Reddit story about a selfish father willing to deny his unborn baby who is ruled unreal

An “AITA for telling my roommate that her pregnancy isn’t my problem” on Reddit managed to upset readers, but only briefly.

Unlike most AITAs on Reddit, where the OP asks if they are at fault for their hurtful actions in a relationship or within family drama, the incredible post’s subject is not the least bit guilty of abusing his baby mom .

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Man asks “AITA because she told my roommate that her pregnancy is not my problem”

The OP lives with a woman named “K”. K is pregnant and expected early next year. The man discovers early on that he and K have been married for three years, but their relationship is strained. So according to the OP, they live more like roommates, even though the bun in their oven is “technically” his.

Throughout the story he continues to refer to his wife/mother of his child as his roommate and complains about her pregnancy which causes him great inconvenience.

The OP lists many issues he has faced since his wife/roommate got pregnant (by him). He does not consider the child as his child and therefore is not ready to take responsibility.

He is aware that his partner will inevitably become physically and mentally ill during pregnancy, but he would not put up with that.

The OP wants nothing to do with his child

A number of things the pregnant woman does or desires have confirmed to the OP. He hates the fact that he had to get rid of all the bananas in her house because she couldn’t stand their smell anymore.

She doesn’t cook as much as she used to and cries over little things that her husband doesn’t like. Like any other pregnant woman, his wife tends to vomit often, and once she almost threw up because she couldn’t hold it back until she went to the bathroom. The OP had to clean it up.

He runs the errands because his wife doesn’t want to get out when she’s carrying a child. She asked him to drive her to her routine check-ups, and the OR had no problem doing that once.

However, he didn’t like it when the requests became more frequent and one day his wife asked him to drive her to a counseling session while he was playing with his friends and he snapped at her.

Apparently he gets to talk to his friends once a month and he didn’t want to use that time to take his baby mama for a check-up.

The OR’s partner started crying after seeing his reaction. And now he’s wondering if he’s a TA because he hasn’t told his wife that her pregnancy is not his problem and that she is solely responsible for her condition.

The Reddit story seems unreal to users

Readers cannot believe that the man had the audacity to step away from his fatherly duties after allowing his wife to get pregnant, regardless of the status of their relationship. Some users are prompted to question whether the story itself is real or if it’s just made up to gain influence. At the time of writing this article, it has been removed from Reddit.

“AITA is that real? It has to be anger bait,” one asked.

Another said: “Calling her your roommate when she’s your wife is crazy, this can’t be true.”

“There’s no way this guy is real,” said another.

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