Ropz finds new way to complete CS:GO Utility lineup as Valve disables ‘cl_showpos’

Valve has released a update for CS:GO over 1st The following February the ‘cl_showpos’ command was disabled, as the developers decided to make it a cheat-protected console command.

This poses problems for a lot of CS:GO players, especially those who used to play a support role, because without ‘cl_showpos’, their utility squad support system was effectively turned off because they do not have positive information about their position or angle. .

But as we all know, when one door closes, another will definitely open. This is exactly what happened when FaZe Clan recently acquired Robin “ropz” Kool, found a new way to perfectly arrange all the widgets in CS:GO without being dependent on ‘cl_showpos’.

How to perfectly combine any utility in CS:GO without using ‘cl_showpos’ command

Valve surprised the CS:GO community by placing the console command ‘cl_showpos’ behind the cheat protection feature, effectively disabling it. This means that unless ‘sv-cheat’ is enabled, the player is not allowed to use the above command.

The ‘cl_showpos’ command is used by CS:GO players to determine their position and activity angle, which is displayed on their screen. It is constantly monitored by the player when stacking any gadgets in the game, especially smoking as very specific formations are required to land them perfectly.

So when the developers decided to disable them, it was definitely a moment of panic for the pro players. However, just a week after the update came out, ropz was able to find a new way to create all the widgets perfectly without requiring the use of ‘cl_showpos’.

Ropz, just days before the ‘cl_showpos’ command was disabled, detected an astonishing stream of pixelated smoke on Dust 2, from ‘T-Spawn’ to ‘X Box’. This is an excellent ball release for the attack, taking up the maximum view of the opposing defenders.

However, this smoke is almost impossible to land without the help of the coordinates in the game because the margin of error is very small. Taking up the challenge of finding an alternative, ropz discovered a new way to throw those hard-to-smoky cigarettes.

He simply adjusts his in-game sensitivity for precomputed horizontal (x) and vertical (y) values, then aligns himself with pixel-perfect coordinates and gives the jump to action. shows smoke perfectly.

This is a game changer when it comes to arranging difficult utility throws, especially smoke, on different maps in CS:GO without using the ‘cl_showpos’ command.

A few things to keep in mind when using sensitivity with the squad widget in CS:GO

Not only did Ropz find a new way to create utility in CS:GO, but it went even further and provided the community with some helpful notes to keep in mind when trying it out for yourself.

  • State of Ropz that the DPI (Dots Per Inch) of the mouse is irrelevant because only in-game sensitivity determines the exact angle a player can look at. He adds that a lower DPI makes it easier to move each point, but the same can be done at any DPI, unless it’s too high.

  • Since each spawn has a different starting horizontal angle, the player will have to continuously adjust his ‘X sensitivity’ while keeping his ‘Y sensitivity’ in all situations.

  • The command for ‘m_pitch’ is protected against cheating so players need to be wary of this and consulted by ropz to follow the “sensitivity” and “m_yaw” adjustments.

  • Since aliases are forbidden in CS:GO, suggested ropz Use different keys to switch sensitivity. He also recommends, directly copy paste the sensitive numbers into the console from autoexec.

The casual smoking and utility used by professional CS:GO players are not necessarily dependent on the ‘cl_showpos’ command, but certainly some smoking points and other convoluted lines.

This method offered by ropz is certainly a solution to these more difficult formations, but as the players themselves admit, it is not a viable solution anywhere else on the map. Ropz finds new way to complete CS:GO Utility lineup as Valve disables ‘cl_showpos’

Caroline Bleakley

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