Salon’s 2021 spicy dishes receive awards

The popular wisdom about “hot Take” – a derisive term for a provocative but less-debated position – is that it persists because social media algorithms don’t really distinguish between sharers. share something because they like it or because they are passionate about it. However, when compiling my list for some of the most smoking places in 2021 – a year when national depression and grievances make the hot consumption industry particularly appealing – I came across a theme Emerging. The theme, pitiful but inescapable, is the myriad variations of claims that Republicans aren’t as sinister, scary, or fascist as the tempered #Resistance or the “awakened mob” that makes them so so.

Journalists often spend too much time on Twitter, and that creates an unreasonably strong urge for some media figures to portray themselves as the censorship voices above all, to the contrary. with the people making noise on Twitter in their “Mueller Time” t-shirts. I even, to some extent, get it. Social media rewards the hype. People take things too far every day. (Example: read Twitter as opposed to relatively minor or even asymptomatic infections that most people experience.)

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But annoyed by social media junkies who are addicted to self-righteousness, there’s no justification for trolling those with the wrong view that Republicans aren’t all that bad. Regardless of the other flaws #Resistance may have as a community, they tend to be right about one thing: lousy Republicans. A person underestimates that fact at their own risk. Take a walk, turn off Twitter for a while, do real work. Anything smarter than firing up a computer and writing poignant stuff about how Republicans aren’t actual cartoon villains is.

That’s my two cents for 2022, but it’s too late for this year’s list of 2021 hottest awardees:

Most hated click: Trump was right

This Washington Post article comes just six months after the only president who tried to end democracy by inciting a violent uprising left office. The Post could also have written a story about Mussolini’s amazing train management skills except the premise is somehow even startling because, unlike the Italian fascist Trump learned his chin gesture from, Mussolini was really interested in some governance issues. Needless to say, any policy that actually works under Trump is purely coincidental and not really a credit to a man who is completely insane about the world outside of his ego. . the only app installed on his iPhone is Twitter.

Most wrong: How Ron DeSantis won the pandemic

Trumpy Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida Begins Becoming, and succeeded as one of the pandemic’s most notorious villains. Not only has he stopped most efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, but has even gone so far as to to sell merchandise advertising his disdain for public health officials. Naturally, the champion DeSantis was irresistible bait for Politico’s Michael Kruse. In March, Kruse wrote a piece titled “How Ron DeSantis won the pandemic“and argue,” after 12 months in which he’s been branded as a reckless executive motivated more by ideology than by science, “Florida” hasn’t gotten worse, and in some ways better, compared to many other states. “

Then the delta variation reaches, sending Florida cases through the roof. The 12th highest death rate state and, like omicron tears across the country, there is a case rate one and a half times more than last winter’s peak period – and climbing. More than 62,000 people in Florida have now died from COVID-19.

Resolutely try to accept the wrong: “Republican vaccine denial is not a political strategy

Immediately after Joe Biden was inaugurated, it became clear that Fox News and many GOP leaders consider an ongoing pandemic their best bet to undermine Biden’s presidency. They quickly realized that the easiest way to prolong the matter was to convince their supporters to avoid vaccinations. However, there has been some outcry when it comes to stating that GOP leaders are willing to kill their own people for political gain, but some commentators – including myself and Brian Beutler from Crooked Media – pointed this out early and often. Now, it is generally accepted in the pages of New York Times and washington articles.

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However, Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine refuses to see what is simple. In August, he firmly insisted that this could not be a political strategy. Chait argues: “Never attribute malice, that ‘this is fully explained by stupidity’.

The GOP’s belief in non-maliciousness is a particularly odd stance in 2021, a year when Trump tries to topple democracy and the party that supports him. Chait standing by his refusal accept GOP’s sinister motives in November, even in the face of Republican governors bribe people to stay unvaccinated. Current right-wing media figures is angry at Trump for getting a boost. If they really thought the shots were dangerous, they would worry about Trump’s health. Anger assumes this is about holding onto strategy, not justifiable fear of shots.

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Largest lemming: Kavanaugh is the last hope for abortion rights

This is one of those places where it’s hard to pick out a mouth-watering dish. Instead, this award will be awarded on a widespread rush to “prove” that the left is hysteria, something that has blown up so many faces: The claim that Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett are not as bad as the women in the Handmaid’s Dress are saying. A good example is “Kavanaugh is the last hope for abortion rights, “written by Harvard law professor Noah Feldman in August. After a few doomsday decisions over the summer, almost every brick-and-mortar store has to release it a charade of the left-wing hysteria, with headlines like “Barrett flashes Independent” and “The court has largely avoided partisanship. “

Soon after lulling the mainstream press into believing they weren’t that bad, however, conservatives at the Supreme Court turned back and aren’t just in favor of the unconstitutional abortion ban. in Texas, but bless the bounty hunter system to enforce it. And that was before they completely overturned Roe, that was Which December debates are suggested are all but inevitable next summer. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg that right-wing radical experts believe going to court in the coming months.

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Biggest dupe: Non-stop quest for a good Republican

Here’s a shot for all of you who fell in love with Chris Christie’s “return” hype in November. ABC, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and even The Daily Show all inform Christie of the possibility that he could emerge as an anti-Trump figure, a supposed return to common sense and sanity to the GOP. (One account omits how little the party started.) The whole thing is like New Coke:

But the fantasy of “a good Republican” will never die in the mainstream media, so expect many more rounds of this until Trump wins the party’s presidential nomination. in 2024.

Less fact-based: A midwifery farm

In November, Stephanie McCrummen of the Washington Post wrote a brilliant profile of Aubrey Schlackman, a far-right mission in Texas plans to start a “maternity farm” for women forced to give birth, due to the state’s abortion ban. Anyone reading the article can see that Schlackman’s plan was to trap isolated pregnant women on a farm, make them work for free, and force them to study the Bible and preach about adultery. But McCrummen absurdly described it as “a Christian paradise where women can live stress-free.”

As many people immediately pointed out, quick google search for history Such activities would reveal that “midwives” are less spa-like charities and more akin to prison camps. Past offenses include the word hurt women by forcing them to give up their children arrive jail women for life arrive throw the “falling” woman’s body into the mass grave. Technically though, McCrummen received the award as a reminder to do a little research instead of just assuming the label “Christian” against the possibility of someone doing a bad job.

The greatest vindication: Sinema speaks up – and dismisses her criticisms

Most reflexively false impulses to troll leftist centers on Republican money laundering. But I won’t overlook November’s Politico effort to clean up the reputation of Senator Kyrsten Sinema, the Arizona Democrat, who destroyed her own party’s good name in 2021 with a really cool combination of stupidity, ego and corruption.

Sinema speaks up – and dismisses her criticisms“, read the headline of Burgess Everett and Marianne Levine’s ad, which attempts to paint Sinema as a sensible and tough Democrat, rather than what she is, a sleazy traitor. who sold out not only her party but also democracy.It was clear that Sinema was trying to use Politico to fix her image with the Democrats, but she couldn’t keep it. together permanently in this prestigious rehab. Within a month, she has defamed Democrats’ efforts to protect the integrity of the election and voting rights, reminding everyone that no amount of flattery coverage can hide the corrupt person beneath all those garish clothes.

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Next year, people, try to find some other reason to write things other than “this will annoy the overheated wine moms of #Resistance Twitter,” okay? Oh, who am I kidding? That’s like asking journalists to spend time on Twitter itself. Might as well ask the sun to stop rising or Donald Trump to think of someone other than himself. Salon’s 2021 spicy dishes receive awards

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