Richard Kind says Hollywood needs to figure out what to do with AI before strikes end

Punching out H’wood

Richard Kind. From Spin City, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and more recently, A Tailor Near Me, written by LA Law’s Michael Tucker, who is married to Jill Eikenberry.

“Art is my real last name. People ask if I’m nice. Yes, but I’d rather be rich.

“Listen, about the current actors’ strike. We started with Betamax, then DVDs. We have leftover stock. Then cable TV, where we never got any balance. Next came streaming and no one figured it out this leftovers. Now new technology. AI Nobody knows how or what to do. We need scientists in the negotiations about new technologies so someone can decide what the reality is.

“Who knows this power? Nobody tells us any numbers. How far can it go?

“I still remember when I started. My first audition – 30 people. I wasn’t even a member of a trade union. To sing from “Pajama Game” they asked me in what key. Who knew which key. Suddenly, José Ferrer, the audition leader, yells, “My ex-wife had a hit with that song” and starts a duet with me — but I didn’t get the job.”

However, he has already managed the next job. In Paris. Created by the late Zero Mostel, he starred in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

A SAG-AFTRA picket line in Los Angeles on August 16, 2023.
A SAG-AFTRA picket line in Los Angeles on August 16, 2023.
Rob Latour/Shutterstock

History repeats itself

The movie Oppenheimer. Great. Excellent. But May civilization realize that its closing scenes clearly depict the preordained horror of what a DC’s kangaroo court is capable of.

Read newspaper. TV. Find out exactly Georgia. We are now in the middle of a banana republic.

Again. Happens again.

New York Post columnist Cindy Adams sees a resemblance between the two "mock court" In "Oppenheimer" and the indictments against former President Donald Trump.
New York Post columnist Cindy Adams sees a similarity between the “kangaroo court” in “Oppenheimer” and the indictments of former President Donald Trump.
Dana Verkouteren via AP

Grammer says “Cheers” to the beer

Kelsey Grammer’s busy beer. It’s called Faith. Just like his daughter.

“There’s love in there. The films I made were full of love. It’s an offer from me that doesn’t make me feel torn to pieces like people didn’t like my work. I don’t like the beer – don’t order another one.”

In addition, a cinema hit called “Stage Access” is offered.

His intros in front of the camera are commercials, concerts and operas by Renée Fleming. “Because of the lockdown, people couldn’t see things. This again leads to a return to cinema.”

Kelsey Grammer pours himself a can of beer from his Faith American Brewing Company.
Kelsey Grammer pours himself a can of beer from his Faith American Brewing Company.

On the SAG-AFTRA strike: “Disturbing. I cannot promote my projects. We tied ourselves up. People who have spent their entire lives trying to find their voice and now their union is telling them they can’t talk. Inappropriate. Strange. I don’t understand what a power movement is in that.”

In the meantime, get rid of a cold Faith.

crossing streets

Attention. In Delaware, there isn’t one big main area, Delaware City. On the main street was a shop called Ready? Lewinskys.

If you’re in a hurry, Lewinsky’s exact address was 92 Clinton St. Lewinsky’s. On Clinton.

I don’t invent these things. I don’t have to. If you get a discount by wearing a blue dress, I don’t know.

I don’t know if Hillary shopped there either. On the hunt, who knows, maybe Hunter Biden.

Labor Day is just around the corner. To commemorate this great holiday when everyone is off and taking it easy, a friend made a resolution: “Have a relaxing Scotch in the afternoon and maybe a sexy Italian in the evening.”

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.


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