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Betty needs her parents to support and care for her after she gets pregnant by her boyfriend, but all of a sudden, she has to make a difficult choice or risk losing everything.

It is often said that turntables rotate, and time and time again, this statement has been proven true.

Betty’s parents own a business and are among the richest people in their town. Growing up, she lacked nothing, but her parents were always a married couple.

Betty’s parents threw her out in the cold after finding out she was pregnant | Source: Shutterstock

During her school years, she attended some of the best schools, and when she was 18, her parents gave her a car. But everything changed during her first few weeks of school.

Betty ran into Albert while carrying a pile of books down the hallway of her high school, and he offered to help her. She thanked him for his generosity before quietly packing up and leaving, although she felt he was a gentleman.

Their first meeting made a strong impression on the 18-year-old, and there seemed to be some force at work between them, and they continued to cross the street in the school. These chance encounters quickly develop into love and they are determined to make things right no matter what they may face.

Betty and Albert’s romance quickly blossomed into something big, and soon she found out she was pregnant – Betty knew her life had just changed for the worse.

She never told her parents about their relationship. Her mother, Gina, was always suspicious of her children dating while in school, and finding out her teenage daughter was pregnant would be a disaster.

Betty and Albert’s romance soon blossomed into something big | Source: Pexels

As the weeks passed, it was impossible to hide her pregnancy from her parents. She mustered up the courage to tell them she was pregnant, and as she guessed, their reaction was less than positive.

“How can you let that happen and what’s the point of you wanting to keep the baby?” Gina asked with a tone of frustration and disappointment.

“Let’s go mom!” Betty shouted. “Don’t you care about my happiness?” she asked, in tears.

She tries to explain to her parents that she and Albert love each other and are willing to start a family with their parents’ support, but Betty’s father Steve wants her to abort the pregnancy.

“It’s the only way we can get out of this as a family,” he said. He insisted the child would be a disgrace to their family because she was unmarried.

Betty is heartbroken because her parents want her to have an abortion. Although she knew her parents were rigid, she thought they would be more supportive.

As the weeks passed, Betty couldn’t hide her pregnancy from her parents | Source: Pexels

“You will have to choose between Albert and your family,” said Betty’s mother. “First, he doesn’t come from a distinguished family, so how would you expect our friends to think of us? We’ll be the laughing stock of town,” she continued.

Betty cried when her father told her to leave after she refused to have children or end her relationship with Albert. Her parents were both opposed to her pregnancy and they did not hesitate to leave their pregnant daughter out in the cold.

Being thrown into the cold night was not only heartbreaking for Betty, but it was also physically uncomfortable for her and her baby. When she got to Albert’s house, she realized she was sick from the cold weather outside.

She had only reached Albert’s door when she lost consciousness and collapsed. Fortunately, Albert was on his way home from work and found her lying unconscious on the floor.

“Betty, are you okay?” he asked panicking. Less than three minutes after he called 911, an ambulance arrived and took Betty to a nearby hospital.

When she woke up, Betty realized the worst had happened. She lost their child. It was a harrowing experience. Albert sat near her, trying to hold back his tears while offering her words of comfort.

When Betty wakes up, she realizes she’s lost their baby | Source: Pexels

“We’ll be fine, honey,” Albert said reassuringly.

It’s hard to find words that can help Betty out of her pain. She thought about the betrayal of her parents and the loss of her young child. It felt like it was finally coming to her.

Albert took a few days off work to be with his grieving girlfriend, and a few weeks later, she started to feel better and moved on after her loss, but somewhere in her heart , she will make her parents pay.

After ending their sadness, Betty and Albert prioritized finding a better job and taking care of themselves. Fortunately, Albert found a good job while Betty decided to finish her education.

Then she graduated with a degree in Business Management and a few months after graduation, she got a job at a multinational company. She and Albert were able to live comfortably.

Then she found out that she was expecting another child years after losing her first child. For the first time in a long time, Betty felt her world filled with happiness again.

Gina and Steve never bothered to contact their daughter even though she did contact them to ask them to have a peaceful encounter. Seeing her parents refuse to be a part of her life, Betty decided to move on.

Betty welcomed a daughter they named Cindy. | Source: Pexels

She welcomes her daughter, Cindy, who instantly becomes the light to her world. She and Albert love their daughter and are quite protective of her.

One evening, Betty received a call from a customer asking to meet her at a restaurant. When she got there, she realized it was her father, Steve, who was now a shadow of himself.

Steve begs his daughter for forgiveness and asks her for help. “Your mother and I have lost everything and we need you to assist us in a legal case or we will be ruined.”

Seeing how miserable her father looked, Betty agreed to help her parents, but she refused to accommodate their request when they asked to see their niece.

“Her father was the man you used to say didn’t come from a prestigious family so I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Betty said and walked out of the room, leaving her parents fighting. with their regret.

Betty refuses to forgive her parents because Cindy already has a sibling if not for their rigidity. However, she noted that she would allow Cindy to have sex with her grandparents if she wanted to.

Betty refuses to forgive her parents because if it weren’t for their toughness, Cindy would have siblings | Source: Pexels

What can we learn from this story?

  • True love is everything. Betty sided with Albert despite the threat she faced from her parents. There are still people out there who believe that true love exists.
  • Support your family. If Betty’s parents were supportive, they might be in a relationship today. It is always best to support your family.

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