Side effects of Covid can affect your penis

FEAR, loss of taste or a runny nose are standard symptoms of Covid – but have you ever heard of a 24-hour erection?

Covid can cause some pretty terrible side effects down there, with some rare case reports and abnormal penis problem.

Men have been warned throughout the pandemic that Covid can cause problems with their penises


Men have been warned throughout the pandemic that Covid can cause problems with their penisesCredit: Getty

Persistent erection, known as bourgeois, was seen in some unlucky Covid patient.

When there is no other obvious cause, it is easy to assume that a virus is the cause of the symptoms.

In one new report Published in the journal Urology, doctors in Vienna, Austria, describe the case of a 12-year-old boy with priapism.

The young man had to endure a constant erection for more than a day before going to the hospital, which caused him pain.

Ischemia, the most common form of this condition, is the result of blood not being able to leave the penis.

Doctors warn that if priapism is left untreated, it can lead to tissue death or erectile dysfunction.

They use a needle to “puncture” the penis and bleed some blood. But it didn’t work and became too painful for the boy.

The patient was given general anesthesia for another attempt. Despite some hiccups, the penis eventually became flaccid.

But just 24 hours later, the patient began to experience recurrent priapism, even though he felt no pain.

The scans showed some blood clots in the corpus cavernosum – the spongy tissue in the shaft of the penis that fills with blood to cause an erection.

Finally, doctors treat it by applying ice and compression to the perineum, the area of ​​skin between the genitals and anus.

But again, the boy returned to the hospital three days later with a “completely hard and soft” erection and sporadic aches and pains.

After treatment, he was referred to specialists to check that he did not have a blood disorder, such as sickle cell disease, which could be the cause of the repeated problem.

Several conditions were ruled out, and eight weeks later the boy was back to normal.

Doctors said the boy had contracted Covid for the first time seven weeks before the incident, but he tested positive while in hospital, indicating he had contracted it again.


They wrote that there was “no other good cause” for his privatism other than Covid.

Even a bicycle accident three days before the first erection, which did not affect the pelvis, was dropped as a reason after investigation.

Stephan Brönimann and colleagues at the Medical University of Vienna and research team wrote: “Erection was not associated with sexual excitement or arousal lasting more than 4 hours.

“Several cases of ischemic priapism have been published, most of them affecting patients with severe symptoms requiring hospitalization and ICU admission.”

Covid can increase the tendency of blood to clot. In fact, this is often cause of death, and possibly behind disturbing penis problems.

A 69-year-old man from Ohio, USA, had an erection for three hours due to blood clotting problems in his penis.

The Medics reported in the American Journal of Medicine that they believe Covid caused a blood clot to form in his penis, keeping blood in the erectile cavities.

Doctors had to use a needle to suck blood out of the penis after trying to relieve the hardness with an ice pack. He unfortunately passed away from Covid due to a damaged lung.

Another man in his 60s, in France, also had to undergo the same procedure after Covid made him have an erection lasting 4 hours.

In this case, the doctors concluded that the man’s foreskin was triggered by Covid. He has survived and is free of priapism since his discharge from the army.

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