‘Outlander’ Stars Season 6 Preview ‘Intense’ featuring Fraser family drama

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“Now you are my home.” 18th Century Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser said so to his time-traveling wife Claire in the first season of OutlanderStarz’s Deep Love Story is based on the bestselling book series by Diana Gabaldon. Since then, the couple – portrayed sensitively and passionately by the actors Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe – weathered the storms under the roofs. (And, Heughan wryly said, “Jamie went from a young Highlander to a grandfather.”) They eventually found a “permanent home” at Fraser Ridge, the now-prosperous settlement that they established in the British colony of North Carolina. But the foundation of that carefully built and loving world is about to crack.

“Claire and Jamie spent a long time building that community. Heughan said. The 10,000 idyllic acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains are also home to their adult daughter, Brianna Fraser MacKenzie (Sophie Skelton); son-in-law Roger (Richard Rankin); and hundreds of others, including family, friends and a continuing stream of Scottish settlers.

Outlander Season 6 Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan

(Credit: Starz)

“Season 6 is coming, what will you do when that house turns its back on you?” said executive producer Maril Davis of the long-awaited installment, closely tied to Gabaldon’s sixth book, Breath of snow and ash. “There is distrust and conflict on the Ridge. It has been a traumatic journey for so many people.” And while this is a short season (just eight episodes, as opposed to the usual 12 or 13), Davis hopes to reward and thank fans for tolerating Droughtlander so long by debuting Season 6 with super big portion. The nearly 90-minute episode, she notes, is “tense and really engaging” and recalls “a bit of the Central Highlands.”

Everything looms as a result of the heartbreaking brutality and rape of Claire by the evil Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy) and his bandits from neighboring Brownsville. At the end of Season 5, they gagged and tied her to a tree while terrorizing her (Lionel was furious when she learned Claire had released reproductive health information under the pseudonym Dr. Rawlings). Jamie comes to the rescue, kills some people and takes Lionel for questioning. But it’s Jamie’s stepdaughter, Marsali (Lauren Lyle) who injected the poison into Lionel’s vein. Jamie has had the honor of returning Lionel’s body to his brother, Richard (Chris Larkin) – but the horror story is far from over. “This is just the beginning of an even bigger, deeper feud between the two,” Heughan said. “Richard is an extremely dangerous and very powerful person. You will see much more of the Browns. “

Perhaps even more disturbing is Claire’s inability to deal with trauma. As any fan of the series knows, the battlefield nurse turned surgeon has been through more than he can bear, but this time was different. “Claire has always been very good at breaking things up,” says Balfe. “She wanted to carry on as if nothing had happened, but this was the first time she couldn’t hold back on something. She’s a bit unsettled.”

The actress added: “It flows into every aspect of her life, including as a healer. Jamie is watching her. Everyone knows more about what’s going on with Claire than she does. Until it becomes too much, and she has to deal with it. ”

Claire’s breakout is just one of several tense moments that producer Matthew B. Roberts promises for a TV series fueled by passion. “There are many scenes where we just let the actors shoot. They are heartbreaking, touching, and joyful. The [characters are] look each other in the eye and have a lot of emotions,” he said. “The audience will stand at the edge of their seats and hold their breath. At the end of a number [scenes], they will gawk out. “

Balfe gets more credit for participating in such anarchy this season: She got pregnant while filming. (Costume designer Trisha Biggar began work on a strategic wardrobe early on, creating giant, camouflage-capable makeup suits that included, Balfe says, “a coat.” gorgeous big that I want to wear over my set!”) Then there are additional safety measures from the pandemic and a sudden snowstorm to deal with. “Just to shoot during the winter during COVID and also pregnant – Caitriona did an incredible, unbelievable job,” Heughan said.

Jamie also has to revisit some traumas, stirred by a new appearance at Fraser Ridge: the unyielding, God-fearing Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones), who led a group of newly settled Scottish fishermen. Jamie knew him from his gruesome time behind bars in Scotland’s Ardsmuir prison, and it brought back memories he’d rather forget. They also have different religious views – Tom has strong Protestant beliefs – another cause of conflict. It all boils.

“The history between Tom and Jamie belongs to everyone,” Heughan said. “It begins to decay what Claire and Jamie have built.” However, Jones was a very happy person during filming. “He sewed Sam and me [during a scene] When there was a small surgery that Claire had to do with Tom,” Balfe said.

Christie’s two children also have many unexpected wrinkles. “They are a strange little family,” Heughan commented of Tom, his sly son, Allan (Alexander Vlahos), and curious daughter Malva (Jessica Reynolds).

“Malva has been an important character this season and is a mix of so many things: cunning, smart, charming, innocent,” Davis said. “Jessica can go from 0 to 60, from innocent round eyes to really tough. She’d never met anyone like Claire, who was so secular and outspoken – all she’d been taught a woman wasn’t supposed to be. Claire carries Malva under her wing. ”

Claire was in an unusual female role at the time, as a healer, attracting the scrutiny of newcomers. “They called her a witch,” said Roberts. “She is fine with that. She understands that since Jamie is the law of the land, she is protected.” Roberts added: “We’ll see how well Jamie is protected to keep her.”

Outlander Season 6 Sophie Skelton

(Credit: Starz)

Another couple who always support each other are Bree and Roger, who are trying to have another child this season. “We found it difficult to deal with that,” Davis said. They have adjusted themselves to life in the 1770s after a failed attempt to travel back to the 20th century with baby Jem. Now, the engineer and former history professor is looking to adapt their skill sets to this era – which has produced some very intriguing results. “Crazy things happen, but this is their home, and they’ll do their best to fit in, each finding their place on the Ridge,” Davis said.

Coping with change in a less healthy way is ex-pickpocket seduction and Fraser accuses Fergus (Cesar Domboy), now a family man, who is facing increasing pressures in his family life. Domboy said: ‘He was struggling and decided to drink his way to relieve his sadness. That puts a strain on his marriage to Marsali. “They are an interesting and fun couple,” Lyle said. “Now they’re in the darkest place they’ve ever been.”

“Marsali, because she’s around Claire and Brianna, feels that a woman can be so much more than time tells her she can be,” says Roberts. She stepped up in such a way that there was no time for her.”

Also in crisis: Claire and Jamie’s grandson, Ian Fraser Murray (John Bell), recently returned to Fraser Ridge after living among the Mohawk tribe for over a year. In this season, Ian accompanies his uncle Jamie, who is currently serving as an “Indian agent” (a liaison between the British and Native Americans), on visits to his homeland. “They’re teammates, working with the Cherokee, but Ian is being pulled in two directions,” says Roberts. “Who is he? An American Indian or a Scot? We see that traction – and find out what happened to him when he was with Mohawk.” Bell added, “Ian passed. over the overlock machine, bless him.”

Outlander Caitriona Balfe Sam Heughan

(Credit: Starz)

The two men, like the others, also faced some difficult questions. Season 5 ends in 1773, just two years before the war begins. And begin it in Section 6. “How do decisions they make in this moment affect the outcome of the project? [American Revolution]? ‘ Roberts asked. “Jamie doesn’t want to upset the clock by manipulating anything.”

Heughan added: “Jamie is having to cross the thin line between her allegiance. He knows he’s going in the wrong direction, British, and at some point he’s going to have to change. “

He’d better decide quickly! Although war was imminent, any major scenes the producers had planned, including the battle, were unfortunately scrapped. “The pandemic has meant that it is extremely difficult to put so many people in a scene together,” explains Roberts. “A lot of things we want to do, we have to step back a little bit.”

Another tragic shadow that stretches across the Ridge is the impending house fire. That fatal event is why Bree first traveled to the 1700s, after reading an obituary in an archived newspaper for her parents saying they had died in a fire. Davis says that particular storyline may not be addressed in this short. It’s also unclear if the show revisits the other mysterious time traveler, Wendigo Donner (Brennan Martin), who was one of Claire’s attackers, but he’s “definitely on Claire’s mind.” ,” Davis said.

Roberts noted that this season, as with all Outlander, offers surprises for die-hard fans of the series. Plus, he’s teasing that viewers can get more of those stylized, experimental scenes, like Claire’s escaping in her mind to a fictional 1960s Thanksgiving dinner. in the violent coda of Season 5. “You might see something you weren’t expecting,” he said. “There are a few episodes I won’t reveal because it’s bound to be a surprise.”

With filming of Season 7 set to begin in early 2022 in Scotland, the stars can’t wait to get back to work. “The scenes when we were together were chaotic,” Heughan said. “Everybody appreciates life – it’s always fun.” And now, Outlander“The world on screen all revolve around one big question: ‘How do they endure? “These are Frasers. The answer must be… family.

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