Reagan’s “Endless War” lesson: Wokeism is not liberalism and other comments

From right: Reagan’s “Endless War” lesson.

“There are two ways to end a war” thunders William McGurn of the Wall Street Journal: “win” or “lose”. “‘Endless war’ lies in between, when each side has the means to stave off defeat but not enough to ensure victory.” President Biden’s Republican rivals have criticized his failures in Afghanistan and Ukraine because ” most are tied to the perpetual criticism of war”. Republicans must recognize “that Ukraine’s military is wearing down Mr. Putin’s war machine — and making China consider an invasion of Taiwan.” so did he. Therefore, “it shouldn’t be difficult for a Republican presidential candidate.” The way to end an endless war is to win it.”

Observe schools: learning loss Continues

It didn’t end with the reopening of schools, warns Michael J. Petrilli in the New York Times: “American children continued to regress in their senior year and made less progress in reading and arithmetic than their pre-pandemic peers. Instead of catching up, our students are falling even further behind.” The answer: “Bring some tough love back to American education.” “Schools that don’t put their federal grants to good use and don’t do enough to help their children catch up face dire consequences Do math.” And, “Reconsider our lax grading policies, tell parents their kids need to go to school, and bring back final exams,” all “to make sure students make an effort.” “Education is important . performance is important. We need leaders willing to say so and educators willing to pretend these simple statements are true.”

Looking at the Science: Unpluralistic Political Science

As one of the “about” 10% “of political scientists” who “usually vote Republican,” Robert Maranto is worried at The Hill that science will not “remain open to people like me and to the unique perspectives we bring to the table,” beginning the American Political Science Association’s annual meeting: “Pluralism is waning.” “Not a single open Republican now sits in the 31- APSA Governing Council” and “there has not been an APSA annual meeting in a red state since 2012”. APSA also ended its longstanding association with the “right-wing Claremont Institute.” It is important that “scientists fight bad ideas of all kinds of politics with debate, not banishment,” because “giving up pluralism means giving up the American Political Science Association and America itself.”

From left: Wokeism is not liberalism

“The Woke Believe race is first and foremost what you should watch everywhere, which I find interesting because that used to be the position of the Ku Klux Klan.” Bill Maher pointed out The Joe Rogan Experience. “The goal is not to see a race at all for some reason. That’s what liberals believed, from Obama to Kennedy and Martin Luther King. That’s not what the woke believe,” but liberalism “is a different animal than the woke.” You may be roused to all the nonsense now implied, but don’t say it’s somehow an extension of the liberalism is. Most of the time it is a demise of liberalism.”

Iconoclasts: Democrats ignore free speech

Out of “anger against former President Donald Trump in particular, and conservatives in general,” progressives have “appropriated repulsive concepts to silence or even imprison their opponents.” scolds Jonathan Turley on USA Today. Many Democrats “repudiate freedom of expression concerns about the prosecution of Trump and his associates for their actions in contesting the 2020 election.” Those efforts “could lead to bipartisan election contesting being criminalized in the future.” most dangerous move is trying to expand the 14th amendment to bar Trump from the 2024 election.” Progressives are pushing the limit by invoking “the same legal authority that was once used to justify the imprisonment of socialists and union organizers.” . . They are more fixated on the enemy than what they risk becoming.”

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