Progressive New York politicians bait against whites

Awakened Democratic poles from New York to Buffalo to Brooklyn have made racist rhetoric about whites a central pillar of their message to voters.

At the local, state, and national levels, left-wing, mostly socialist, elected officials have denounced, with no repercussions, that whites live in their neighborhoods, argued that they shouldn’t be eligible for certain jobs, and made broad demonic statements.

“Anti-whiteness is the basic premise of the left. All it takes to take down an institution or person is a public statement that that person is white, or that that institution (Western science, Western medicine, classical music, European art) has historically been, or still is, majority White can be white,” Heather MacDonald, a researcher at the Manhattan Institute, told The Post.

“Biden routinely says that white people have an ongoing problem with racism, we represent the dark soul of the US,” Mac Donald added.

Some politicians, like East New York City Councilman Charles Barron, even boast of anti-white bonafides.

Chi Ossé's tweet.
Chi Ossé said the council’s next speaker should not be a “cis-white”.

“I have the special privilege of being able to step before you and say that I have indeed lost the white population in my community,” Barron said in June 2019 during a national summit on gentrification while wearing a Mao suit.

“If you see one or two or three or four or five white people in my neighborhood, they’re passing through.”

Glenn Loury, an economist and professor at Brown University who is black, called the Democrats’ anti-white crusade “a harmful double standard.”

“I have a strong belief that a backlash is coming,” he said. “The ‘whites’ won’t put up with it much longer. People who engage in that casual ‘white-bashing’ will rue the day this sleeping giant wakes.”

Here are the hateful highlights:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has criticized the many portraits and statues of white men in the Capitol.
CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

AOC has used her powerful voice on Twitter to address the issue of too many statues of white people in Washington: “We have over 100 statues and portraits in the Capitol. Almost all of them are white males. The erasure of women and BIPOC from American history is a hallmark of white supremacy.”

AOC, who is of Puerto Rican descent, and her white fiancé, Riley Roberts, produced a video in 2020 about “fighting racism as a white person.”

City Examiner Brad Lander

Brad Lander.
Brad Lander criticizes the voting behavior of white Americans.
Getty Images

He often criticizes the voting behavior of white Americans. “It’s deeply depressing to live in a country where so many people are voting for racist authoritarianism,” he moaned as the results of the 2020 presidential election were tabulated.

City Council Member Chi Osse

The Brooklyn Democratic Socialist is among the Chamber’s most prominent anti-white agitators.

In the months leading up to the council speaker’s election, Ossé bluntly said that a “cis-white” should not be considered for the job.

In other posts, Ossé has berated the “incredibly white animal rights movement” and criticized the New York Times for endorsing too many white men for Congress.

“Don’t trust white people with 0 black friends in their circle,” he warned in May 2019.

Chi Osse.
Chi Ossé is open about race issues.
Getty Images

City Council Member Sandy Nurse

The Brooklyn legislature has issued a sweeping warning to constituents about white violence.

“White people just murder black people with complete impunity. We are heading for a very long summer of wrath. #NoJusticeNoPeace,” she said in June 2020 in response to the death of a BLM protester in Nebraska. “What else is there to say? We have a national crisis of white men and boys massacring people across the country,” she added in a March 2021 tweet.

City Council Member Tiffany Cabane

Queens Councilwoman during a Restorative Justice protest tweeted in April: “Carolina, a ninth grader from Staten Island, is fed up with being patrolled and monitored by white cops.”

Tiffany Cabane.
Tiffany Caban focuses on “Restorative Justice”.

City Council Member Lincoln Restler

Williamsburg socialist Lincoln Restler, a founding member of the city council-based Silver Spoon Caucus, attended Packer Collegiate Institute (where tuition is now a whopping $54,040 a year). He is the son of Peter Restler – a wealthy private equity entrepreneur.

In a July 2020 tweet, the white restler sided with Justin Cohen, another white candidate who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for a seat in the Bedford-Stuyvesant assembly. “Most offensive was the white man who moved into Bed-Stuy. Yes – Bed-Stuy, the iconic home of the Bk Black community – is scheduled to run for assembly this year. At least he lost,” Restler wrote.

In 2016, Restler posted an Instagram photo of his smiling sister with a sign saying “f—k whiteness.”

Lincoln Restler's tweet.
The socialist Lincoln Restler has a silver spoon background.

MP Zohran Mamdani

The Ugandan-born lawmaker, representing Queens, complained in a multi-tweet tirade that white people were getting too many honors at the 2015 Academy Awards: “My final bet is that the winners of best visual effects, adapted screenplay and the original screenplay are white. I’m also willing to bet that the winners will receive Best Costume, Editing, Make-up/Hair, Score, Production Design, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing are white. I’m willing to bet that the winners are Best Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actress, Supporting Actress, Director and Cinematographer everything white.”

MP Emily Gallagher

The Brooklyn native posted her own self-flagellation sermons online about white people: “Grateful to recognize June 16, a day for black communities to honor what they have endured as we whites reflect on our violent racist history. I am working hard to end the appalling damage that white supremacy continues to wreak on our nation,” she said. Progressive New York politicians bait against whites


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