Renata Glasc has been added to the game

League of Legends (LoL) update 12.4 is officially out after being tested in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for a considerable amount of time. LoL Season 2022 has had three patches that bring significant changes that affect the way the game is being played. Riot Games’ constant engagement with the community and subsequent changes have made this season an action-packed ride.

With LoL Patch 12.4, the dev team targeted certain system changes including boosters and objective bounties. Just like any other patch, LoL Patch 12.4 has a bunch of buffs and nerfs for champions to balance gameplay. The community is also keeping an eye on the item changes introduced to understand the way and the economy of construction.

League of Legends update 12.4 also officially introduces Chem-Baronness Renata Glasc into the slot and she will be available to play starting February 17th. You can see the full list of changes and tweaks made in LoL Patch 12.4.

LoL Patch 12.4 brings system changes to combat the top enchanters in the meta

Riot has made it clear that while supporting and appreciating creativity in League of Legends, the top lane strategy of enthusiasts is “Through.“It acknowledges the fact that there has been an increase in the amount of enthusiast assists in solo lanes using gold income boosters to passively earn gold while moving around the map. thing.

Riot has pointed out that this meta causes opponents to lose the opportunity to use their early game strengths to “Lead generation in the laning phase is a core part of every game.

In the LoL Patch 12.4 notes, the developers noted, “These problems certainly require a more robust solution and we are in the process of developing one. In the meantime, we’re tweaking some systems to minimize impact on other parts of the game. In particular, both objective bonuses and CS (Creep Points) do not take into account unique income strategies, which can fall into an unhealthy game state.

As a measure to combat the new meta, Riot is increasing the farming penalty for items that support gold income in the first five minutes of the game.

The following are the support item changes:

Gold Value Bonus: Gold value bonuses (aka CS bonuses) are now based on the number of support gold income items per team, rather than assuming each team has one assist gold income item

Target Bonus: Enemy gold clues are now less likely to lead to objective bounty triggers if there are two or more gold income support items on your team

Tribute / Booty (Passive) – Minion Farming Penalty: Gain gold descending from too many (2 minions per minute until 5 minutes; 4 minions per minute after) kill minions. This reduced yellow penalty now also becomes more severe in the first 5 minutes of the game. (All other things remain unchanged)

Bonus Target has been nerfed

Another blow to the enchanters top meta comes in the form of a nerf to objective bounties. In addition to the farming penalty from boosters, the objective bonus is now halved if a team has a lot of boosts.

Riot stated, “Not related to the gold earnings entries above, we are also shortening the Downtime on Target Bounty to address some extreme swings. When the Target Bonus period ends, the losing team must still be behind, but the extended period allows for some situations where the losing team can take the lead after claiming multiple bonuses in a row .

Bonus hold time is now 5 seconds after the objective bonus drops.

Zeri continues to participate in the slashing

A total of six champions have been nerfed in Update 12.4. They are Blitzcrank, Dr. Mundo, Nunu and Willump, Qiyana, Veigar and Zeri. Now, seeing Zeri on the nerf list has become common practice for the community as she has been a target in every patch since its release. Riot is still trying to tweak her kit and make her a viable pick, both in pro play and in solo queue games.

In LoL Patch 12.4, Zeri changed nearly every part of her outfit. This is yet another attempt by Riot to switch her away from the bruise builds to a more critical attack-based marksman map.

Riot wrote, “Zeri’s spark is still a bit more shocking than she needs to be, so we’re reducing her overall buff in a way that can deal more damage than her crit builds.

Patch 12.4 also notes a number of improvements were made to the player behavior system to detect intentional feeding. Riot says it has made further improvements to the accuracy of the detection model to improve the player experience. Also, the developers have made some quality of life changes and bug fixes in the game. The Shockblade line of skins was introduced with Patch 12.4 and is expected to hit the servers on February 17th alongside Renata Glasc. Players can also dig deeper into Neon Nights, the new mid-series update in Teamfight Tactics (TFT). Arcane-villain Silco was finally included in TFT as a playable unit.

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