Overwatch players are torn apart when swapping Symmetra’s Support in the Test Cards update

With the most recent Experiment Card update in Overwatch, perhaps Symmetra received her biggest changes when the Damage champion moved into the Support role. While some love this new gameplay, others argue that it doesn’t quite make sense.

After weeks of anticipation, finally a brand new Test Card Released on February 11th And it’s definitely stupid. Every hero in today’s Overwatch has been adjusted to some extent in the update.

While certain characters have been affected by minor tweaks and quality of life improvements, others have been significantly altered in a number of ways. No hero is safe and some, like Symmetra, even have their core identities obfuscated.

No longer a Support in this new Test Card, Sym will now take on the role of Support. As a result, her entire outfit had to change to accommodate this new gameplay.

Her weapons, abilities, and even Ultimate now work differently. While some like this new version, many believe it is not suitable for the Indian hero.

In keeping with her new Support role, one of Sym’s biggest changes has come to her Turrets. Instead of attaching to enemies and dealing damage, they now attach to allies and heal.

While this sounds powerful on paper, this remake needs some “tweaking” if it’s going to make it to live servers, players agreed on Reddit. “[Turrets] people with adequate health should be avoided”.

To fix the problem, others have suggested “handmade“Targeting options added to allow some healing changes to take place. “She needs a way to choose who to heal, and yes, healing requires an enchantment.”

Possible Overwatch Symmetra Skins
Snow storm

Symmetra as a Support hero has divided the Overwatch community.

Although some players support Sym’s new improvement to bring it into the full game, with the aforementioned summoner spells, others remain skeptical.

“This isn’t really happening,” user Reddit “Regulations‘ return fire. “To have a healing character whose only form of healing can be completely eliminated so easily is not a good idea.”

Without her Sentry Turret, this new build of Sym can’t do much else to heal her team. So while it’s “interesting” at first glance, her new style could be “completely inconsistent” if it were to appear in the main Overwatch patch.

“Sym is my second favorite hero,” said another player, “so I could completely be biased, but for now, I don’t think this will be a good change. Since she can’t directly heal people, it often feels like there’s only one healer.”

For now, this Test Card’s huge set of changes goes on as is. There’s never a guarantee these creative tweaks will make it to the live game. More often than not, they just serve to showcase some bold design choices that have never seen the light of day elsewhere.

Though from time to time, some hero updates have inspired some live Overwatch updates. We have seen Popular demand for Mercy’s changes to hit the full game, so will only indicate if anything is copied from this new test. Overwatch players are torn apart when swapping Symmetra’s Support in the Test Cards update

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