Should the Chicago Bears hire Leslie Frazier as head coach?

Chicago Bears, Leslie Frazier

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The Chicago Bears are looking for their general manager and head coach.

One of the first names the Chicago Bears asked to interview was Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator and former Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier.

Frazier must be familiar to Chicago Bears fans because he was a starting full-back on the 1985 Super Bowl winning team. Unfortunately, he ripped his knee during that memorable game in New Orleans and didn’t. never played a football game again.

Former Bears player and Vikings head coach considered a leader for as the Bears’ next head coach.

His Bills colleague, offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, gave the interview which caused Fraizer’s interview to be pushed back to some point this week.

Perhaps Daboll is leading in the race. Plus, Frazier isn’t exactly the most interesting candidate out there. I mean there really isn’t much excitement for Frazier.

Let’s dig into the next Chicago Bears football head coach.

Defensive philosophy and scheme

Frazier was learned in a 4-3 defense. He likes to combine with Cover 2 defense that he learned under Tony Dungy with active in his flash calls to make the midfielder uncomfortable. Also, having a good grasp of the need to know is an important element of his defense.

He’s a mix between Dungy and the legendary Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson. The need for know-how was instilled during his Chicago Bears days playing for one of the all-time great defensive coordinators Buddy Ryan. Frazier led the Bears’ famous 1985 defense in interceptions.

If the Bears hire Frazier, that means a return to players to fit in a 4-3 formation. Currently, the Bears’ defense is suitable for a 3-4 formation. It might be worth it as Frazier was listed as one of the best defensive players by Pro Football Focus most recently 2020.

Consider how his path has shaped Frazier as a coach.

Frazier’s early days as a coach in college…

Leslie Frazier’s coaching career began at Trinity International University in 1988 when he became their head coach at the age of 29. He really built the program from scratch. He went 38-37-3 at a small college on the outskirts of Chicago.

He had four winning seasons during his time running the show. His best season as head coach came in 1993 when Trinity led 8-2. Frazier made such an impact on the program that the school played its games on the field using his name.

Frazier left Trinity after the 1996 season to join former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner at the University of Illinois.

He was at Champaign, Illinois for Turner’s first two seasons as head coach as a defensive lineback coach working under defensive coordinator Tim Kish. It was some tough seasons as Turner rebuilt Illinois. Illini went 3-19 while Frazier was there.

The Illinois defenders have 22 interceptions in that span. Illinois allowed passing for 207 yards a game in 1997 and 218 yards in 1998. Should the Chicago Bears hire Leslie Frazier as head coach?

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