Republicans who pushed forged electoral college documents will face “criminal prosecution”: attorney

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has covered a lot about MAGA Republicans who, after the 2020 presidential election, rotated fake document “Electoral College” in the states where Joe Biden has won and falsely claims, on those documents, that Donald Trump has won in the states mentioned. In an article published by conservative website The Bulwark on January 17, attorney Philip Rotner argued that those fake electors deserves to face criminal prosecution in federal court.

Rotner is not the only one to make that argument. In one January 13 appeared on Maddow’s show, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel – who was part of the administration of Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer – told the host, “Under state law, I think it’s clear that you’ve tampered with public records, which is a 14-year violation and fake tampering with the election law, is an act of five offenses.”

But while Nessel mainly talked about Michigan in his January 13 conversation with Maddow, Rotner pointed out that MAGA Republicans had been circulating fake Electoral College documents in multiple states.

“Although the story of fake voter certificates submitted to Congress by Republican officials in five states as part of a failed attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election has drawn attention, big idea last week, but it’s not new,” explained Rotner. “The fake certificates were sent almost a year ago and as early as March 2, 2021, American Sight self-published the documents after obtaining them through the Freedom of Information Act. “

Rotner added, “In fact, there are not only five states, although Biden won there, fake Republican voters submitted Electoral College certificates in support of Trump. There are seven states. . However, Republicans in two of those states have hedged their bets.”

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Rotner noted that the two states where Trump supporters have “hedging their bets” are New Mexico and Pennsylvania. The other five — who Maddow specifically discussed on her show — are Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and, of course, Michigan.

Rotner writes: “Submissions from (New Mexico and Pennsylvania) deserve the benefit of the doubt. “They can and should be read as contingencies, austerity plans to ensure that Trump’s electors are identified in the case, however highly unlikely when the island courts The other five states did not. Trump’s fake electors from each other state – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin – testified that they were, in fact, are ‘eligible and qualified Electors for the President and Vice President of the United States’ from their respective states. Those representations are lies.”

Rotner continued, “Biden, not Trump, won the election in each of those states. In each of those states, Biden’s victory was certified by officials with clear statutory authority to do so. so…. In short, individuals who have signed documents certifying that they are ‘ duly elected and qualified’ electors from their state are not.

According to attorney Rotner, those “fake GOP state certificates” “are not just reprehensible acts of political subversion – they are criminal acts.”

“Signing and transferring falsified certificates are also independent crimes, committed in broad daylight and easily prosecuted,” Rotner writes. “State and federal law enforcement should have been doing all this for almost a year now. Worse, even for those inclined to think ‘better late than never,’ it’s still unclear. It’s clear they’re doing it…. The real action here is – or should be – at the federal level. These phony certifications are not isolated, one-off events. They are coordinated. rigid. “

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