Ranking Chucky’s Most Horrible Deaths

After eight episodes, the drama debut of Chucky ended until next year. RIP to all those biting the dust because there is no shortage of dead people. Even after the kill count was increased to 21 by the end of the finale, the following were the most shocking of them all to witness, with some not even being performed by Chucky. From the image processing to the beheading, the props team must have enjoyed all the carnage they had to show off.

While there are some characters who may be deserving of their fate, a good bunch of them don’t deserve to go the way they did. But it’s a killer show nonetheless. The characters have to be cut in more ways than one. If there is a positive result for the illness, there is not just one weapon used to increase the body count of the program. The deaths are very creative, dark humour, and extremely gory.

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11. Lucas Wheeler

Chucky-Lucas-Wheeler-Death Scene
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The electric shock that started it all and what seems to hint at a dark path for this show’s Last Boy, Jake ((Zackary Arthur), to retrieve. Played by Devon Sawa In a dual role alongside his on-screen twin, Lucas proved himself incapable of being the father his son needed. If he was caring, caring, and not abusive, his death would affect Jake in a very different way. As for Chucky, when it comes to his fate, that redhead can be quite clever. Although this is a messy one. Somehow, Chucky had acquired the ability to project vomit, aiming for the wire Lucas was standing on. It has been labeled a “death by wrongdoing” by law enforcement, and that is just the beginning.


10. Chucky’s mother

Pictures Via Syfy

If fans learn anything from peeks in murder doll’s childhood, when he was known as Charles Lee Ray, he was always a bad seed. Fun equals the ultimate Lakeshore Stranger. When young Charles found a razor blade in some Halloween candy, he purposely bit into it to enjoy the sensation. But more worrying than self-harm is when someone breaks into Ray’s house. Charles’ father had been murdered, and when his mother hid with her son in the closet, she certainly didn’t expect what would happen next. When the intruder found them, Charles killed her Just for you. The mysterious intruder lets Charles live, content to kill the first child.

9. Principal McVey

Chucky-Prinicpal-McVey's death scene
Pictures Via Syfy

As the head of Perry Middle School, Principal McVey (Jana Peck) is really just doing her best to deal with scared and anxious parents, thanks to a series of “accidental” deaths. And yet, Chucky succeeded in twirling her encouraging thumbs with his famously dark sense of humor. Moments before the Headmaster’s head rolled out from under the theater curtains, “Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs started playing. Don’t say you weren’t forewarned. To the horror of parents, students, and a man happily recording it all on his phone, Chucky opened the curtain and revealed the center of the stage. Principal McVey was decapitated in his chair, in his signature thumbs-up position.

8. Inheritance penalty shootout

Pictures Via Syfy

The opening of Episode 5 reintroduced audiences old and new to Andy (Alex Vincent) and Kyle (Christine Elise), characters inherited from the original Child’s play trilogy of works. Wearing suits and with a simple but not simple plan, the two hit the road, hunting for Good Guy dolls. Of course, they weren’t just looking for any classic toys, but the things Chucky had put his soul into. When they find one, they don’t hesitate to take it off. Especially Andy, who first started shooting a Chucky doll in front of a terrified family. No doubt, Chucky himself would have found the situation hilarious – if only he hadn’t been on the other end of the barrel.

7. Logan Wheeler

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Drunk and aggressive didn’t help his brother, and it certainly didn’t benefit Logan either. It only pushed his son, Junior (Teo Briones), who mourned his mother, on the fringes. A tense encounter between the two culminates with Junior unleashing his initial pent-up rage. With this happening in the penultimate episode, something is definitely a must for. That’s it, the angry Junior used a Chucky doll to beat his father to death. Not only was this Junior’s first murder, but it also signaled a ritual that would allow an army of Chucky dolls to obtain a piece of the killer’s soul.

6. Theater Massacre

Pictures Via Syfy

The finale of the first season went on a high note. A killer series, especially one with its own puzzling elements, has gone for a wild movie that’s equally fun and engaging. Getting stabbed from under your theater chair doesn’t sound pleasant at all. That is exactly the predicament many Havensack residents face when they settle in to see Frankenstein (In 1931). Bodies were left behind, popcorn strewn about. As the final episode of the year, carnage was expected but who could have predicted exactly Chucky would crawl around to do this? It may have opened up a new fear in those who watched it. Next time you go to the theater, germs will be your second concern.

5. Knife out

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There are a lot of potential plot directions to take with Junior. After killing his father and then seemingly siding with Tiffany, Junior’s future is full of possibilities. When he walks down to the theater, along with the other villains, how will it end? Leaving Lexy alone, Junior tried to bring her to him. That didn’t work. And when Chucky orders him, Junior can’t kill his ex-girlfriend himself. He turns the knife at Chucky, and while he kills one of the dolls, Junior is fatally stabbed in the process.

4. Detective Kim Evans

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Episode 6 is a gritty episode in which the mature woman is the subject of the night. The final minutes of the film involve the main trio of Jake, Devon and Lexy trying to trap the Wheeler mansion because of an inevitable Chucky attack. Apparently, what they didn’t expect was that their plan to go south was so bad. Not only could they not stop the murder doll, but they also watched helplessly as Devon’s mother appeared and was attacked. Detective Evans (Rachelle Casseus), one of the few adults in a position of power who really cares about the deaths happening around her town, was unable to cope with her horribly broken neck after falling down the stairs. .

3. Death by Nail Filer

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That was just the last time Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) stepped up from her usual throat slash. In episode 8, when she was fed up with her ex, just one of many trapped in the body of a doll and then an uncooperative human, she did it. Tiffany went ballistic, using her handy set of beautiful fingernails to decapitate a selfish Chucky doll. You don’t want to get over her bad side, that’s for sure. Moving away from Chucky’s shadow, who knows what Tiffany’s next move is now?

2. You Came To The End

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The movie theater massacre is a macabre sight, but it’s the confrontation between Jake and Chucky that is the real climax of this first season. Many other heroes of the series used weapons to finish off the Not-so-Nice Guy doll, but Jake used all his strength with his bare hands to not only suffocate Chucky but also eyeballs. His was shot out. After all the suffering and manipulation Chucky went through, Jake is finally free from his monster. Well, at least a little bit.

1. Bree Wheeler

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Returning to episode 6, the audience learned about Bree’s (Lexa Doig) cancer diagnosis. She didn’t look good, but she was still in high spirits. She loves her son, planning to make her limited time worthwhile to him. But when Bree leaves her therapy appointment with a new contract for life, Chucky arrives to send her a stroller. She broke the window of a high floor she was on and fell to her death. Devon lost her mother after that but at least he didn’t witness her crash into a car, the Junior car itself was there, waiting for her.

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