Pokémon Legends Arceus Daybreak update is harder than Elden Ring

Soul-like games and the Pokemon franchise were incomparable before 2022, but now that we’ve got Elden Ring and Legends Arceus on our plates, it’s hard not to see their similarities.

Game Freak released Legends Arceus to critical acclaim and many fans of the franchise hailed it as the best Pokémon game in recent history. Similarly, Elden Ring is From Software’s latest project, which many are calling a seminal gaming megahit.

Aside from their awesome receptions, they also share some mechanics. From dodging rolls to summoning mounts to battling groups of punishing monsters, transitioning between the two isn’t all that difficult. While the mechanics aren’t groundbreaking, the release being so close together makes it difficult not to compare.

But it wasn’t until the Daybreak update released on February 27th that Legends Arceus’ difficulty surpassed that of Elden Ring. Not because the game has added content that requires more skill, but because the Massive Mass Outbreaks highlight PLA’s biggest flaws.

A massive mass outbreak of Hisuian Zorua in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus can’t dodge everything

Dodge Rolling is a mechanic in Pokemon Legends Arceus that allows players to dodge enemy attacks. As with Elden Ring, this dodge roll gives players invincibility frames (I-frames), allowing them to negate any damage they would have taken.

Before Daybreak, I had no problem dodging oncoming attacks. Even the vanilla mass bursts posed no threat, and I didn’t use Sticky Globs to stun aggressive pugs back then. All of the story bosses were a breeze even without using my partner Pokemon.

But the Massive Mass Outbreaks added levels to the difficulty of the game. Like Elden Ring, Legends Arceus players can attract the attention of multiple enemies at once. For those who hunt Shiny Pokemon in massive mass bursts, this will happen fairly frequently.

Every mon from Pichu to Garachomp will have long range homing attacks that you need to dodge. However, dodging isn’t quite as effective if you’ve hurled multiple energy balls your way at once. And unlike Elden Ring, you can’t heal your character, which means you’ll have to run away from the fight and wait until you’re healthy again. And if you have a status effect, you cannot summon your mount until it dissipates.

Pokemon Legends Arceus dies
The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Legends Arceus players are being bombarded with multiple homing attacks.

Time is against you in Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak

The new massive mass bursts summon about 12 bursts in a single part of the map with increased Shiny chances for each one. However, players have limited time to visit as many as possible as soon as possible.

That means getting into fights is a massive waste of time. It’s the safer option for the character, but trying to fight a wave of Alphas will take a lot longer than stunning and catching them.

Not to mention that you’ll likely enter a fight with multiple Mon at once. Attacking your active partner with four attacks is damaging and can end up wiping out your team.

The time limit also forces players to choose which Mass Bursts they wish to encounter. It’s impossible to fully hit them all, and you’ll often need to have precise inputs, alternating between stun items and Pokeballs, to get everyone you’re interested in.

Pokémon Legends Arceus Massive Mass Breakouts
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The massive mass eruptions are timed events that require you to choose which eruptions to visit.

Where are my damn crimson tears?

Let’s go back and talk about health in Legends Arceus. When my Pokemon passes out, I can craft revives and use berries/potions to bring them back to max health. I can do all of this while pausing and jump straight back into battle.

But when my player character is injured, I cannot use items to heal myself. Where in Elden Ring can you pop Crimson Tears and keep fighting. I can also equip better armor to reduce damage taken, or use spells to negate damage altogether.

In Pokemon, you can take about two to four hits depending on the attack. If it’s Hydro Pump, you’ll get knocked down on red health. If it’s tackle, you can take three more. But thanks to massive mass bursts, you’ll have to stun and dodge almost constantly to stay alive.

Pokemon Legends Arceus low health
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You can only take a few hits in Legends Arceus before having to run away to recover.

Sticky Globs, holding and swapping items

Sticky Globs are an item that players had access to in Legends Arceus late game, and they’re incredibly useful. Like Mud Balls or Tainted Apricots, these items stun wild Pokémon. But the catch is that they only take one to stun the normal male (Alphas take four).

These items are a necessity during massive mass outbreaks. However, they don’t stop a Pokemon from attacking. If you charge a grass ball or hyper beam, it will still perform its attack even after being stunned. This feels kind of ridiculous and often results in getting hit or killed by a stunned creature.

However, the biggest problem with using items during these mass breakouts is locking and switching between items. These are issues that Elden Ring also has, but aren’t as invasive as Legends Arceus’s.

I often find myself stuck on a Pokemon I don’t want. My camera does a 180 degree spin and instead of stunning/capturing an enemy mon, I aim for a really far away one. But unlike Elden Ring, it’s not that easy to switch to what you want to target. You have to click A while aiming until you finally reach the right monster.

But even more shameful is switching between items. The most efficient way to eliminate mass bursts is to use a Sticky Glob and then switch to a Poke Ball to throw it. But on a few occasions I’ve pressed the button to switch to my Poke Ball only to throw another Sticky Glob or two.

Pokemon Legends Arceus necessary items
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Sticky Globs and Poke Balls are must-have items when attempting massive mass breakouts.

Go back to take my money

I’ve been whitened a few times before dawn and it’s never really affected my game. I lost a few Tumblestones or an EXP Candy I forgot I had on me, but I didn’t care. But massive mass outbreaks have changed that.

I make a habit of carrying three items with me while doing Mass Outbreaks: Sticky Globs, Ultra Balls, and Aguac Berries. You blow these out very quickly when you run them and often have to refill every three runs or so.

If you’re lucky and don’t die. In Elden Ring you die, you lose your runes but you can collect them again. In Arceus you die, you lose 30 Poke Balls and 30 Sticky Globs and have to wait for someone else to pick them up for you.

That wouldn’t be such a big deal if I could retrieve my own items, but I can’t. I’d much rather lose thousands of pokedollars to whiting than my precious resources.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Lost Items When you die in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you lose a large number of valuable items.

So yeah I think Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak is harder than Elden Ring. I can’t learn how to dodge four homing attacks like I can an enemy attack pattern. I can’t tank more than three hits. But I still want to face the challenges of Daybreak. Pokémon Legends Arceus Daybreak update is harder than Elden Ring

Emma Bowman

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