Plan C concerned as ‘MPs warn to await vote on new restrictions over Christmas week’

MPS is said to have been warned to be “on standby” to vote on new restrictions over the Christmas week as Omicron continues to grip the nation.

Plan C could be enacted before Christmas as MPs have been told to prepare for Parliament’s recall on December 21 if the Covid situation turns around, it has been reported.

Congress is getting ready to revoke on December 21, it is reported


Congress is getting ready to revoke on December 21, it is reportedCredit: EPA

This means wearing masks indoors and serving tables at pubs and bars May be back before the holiday season.

And according to sources, Plan D has been considered – which will force bettors to dine alfresco once again.

A source of the Ministry of Health told Mirror: “If you follow the science, we really should be doing Plan C right now. The Prime Minister is gambling with the NHS to save his leadership.

“But we all know the Prime Minister cannot let anything happen at Christmas. That really took a toll on him in the last round. To do that again would be killer. “

Boris is said to be hoping he can postpone any necessary new restrictions until New Year’s Day at the earliest.

Professor Stephen Reicher of the University of St Andrews added: “Omicron is coming to us like an express train. We have to slow down to buy time or we’ll have a Christmas crisis.”

But the data shows that Vaccines against covid protects you from Omicron – and taking a booster before the holiday season will protect you and your loved ones.

The Sun’s army of Jabs have helped manage millions of drills this year – and now we’re calling on the British to take their boosters.

Meanwhile, Sajid Javid has been tipped to activate Plan C restrictions within a WEEK by dismal health officials, it has been reported.

The Health Secretary has been accused by doom-expectants at the UK Health and Security Service that Omicron risks overwhelming the NHS as 5,000 Britons could be hospitalized each day.

Mr Javid is said to have said that “strict national measures” need to be in place by December 18 to avoid past winter’s peak last year.

In documents viewed by Guardians, advises that tough action is “necessary in December.”

The “formal and sensitive” warning to the Health Secretary said: “The bottom line is that in a reasonable range of scenarios, rigorous action is required on or before December 18, 2021 if the time is right. doubling time at 2.5 days.


“Even if the doubling time is increased to around 5 days, strict action may still be needed in December.”

It adds: “The rapid spread of Omicron means that action to limit pressure on the health system may have to come sooner than intuitively suggests.”

This comes as Michael Gove has suggested that the limitations of Plan C are on the cards as he warned that the spread of Omicron is “of deep concern.”

The minister bleakly warned Britain was facing an onslaught of spiked Covid cases – as Britain opened the door to further restrictions under Plan C.

The Minister for Upgrades and Communities stressed: “We need to look at everything.”

“We recognize the importance of balancing people’s ability to get on with their lives, with the need to protect them against this virus,” he said. But action is absolutely necessary.

“As new data becomes available, we will review the action we need to take in the face of it.”

Gove appeared to have opened the door to new Covid restrictions while acknowledging the UK faced a “deeply worrying situation” because of Omicron.

However – a third stab could work against Omicron and save us from more low back pain, a mental boost study says.

Read ours Omicron’s live blog for latest update

Experts say any two doses plus the booster Pfizer can provide up to 75% protection.

Three shots also better protect against serious illness or death – but two doses soon won’t prevent even a third of cases.

“This data shows the importance of boosters,” said Javid.

Mary Ramsay, director of jabs at UKHSA, said: “These early estimates suggest that, several months after the second jab, the risk of catching Omicron is higher than that of Delta.

“But the data show that this risk is significantly reduced after booster vaccine.

“We expect the vaccine to show greater protection against serious complications of Covid-19.”

There are now a total of 1,898 confirmed cases of this variant, an increase of 633 cases since yesterday, but the UK Health and Security Service (UKHSA) says there are likely thousands more.

But up to 75,000 more Britons could die from Covid Scientists were warned this winter as Omicron swept across the country.


Even in the most optimistic scenario, the expected wave of infections could lead to a peak of more than 2,000 daily hospitalizations before April.

There could be a total of 175,000 hospitalizations and 24,700 deaths between December 1 of this year and April 30, 2022.

But if boosters are not effective, the Covid death toll could reach 74,800 as Omicron spreads, the report said.

This happens if no additional control measures are taken above and above existing Plan B, according to scientists from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

Professor Paul Hunter, professor of medicine, University of East Anglia, says any model is “only as good as its assumptions”, adding that a key assumption in the model is how much the severity of the disease outcome for Omicron was the same as for Delta.

“Although we won’t know for sure in a few weeks, indications from South Africa do suggest that Omicron does not cause less serious illness than Delta.

“There are also early, unreviewed data showing that although the Omicron mutation is sufficient to escape the antibody, T-cell immunity is less likely to be compromised.

“It is thought that T-cell immunity is more important for reducing the risk of severe illness than reducing milder nose and throat infections.

“In my view, if Omicron is indeed associated with less severe disease, then these models would overestimate the number of hospitalizations and deaths, which are essentially probable,” he said. .

Professor Hunter said he suspects these models “exaggerate” the risk of hospitalization and death, and that “worst-case” scenarios are “hardly”.

He added: “As better data becomes available in the coming weeks, we can expect these models to be refined.”

UK records 54,073 more Covid-19 infections

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