Our dangerous dependence on China, Trump’s impeachment and other comments

Climate War: Our Dangerous Dependence on China

“Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050,” the White House is calling for, “will almost certainly make the United States dependent on China” while “enriching” it warns Ben Weingarten of RealClearInvestigations. Beijing is “leading the clean energy industry, controlling natural resources and manufacturing the components essential to Team Biden’s “alternative energy transition.” And experts predict Beijing’s dominance will only increase, thanks in particular to “environmental opposition to perceived ‘dirty’ mining and refining operations” in the United States and the government’s “‘clean energy’ spending offensive” the Chinese billions in subsidies for companies and subsidiaries.” Equally alarming, critics think that China, which is vital to cutting emissions, “will use the Biden administration’s desire to go green to its own advantage.”

Neocon: Biden-Trump ’24 is worse than ’20

“Americans fear another showdown between Biden and Trump in 2024,” and it won’t just be a repeat in 2020 — it’ll be “something worse” predicts Abe Greenwald of Commentary. “In 2020, it was a lot easier to hold your nose and vote for Trump” since January 6 and other events had not yet happened. And since the opposition didn’t have to justify Hunter Biden’s laptop or the family’s overseas operations and influence, “it was a lot easier to portray Joe Biden as conventional.” being imposed on the American electorate.” Given the sins of each individual, neither his supporters nor his constituents can be said to have “clean hands—no one is righteous here.”

Foreign Editors: Why America Has Lost Its Respect

Biden’s foreign policy — “a big mess” since leaving Afghanistan — continues to deteriorate, dashed any hope that foreign governments will respect his administration. claims Samuel Byers in The Hill. The “sloppy” withdrawal from Afghanistan two years ago was just the beginning of Biden’s “weak strategy” — “in the Middle East and around the world.” In Ukraine, Biden has “cut back support” while withholding “critical aid out of misplaced fear of provoking Russia,” and his incoherent approach to China has “failed to demonstrate American resolve.” And his evacuation from six The number of US embassies in two years “doubles that of its predecessors” means “hardly any government” capable of “protecting American citizens and the country’s interests abroad.”

From right: Trump’s impeachment win-win

President Donald Trump is able to use his January 6 and stolen election-related indictments to his advantage by portraying them as “broadly criminalizing the views of Republican primary voters.” Grounds W. James Antle III of the Washington Examiner. “In the Republican primary, at least, ‘we’ would be the ones who have doubts about the 2020 election, see the justice system as ‘armed’ against conservatives” and “believe the charges are wrong.” Those “who are on the other side of these issues , are ‘they’.” “Trump’s GOP rivals “can take ‘us’,” but then they don’t have “a compelling way to differentiate themselves from the front runner.” Or they can challenge Trump more openly and directly on these issues and one by “them” – which is hardly an “optimal position”.

Cultural Critic: The Dating Disaster

About 43% of young women “are not at all interested in dating, compared to” 34% of young men. notes Rob Henderson of The Free Press. And 55% of women “now say that dating has gotten more difficult over the last 10 years.” “A larger percentage of women say that a key reason they are single is being unable to to find someone who meets their expectations.” Why? A “classic study” found that “people presented with fewer flavors of jam” were “more satisfied with their choice.” Thanks to dating apps, abundance “or its illusion” is making people “feel less satisfied”. Perhaps this is why marriage — “the number one differentiator of who is happy in America” ​​– has declined 60% over the past five decades.

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