Putin’s road to victory and other comments

Foreign Desk: Putin’s Road to Victory

When Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea in 2014, “then Secretary of State John Kerry and other Obama administration officials kept talking about the option of a ‘diplomatic exit’ that would end the military occupation of Russia.” remembers Jim Geraghty of National Review. It was going nowhere: Kerry “denied the fact” that Putin was “precisely on the highway he wanted to be on, heading precisely for the destination he wanted.” Now “you’re hearing the same refrain.” But again, Putin “doesn’t want a ‘ramp’! He doesn’t want to end his war, he wants to win his war.” And he is banking on “his willpower being able to outlast that of the West”. Not a bad bet: “Sure, the world is now outraged by Russia’s brutality in Ukraine.” But it was also “outraged by the Taliban’s return to power,” Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons, China’s “ongoing genocide of the Uyghurs” – and “kept on every time”.

Eye on Energy: End Joe’s War on Oil, Gas

With pump prices at all-time highs and inflation soaring, “Americans need relief, and one thing stands in the way: President Biden’s unwillingness to go the course of his administration’s commitment to protecting America’s oil and gas industry at the expense of the putting consumers out of business, turning back” thunders Harold Hamm in the Wall Street Journal. Biden’s policies are causing the nation to “fall further away from energy independence,” yet the Prez is “working with the Saudis, Venezuela and even Iran to come to the rescue.” Why?” It would be better to make energy independence a top national goal to “give producers confidence to bring new capital and new supplies to market.” Stop blocking drilling. (“For State has not had leases since 2020.) and “Support energy infrastructure, including pipelines.”

Times Watch: Inside Story vs. Outside

Matthew Rosenberg of the New York Times, observes Jenny Holland at Spiked, “wrote breathlessly” on Jan. 6 about “heroic police officers who “fought to keep the hordes from storming the Capitol.” “It is deeply disturbing to hear such a candid admission that the Capitol riot was exaggerated by his own newspaper.” Although in “a healthy media and political climate, nothing Rosenberg said would be so controversial.” . . it’s considered “banned” in mainstream discourse, where any breach of the sanctioned narrative makes you a “wild-eyed right-wing nutcase.” “The discrepancy between the public message and private reality is devastating. . . of the entire left-liberal media.”

From right: Hochul’s legal weed misstep

Gov. Hochul’s plan to give those who have broken marijuana laws, including drug dealers, priority in licensing now-legal weed shops is “another misstep.” warns Charles Fain Lehman of the City Journal. “Running a sane legal regime means keeping the traditional black market out as much as possible.” But in the name of “justice,” Hochul handed control of the cannabis industry to those who “broke the law when selling marijuana was illegal war” – “at the expense” of law-abiding claimants for “justice”. In many states, new legal markets have not suppressed the illegal ones as the legalizers had predicted. “Putting those who ran the old market in charge of the new one is a surefire way to repeat the problem in New York.”

Media hit: “Don’t say gay” = pure propaganda

“Corporate media coverage of the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act is the most important ‘teachable moment’ of the decade for American parents,” argues Max Eden for Newsweek. First off, “Many parents haven’t heard the real name of the Florida law,” only “the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law” — “an unprecedented propaganda ploy.” And what’s the point of the bill? “Teachers in Florida aren’t allowed to talk about sex until kids are in fourth grade”: That’s it. And that’s the most important lesson: “The deep – if not potentially infinite – gap between what the media says about schools and what’s really happening in schools.”

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