Shaq’s Truth sends leftists into a favorable spiral

Great basketball Shaquille O’Neal are discussing a recent NBC News The story of two nurses from Long Island, New York, who allegedly made $1.5 million each selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards with their co-hosts, Nischelle Turner and Anthony “Spice “Adams, on Thursday’s edition of “Massive Podcast with Shaq. ”

“Don’t put them in jail,” O’Neal said, covering the eyes of the others.

The former Los Angeles Lakers star said: “I’m probably going to get in trouble for this. But just say, Nischelle, you’re a sound guy at ‘ET’ [“Entertainment Tonight,” where Turner co-hosts]. … You worked there for 10 years. That [job is] all you know. … You go to work. Then when you come home, you have your faith.”

“Let’s just say ‘ET’ introduces a new policy,” he continued. “If you don’t get vaccinated, you lose your job.

“The sound guy who has been working there for 15 years now has a decision to make.”


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O’Neal said he feels “sympathetic” to people who are “forced” to decide between going against their morals and taking a vaccine they oppose or keeping their jobs.

“I encourage everyone to stay safe and take care of your family, I do,” explained the basketball legend, who was vaccinated. “But there are still some people who don’t want it, and you shouldn’t be forced to take something you don’t want.”

“I don’t think people are being forced to take – well, there are some. I mean, listen, we have a mission at CBS,” Turner said. CBS Media Ventures produces “ET.”

“It is required,” O’Neal replied firmly.

As she continued to protest, he said, “It was forced. Because if the man doesn’t take it, the man will be fired. “

Turner told Shaq that she “wholeheartedly” disagreed with his views on the vaccination mandate.

“You don’t just affect yourself,” she says. “You’re putting the public at risk and that’s a public health issue.”

“You work for a private company, man,” Turner added. “We are a capitalist society. It is a free market society. If you don’t want to follow that company’s policy, go for it yourself. “

O’Neal replied, “I go with you on the rules because I’m a rule guy. But I really feel sympathy for people who have to make such decisions.”


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“I don’t. Not when you’re putting other people at risk,” Turner said.

In addition to objections from the co-host, O’Neal was criticized by many on social media.

Shaq’s ability to empathize with those who are suffering because vaccine mission is commendable.

But not so long ago, he was far less tolerant of unvaccinated people.

Hall of Famer very critical of Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving about his refusal to take the vaccine.

In a September interview with USA TodayO’Neal was asked where he stands above players like Irving, who have refused to be vaccinated.

He replied, “In this line of work, sometimes you have to be selfless. The day that I decided it wasn’t all about me and it was about us was the day I started winning and really started to dominate. I understand the problems and all that.

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“But I got this vaccine because I was not trying to make my mother sick, my sister or my brother or the people around me.

“I know people say, ‘Vaccines come out so quickly and is it healthy.’ For each of his own. But sometimes you have to think about the big picture and you have to think about more than just yourself.”

O’Neal’s position has clearly grown over the past few months. He is not against vaccines. He is against duty. And there is a big difference between the two. He believes in medical freedom.

Like many of us, Shaq believes vaccines are a powerful tool in the fight against COVID-19. Like many of us, he believes that people should have the right to choose what goes into their bodies.

It’s a shame that so many people on the left don’t understand his point.

Perhaps time will soften their views on this hot button issue, as it did with O’Neal.

In the meantime, we’re happy to add Shaq’s voice to the chorus of those calling for an end medical tyranny vaccine mission.

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