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A lucky single mother shelters a homeless man who was damned by his family on a stormy night. The next morning, she found a tattered suitcase with $100,000 inside left by a stranger in the attic.

“Mom, Mom, we’re hungry,” Alice, 13, and her brother Jim, 7, said in unison. The two children only ate one full meal in the morning, and as is customary in poor households, they would skip lunch and wait until dinner before eating again.

That way the food lasts longer and the kids don’t look too much like the malnourished kids because they get at least two delicious meals a day.

Carla was surprised at what she found in her briefcase when she woke up with Harry gone | Source: Shutterstock

“I’m sorry kids,” Carla replied to Alice and Jim. “Dinner is almost done.”

That’s all Carla can do as a single mom. Her husband, Bruno, passed away a decade ago, and since then, the widow and his children have lived apart.

Carla worked two jobs; one worked as a waitress and the other as a waitress in a three-star restaurant. Between the two jobs, she can barely provide for herself or the kids, and the debt they incur doesn’t make things any easier.

One evening, they were having dinner when the doorbell rang. Carla doesn’t expect anyone, so she’s a little wary about opening the door; However, whoever knocked on the door persisted.

When she opened the door, she was met by a homeless stranger who identified himself as Harry and quickly raised his hand to show he was unarmed.

“Who are you?” Carla asked.

When Carla opens the door, she meets a homeless stranger who identifies himself as Harry | Source: Pexels

The man she was looking at looked disheveled and filthy like he’d lived on the street for so long – he had a suitcase under his arm trying to shield it from the rain. His long coat also has lots of patches and stains – in fact, his entire outfit has it.

Carla might have turned her back on him if she hadn’t noticed it was raining and his eyes weren’t bright at all.

“I mean you don’t hurt ma’am, but can I bother you somewhere to wait for the rain and perhaps spend the night?”

Carla has thought twice about letting him in, she has her children to think about, and she also happens to know that a man’s heart is extremely cruel. But she couldn’t turn her back on him.

“Come in, sir,” she said, stepping aside as he did.

Carla knew the food she prepared for dinner wouldn’t be enough for all four of them, but that didn’t stop her from asking him to join her for dinner as soon as he changed into his wet clothes.

During dinner, Carla initiates a small conversation with the man, an act that he rewards by telling her all about himself and how he became a homeless man. reside.

Carla knew the food she prepared for dinner wouldn’t be enough for all four of them, but that didn’t stop her from asking him to have dinner with them | Source: Pexels

He has been a banker for ten years, which is enough time for him to advance to a good position there that allows him to earn a lot of money. However, his wife and daughter are very selfish.

His wife Melanie and their daughter Trixie don’t pay much attention to him and spend all his money. Growing up in a happy family, he knew what he was missing, which made him very sad and lonely.

In response, he started drinking, and a few months later, he was fired by the bank; and soon, his wife and daughter kicked him out of the house.

“That’s why I’m homeless. You know the abandoned building near the bridge? That’s where I live now,” said Harry sadly ending his story.

Despite what happened, Carla could see that Harry was a very smart, handsome and interesting man. She liked how he seemed to know a little bit about everything.

He also noticed that Carla, whom he thought was very kind and beautiful, seemed very poor. Her house is sparsely furnished, and the food is barely nutritious.

By the time Carla woke up in the morning, Harry was gone but on the couch was a ragged backpack filled with $100,000 and a note | Source: Pexels

He felt sympathy for the kind woman, and that feeling was mutual. She allowed him to stay one night, and he slept in the attic.

By the time Carla woke up in the morning, Harry was gone, but on the couch was a suitcase full of $100,000 and a bill.

“Hi Carla! Thank you for taking care of me. You are so kind and have wonderful children. I won’t tell you but I have a very rare disease. I don’t think I have more than 2 years to live. Yesterday I received an inheritance from my rich aunt and I am giving it to my wife and daughter I don’t need this money because I will die in a few months so I decided to leave it to them As soon as I got to the door they started insulting me and told me to go So I decided they weren’t worth the money You covered me and yesterday i feel like i’m at home, having dinner with family such a beautiful family. But all I have – is my illness. Thank you and goodbye!”

Carla burst into tears as she read the letter. A part of her couldn’t believe what she was seeing, and she touched the money again just to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating.

Carla forces Harry to spend all his money on an operation the doctors can’t promise he’ll survive | Source: Pexels

When it became clear that she wasn’t, joy flooded over her, but it was quickly replaced by sadness as she thought about Harry. She likes him, and she decides to find him. Fortunately, she knew about the abandoned building, and there she found Harry.

Carla forces him to spend all his money on an operation where the doctors can’t promise he’ll survive. At first he didn’t want to spend the money on it, but Carla told him.

“You can’t give up like this,” she told him.

Carla forced him to use money and fortunately, the doctors were able to save him in time and save his life. She invites him to live with them while he learns everything, and he agrees. They spent all the money on the surgery, but Harry stopped drinking and went back to his job in the bank.

Eventually, his and Carla’s love blossomed, and they decided to make a more permanent arrangement together. Harry has finally found a family that truly loves him, and Carla becomes happy again.

In the end, Harry and Carla’s love blossomed, and they decided to make a more permanent arrangement with each other | Source: Pexels

What do we get from this story?

  • Kind; There’s always a reward. Carla let Harry stay at her house for the night because it rained when she had a good reason not to. That help may be small for her, but Harry sees it as a big deal, and he decides to help her in return.
  • Never give up. Harry could have lost his life just for giving up on himself before his real death came. But lucky for him, Carla stepped in and made sure they took a one in a million chance of saving his life.

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