Republicans have hijacked the process: Congressional hearings are now rife with conspiracy theories

No one should accuse Ted Cruz of being held back by a basic sense of dignity.

Last week, Texas Republicans raged with Donald Trump loyalists who will not criticize the fascist insurgents who attacked the Capitol last year. Cruz, who supported Trump’s Big Lie as one of eight senators who voted to remove the results of the 2020 election so that Trump could illegitimately stay in power, dare to suggest that those who have used violence for the same purpose participated in a “terrorist attack.”

Of course, calling Trump loyalists anything but moderate patriots who have never done evil in their entire lives is forbidden in Trumpist circles. For his trespassing, Cruz was much more beloved by Tucker Carlson and other fascist leaders in the right-wing media than the likes of Cruz. And just like his actions, since then, Cruz has crawled onto his own stomach, begging for forgiveness and making it clear that he would say or do anything to get the kindness of bad people back. best in the country.

Cruz has repeatedly appeared on Fox News since he temporarily lied, exaggerating a conspiracy theory / apology for the fascist uprising long supported by Carlson: FBI forces Trump fans to storm the Capitol. Worse yet, Cruz misused taxpayer money to push this conspiracy theory. On Tuesday, Cruz spent her time in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing going about this stupid claim that it was the FBI who caused the riots on the Capitol, not the powerless Trump supporters to act on Trump’s clearly and clearly communicated wishes.

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Like most right-wing conspiracy theories, this one is both incoherent and easily debunked. (A quick Google search for “Ray Epps” leads to some good explanations as to why.) But, importantly, this story is not suppose to make sense. On the contrary, its absurd nature is very much by design. The whole point of these incoherent conspiracy theories is to create a bewildering cloud of misinformation, so dense that the truth is literally drowned in a maze of lies, noises, and noises. hand and fart.

More importantly, Cruz’s performance yesterday worked exactly as intended, providing a rich variety of video footage that could be cut and re-edited into clips for dissemination across the right-wing country like a “proof” that the FBI is hiding something. The misleading clip goes viral on social media with choking text like “FBI blocked and refused to answer” and “The American people deserve answers.

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However, no one who shared these videos wanted “answers”. They just want make a bunch of noise to distract from the fact that there is no mystery regarding what happened on January 6. It was an uprising, instigated by Trump, with the aim of overthrowing an election so he could could be illegitimately appointed president.

Unfortunately, Cruz’s sloppy behavior on Tuesday was not an anomaly, but rather part of a larger feedback loop of right-wing alignments.

Far-right conspiracy theories first emerged from the swamp of Infowars and many Trump-loving online forums. Republicans in Congress, desperate for both attention and donations, then used congressional hearings to fuel these conspiracy theories, knowing they would be cut into split video. widely shared on social media and shown on Fox News. Those well-produced videos, in turn, legitimize lies and lure people into feverish dream swamps to further generate conspiracy theories. The content as a whole has an addictive quality to it, with both Republican politicians and their audiences needing better and better conspiracy theories to continue to receive the same high churn.

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Cruz isn’t even the only Republican in the Senate to use this tactic on Tuesday.

In another Senate hearing, this hearing was held by the Committee on Health and Education, both Thanks to Rand Paul of Kentucky and Roger Marshall of Kansas for using the presence of Dr. Anthony Fauci – Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a favorite hate object on the right – to create more propaganda footage. Both men are famous and deliberately fabricating conspiracy theories about Dr. Fauci it also implies that he somehow created the coronavirus and that COVID-19 is a socialist hoax.

Yes, these ideas contradict each other. No, those who claim to believe in these theories don’t care about that contradiction. As usual, it is not a matter of reasoning, but of crushing rational discourse to dust.

As an added bonus, Marshall continues to falsely allege that Dr. Fauci is hiding his financial situation, with the express purpose of implying that Dr Fauci is somehow secretly profiting from the pandemic. The same pandemic that right-wing conspiracy theories paint because is somehow both a biological weapon and not a real threat. Dr. Fauci got fed up with all this and called Marshall a “fool” into a hot mic.. Sadly, Marshall isn’t actually a fool. He is a cynical opportunist who is deliberately creating misinformation to boost his name recognition with the GOP base and earn more money. Marshall, frankly, seemed excited when Dr. Fauci called him “a fool”. He’s exaggerating the story, erase the GOP establishment’s well-known hatred of Dr. Fauci. There is no better way in GOP fundraising circles to gain attention and earn money than by making yourself a freelance trigger.

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So right-wing politics should be understood as a messy version of pro wrestling, where real-life heroes like Dr. Fauci are recast and real-life villains like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz can play the role of the face. By attacking the congressional hearings for holding these wrestling matches, Republicans are not only wasting taxpayer money and destroying the clear purpose of the hearings to collect and expose in fact, they are using the prestige of Congress to spread their conspiracy theories more widely. It is a deviant loop that is driving the GOP establishment away from reality and deeper into fascist ideology.

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We just have to look at committee hearing last summer on January 6, where Congress heard testimony from law enforcement that was there during the uprising, to see what would happen when Republicans of bad faith were barred from the microphones. That hearing produced factual information, not marked by grandiose and conspiracy theories by Republicans competing to see who could act most wildly for their base.

While there may not be a legitimate way for Democrats, who technically control the hearings, to cover up abuses of hearings in this way, it’s time to explore the possibility of making Republicans silence, or at least minimize the extent to which they can abuse the hearing. process. Turning Congressional hearings into little more than Infowars recordings not only embarrasses Congress, it also undermines our democracy. Republicans have hijacked the process: Congressional hearings are now rife with conspiracy theories

Huynh Nguyen

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