although they have been treasured for countless childhoods, Blume’s works are hardly considered films, only with Tiger’s Eye adapted to the big screen. That makes the upcoming movie an adaptation of Do you have God? That’s me, Margaret, written and directed by The Edge of Seventeen helmsman Kelly Fremon Craig, anything else equivalent to an event movie. Movie theaters regularly receive movie adaptations of Stephen King or John Grisham novels, but how often does one see a Blume novel hit the silver screen, let alone an adaptation of the work. arguably her most iconic? Considering this scarcity and incomprehensible influence, Margaret With the book already in the hands of generations of readers, this film has absolutely the potential to be an event not to be missed.

‘The Northman’ co-star teases Alexander Skarsgård’s amazing portrayal in Robert Eggers’ new film “the great”

This seems to be Eggers’ biggest project.

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