Prepare to have your way when Mercury enters Aries

Speak your mind! Mercury.

The cosmic messenger planet of communication, intellect and sight will be ignited from March 27th to April 10th, 2022 in the zodiac sign Aries.

Get ready to feel impulsive, passionate and attract attention in the weeks to come! Read here how your zodiac sign affects you! More information about Mercury in Aries can be found in the information after the horoscopes.

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Prepare for your spirit to ignite like fireworks, Aries! The pace of life will accelerate to a feverish pace – but that’s just how you like it! When work, school, and your personal life fill your calendar, you have the mental capacity to attack it all. You are in a very special time when you can create visionary ideas and plans and then command everyone around you to help implement them. Use your voice and words to shape your reality.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Get ready for your dream world to get extra intense, Taurus while practically downloading ideas from beyond the veil. Use this time to think deeply about what is most important to you and how you have communicated over the past year. When you envision where you want to go, break out a journal or vision board to start mapping. Spend some time in solitude, meditate or get creative – you will have great ideas if you focus on stillness.

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Mercury in Aries will speed up life and communication.
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TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 20)

Start ground chat, Gemini! You will be everyone’s favorite meme queen ATM! With so much social activity buzzing around you, it’s time to shake up the scene. As you step into this surge in popularity, be sure to reach out to all your favorite friends and organize some exciting events for you to attend. Do you want to use this good atmosphere to network professionally? You’ll be lucky if everyone is eager to open your email! Oh, and FYI, if you’re single and ready to mingle, online dating is now going to be the cat’s meow.


Sound the alarm because you’re in the spotlight, Cancer! Get ready to see your public and professional status skyrocket! When you focus on your ambition, you might have a great moment to launch a big initiative, garner positive press, or even pitch a big idea to an executive. At this point, even a promotion or new contract may appear, so use your voice, your words, and your vision to wield your power now.


You think outside the box, Leo, and long for a new perspective! This fabulous and fiery energy will help open your mind to vast new levels of wisdom. On the one hand, you might focus on arranging travel or immersing yourself in new cultures, spiritualities, or international business. On the other hand, you might instead be motivated to go back to school or learn unique concepts that you can implement in your professional life. Can’t make a big change yet? Visit a library, download a new podcast, or watch a TED talk.

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Be confident in your thoughts and words. people listen.
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Ooo, ooo, ooo, Virgo: Your mind brings a laser focus to where you and a partner stand. While this intense energy might get you thinking about SEX or a lively passion you want to act out with your boo, it might also encourage you to take something off your chest that you hold dear. Speaking vulnerable will be fine now, but assessing where you both stand is crucial. Elsewhere, this vibration may draw your attention elsewhere: your wealth, your investments, or your taxes instead.


She + you = heart eyes, Libra! Partnership is paramount at this time. In fact, you can come to terms very easily in business or in love by speaking up now. Teamwork, collaboration and happy negotiations can also be illuminated by this energy. If you are looking for the right partner, you will get very far now if you put yourself out there and say what you want directly.


Yowza! You better get to work, Scorpio! In fact, you’ll probably get so overwhelmed with projects, responsibilities, and employment matters that you’ll be juggling a million things at once. Best of all, you have an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate your work-life balance and optimize your time management. If you’ve been unemployed or not in the right job for a while, use that feisty energy to apply anywhere. Your resume will be seriously reviewed at this point.


Let me hear you roar Sagittarius! Prepare to have your heart and passion ignited! Your mind will be intensely focused on romantic or creative matters. On the one hand, you could see a surge of happiness in dating — whether it’s exploring a lot of new options via an app, constantly chatting with a cutie, or gossiping with your friends. However, there’s no time to sit in the shade and mope if you haven’t found the one. In fact, you’re on a winning, compelling note at this point, so getting yourself out there is crucial!

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Feel a more social vibe with Mercury in Aries!
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Prepare to have your mind fully focused on home or domestic affairs, Capricorn. This can bring news about the move, the move, or even important conversations with a roommate. If you’re involved in real estate, a new contract could cross your path. However, with this energy also highlighting your family, you might find that you are heavily focused on connecting with your relatives or instead articulating details about important upcoming plans.


Step up to the mic Aquarius, you’re leaving the world with bated breath! It seems that you have some powerful and important new ideas that are getting out into the world. This may mean that you are about to start working on a major communication-related project, whether it is in the form of a writing, speaking, social media or branding project. However, by this point you will also be able to synthesize new ideas and learn fairly well. So if you’re at school, get ready to amaze people with your work and feedback.


Put financial planning at the top of your to-do list, Pisces. It’s time to review your budget and finances. Luckily, if you take a close look at your income and expenses, you’ll likely find ways to work more efficiently and avoid unnecessary draining. Think about how you can make even more money. If you are looking for a raise then now is the time to get in touch or if you are looking for a new job then stars are on your side by applying now.

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Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to speak your mind with Mercury in Aries.
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How does Mercury in Aries affect us?

Use your ideas to set the world on fire! Mercury, the planet of connection, spirit and business, will oscillate into the Aries zodiac sign: Aries. Get ready for a surge of ideas, activity and pace in your everyday life!

With Mercury in Aries, our thoughts move fast. People will be more impulsive about how they speak, connect, and jump to conclusions. This fiery energy will ignite us and help us feel more confident, brave and boastful. Standing out as a leader, launching new initiatives and dominating the world around us becomes second nature. We will feel inspired to think big and look at the big picture we want to create. Do you feel like a dreamer? Oh you will!

As Mercury moves through Aries, assertiveness will now be the key to success, but because this is such an ego-driven zodiac sign, we may focus more on our own ideas than listening to others. This can lead people to aggressive confrontations when we only care about ourselves and not others. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of anger and war, which can overwhelm us and lead us into fiery confrontations where we use our words as a form of violence.

The best ways to harness this energy are be bold, direct and passionate. It’s easier to persuade others to support your cause, but first it’s important to understand how you intend to carry out your plans. Stay centered as you use your mind to initiate a whole new phase for yourself. Note that Aries is a cardinal sign, meaning this provides excellent fuel to really push your goals forward. As long as you continue to devote yourself to these newfound plans, you can see them come to fruition later. Enjoy this festive and fiery energy!

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