Qowat Milat Is Back In Star Trek Discovery “Choose To Live”

Qowat Milat returns in “Choose to Live.”

“Choose to Live”, the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery, which brings out one of the most engaging and interesting elements of Star Trek Picard for a story that begins with Dark heart but ends with an uplifting meditation on boldly seeking and pursuing one’s own path.

J’Vini – Ni’Var citizen and nun Qowat Milat, who helped Burnham’s mother Dr. Gabrielle Burnham acclimatize to the 32nd century – committed a string of dilithium thefts. In the most recent one, she killed a Starfleet officer.

Dr Burnham believes J’Vini is operating as a “qalankhkai”, the sworn champion for a lost cause. She wants Qowat Milat to deal with J’Vini. Trying to balance the Federation’s still-fragile relationship with Ni’Var with Starfleet’s interest in bringing J’Vini to justice, President Rillak proposes a joint mission to capture her.

A crew of four borrows Book’s ships: Captain Burnham and Lieutenant Tilly for Starfleet, Dr. Burnham and her tactical officer for Qowat Milat. The team tracks a tracking device hidden in stolen dilithium to a planet and its moon that appears to be devoid of life. Two of J’Vini’s mercenaries infiltrated the ship. During the sword fight (versus Qowat Milat, the team that didn’t use phasers), Dr. Burnham’s tactical assistant was killed.

Survivors reach a cave beneath the lunar surface and find unidentified aliens in centuries-old cocoon-like structures. A sudden antimatter reaction makes them realize the moon is actually a spaceship. Tilly sabotages the ship’s warp, luring J’Vini out.

J’Vini explains that she’s protecting the aliens in the shell — the Abronians, the last of their kind, in frozen equilibrium as they travel to a new planet aboard a sleeping ship. this. Thieves attacked the hibernating Abronians to get the platinum in their bodies. J’Vini sensed and answered their telepathic pain call and pledged to protect them. To secure their journey from the gravitational anomaly that threatens the galaxy, J’Vini steals dilithium to move the ship to safety. She cannot claim it because Starfleet does not provide dilithium to individuals, and she cannot reveal the existence of the Abronians.

Surveying the Abronians’ stagnant system to malfunction, Burnham repaired it. The Abronians awakened and migrated to this planet. J’Vini’s oath fulfilled, she surrendered to Dr. Burnham. On the orders of President Rillak, Admiral Vance entrusted J’Vini to the guardianship of Ni’Var.

Qowat Milat action and outstanding performances make “Choose to Live” a winner

The Bene Gesserit by Frank Herbert’s Sand dunes The universe has received a lot of attention lately. But when it comes to religious sisterhood in science fiction, I would take Qowat Milat any time. They are both regal and charismatic as a mysterious person, but their goal is to serve, not to manipulate. They defend “lost causes”—not just any lost causes, but legitimate causes. And they do it with kick-butt sparring that looks great on screen, too warm.

Ayesha Mansur Gonsalves filmed in a relatively brief but powerful performance as J’Vini. The penultimate act of the script required her to deliver an unbelievable amount of presentation, but she imbued it with a compelling ferocity. Viewers may disagree with all of J’Vini’s actions or explanations — after a few viewings, it still doesn’t seem certain to me that Starfleet will not agree to help and protect the Abronians. — but they will notice.

Return Star Trek Discovery, Sonja Sohn gives her best performance as Dr. Gabrielle Burnham. If the powers at Paramount+ haven’t considered a Qowat Milat spinoff with Sohn front and center, they should. She even manages to make what is clumsily written “heart to heart” with Tilly near the end of the episode pleasing to viewers.

Because she often, Mary Wiseman is the scene stealer of this episode. She makes it easy to see Tilly’s struggle to get out of her comfort zone, and she’s a master at her character’s “incredible” moments — swinging Qowat Milat for the first time or explain that she “really took some” on the vertical drive of the sleepers.

The space makes it impossible for me to say too much about the two very strong subplots of the episode. In one, the friendship between Stamets and Book began last week when the two traveled to Ni’Var, where Stamets presented his theory about the nature of the anomaly. While Stamets’ ignorant impatience before the meditative trance of the Ni’Var scientists diminished, T’Rina’s mind associated with the Book was beautifully visualized and deeply moved, allows the Book to make some progress, however it may prove temporary, towards healing from trauma of Kweijan’s destruction.

On the other hand, Gray is imported into his new synthetic body. This sub-plot elevates quite a bit compared to the fal-tor-pan plot in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, right to the dire warnings about the process (at least for the time being, which have yet to materialize), to an adorable pimple in which Adira sits with Gray unconscious as much as McCoy sits with Spock is unconscious.

As Saru clearly noted, Culber continued his dual role as the ship’s doctor and the ship’s advisor. Wilson Cruz’s serious and completely authentic performance quickly made Culber my favorite doctor in the franchise.

Overall, “Choose to Live” is a beautiful episode that asks us to consider, with “absolute faith,” the causes and people worth committing to, as well as the lengths of time we can and should go when we realize our way in life.

https://redshirtsalwaysdie.com/2021/12/05/star-trek-discovery-s4e3-recap-review-choose-live/ Qowat Milat Is Back In Star Trek Discovery “Choose To Live”

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