Rainbow Six patch Y7S1.2 notes: Smoke & Nomad nerfs, gridlock buffs, more

Rainbow Six Siege is receiving a number of balance changes in Patch Y7S1.2 right after the launch of Operation Demon Veil. Operators like Smoke, Nomad, and Gridlock are getting an update as well as a big change to Claymores ⁠ – here are the full patch notes.

Those of Rainbow Six Siege The upcoming balance update, patch Y7S1.2, is one of the biggest in the game in terms of long-range effects.

While mid-season updates are typically small and tinkering with a few Operators, Ubisoft is pushing changes to 20+ to change two things in the meta: attacker flank guard and defender tier.

Here’s what you need to know about Rainbow Six Patch Y7S1.2, including when the new one Operation Demon Veil update falls.

Bandit from Rainbow Six Siege

Bandit gains a large buff that makes it easier to “trick” attackers.

When is Rainbow Six Patch Y7S1.2 coming?

Ubisoft hasn’t given a confirmed date for the Rainbow Six patch Y7S1.2, but it has been addressed Tests on the TTS from April 5th.

The developers usually tinker with the changes before rolling them out to everyone. So expect things to change by then. As soon as the update goes live, we’ll let you know.

What changes in Rainbow Six Patch Y7S1.2?

Smoke is no longer immune to gas during large defender switches

Smoke was a staple of Rainbow Six Siege’s defense thanks to his gas canisters. However, while the defender knows what’s inside them, soon they will no longer be immune to their damaging effects.

Reliable Anchor now takes damage from the gas and removes “what is essentially a special immunity only for Smoke”. Ubisoft explained.

“The gas can still be used to deny territory and apply pressure, but Smoke can no longer roam through that denied territory without paying a price.”

Smoke Rainbow Six

Smoke now takes damage from his own gas, weakening his anchoring abilities.

Claymore Buff gives attackers more flank guard

Claymores as a secondary gadget aren’t particularly popular in Siege. While they’re good for flank guard if you haven’t brought someone like Nomad with you, they’re easily destroyed ⁠ – and you only get one of them.

However, now attackers can hold two angles with the explosives with a new buff that gives them an extra Claymore when grabbing the gadget.

“The main purpose here is to allow a wider range of operators to ‘block’ two different flanks without having to bring a dedicated operator like Nomad or Gridlock. We think this change could make Claymores a more attractive choice in some ⁠ – but not all ⁠ – cases,” Ubisoft explained.

Currently, 15 Attackers have access to Claymores, including Blackbeard, who is gaining Claymores this patch following an exchange with his existing Breaching Charges.

The Gridlock buff pushes her rank up with more Trax charges

The Flank Guard changes for Claymores aren’t the only additional tools Attackers are getting. Gridlock has fallen a bit flat in the meta compared to other dedicated operators like Nomad, and a new buff may see them move up the ladder.


Gridlock can block more flanks with bonus Trax charges.

The Aussie Attacker has access to an additional Trax Gadget Charge ⁠ – now up to four ⁠ – which can be used to slow down defenders attempting to spin spikes back to the side.

This, along with a nerf to Nomad’s recoil, could see gridlock become more viable, especially given the rise of LMGs in Siege.

You can find the full Rainbow Six patch Y7S1.2 notes under. The update will go live later in April after it finishes testing on the TTS.

Rainbow Six Patch Y7S1.2 Notes

Operator balancing


  • Bandit can use multiple batteries on the same boost or device

black beard

  • Added claymore (removed infraction charges)


  • Number of Trax canisters increased to 4 (from 3)


  • Crowded operators can remain vulnerable and regain control of the character faster
  • Recovery time reduced to 1.25s (from 2s)


  • Crowded operators can remain vulnerable and regain control of the character faster
  • Recovery time reduced to 1.25s (from 2s)


  • Smoke is vulnerable to its own toxic gas


  • Ability duration increased to 20 seconds (from 10 seconds)
  • Cooldown increased to 20s (up from 10s)


  • Reduced flash duration to 1.4s (from 2.8s)
  • Increased number of candelas to 4 (from 3)

Gadget balancing


  • Number of units increased to 2 (from 1)
  • Affected Operators: Thatcher, Ash, Twitch, IQ, Blackbeard, Capitao, Jackal, Zofia, Lion, Maverick, Kali, Ace, Zero, Flores, Osa

https://www.dexerto.com/rainbow-six/rainbow-six-siege-patch-y7s1-2-notes-1798924/ Rainbow Six patch Y7S1.2 notes: Smoke & Nomad nerfs, gridlock buffs, more

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