Our builder stuffed our ‘unsafe’ extension walls with McDonald’s wrapping paper before winning £14,500

A HUGE couple stabbed to death a hungry builder stealing £14,000 of their savings after shoving McDonald’s wrappers into “unsafe” walls – which would have to be torn down.

Her husband Lisa Gillibrand claims they have saved thousands of pounds which they hope to use for IVF treatment when the bogus builder ran out of their cash.

Kit and Lisa think the builder left them in a state of disarray


Kit and Lisa think the builder left them in a state of disarrayCredit: Kennedy News
The couple believe he shoved the fast food packages into the wall


The couple believe he shoved the fast food packages into the wallCredit: Kennedy News

The couple paid the merchant £9,070 for supplies to complete the expansion of their garden last March, in Widnes, Cheshire.

Lisa, 32, and Kit, 39, were forced to chase the builder for three months because he had only partially completed the work in that time.

They were told the job would be completed within a month, but they were stressed by extra costs while Lisa underwent IVF.

The bogus builder is said to have disappeared in May, leaving the couple devastated with unsafe walls he’d stuffed full of fast food packaging.

Lisa and Kit still have £14,480 left, and have been forced to abandon their renewal plan altogether.

But the defiant builder says the couple will have to take him to court to get his money back because he feels he’s done enough to secure it.

Kit said: “It was absolutely stressful. It was during the lockdown so we couldn’t get away from it all.

“Because the building is for our growing business, we were worried it would take a huge hit, ultimately as we had to spend another £6,000 to rent a warehouse space for around £6,000. October on a building that was supposed to be completed in April.

“I felt betrayed and annoyed when we gave him the benefit of the doubt and were very pleasant with him, providing cold drinks and food.

“When he was just making excuses for us and now looking back, knowing he would never give us the materials we paid for in advance and will never finish the work.

“At first, he was really professional and said he could do everything we wanted. He gave us a quote on a letter-paper – nothing out of the ordinary.

“He said he would ask for a deposit for the documents up front. It was £9,070. As soon as we paid he was a completely different person.

“It was very stressful. He said ‘I’m going to start on this day’, then the day came and I was like ‘where are you?

“He gave me tons of reasons. We started to get pretty nervous because we had delivered a lot of money and they weren’t moving in.

“Finally, one day they actually showed up. They came in with some guys and he actually came in with a bunch of bricks.

“We became nervous and said all he was doing was carrying bricks. On 27 March he asked for another stipend for labor of £1,600.

“When he asked for the money, he was on it. I remember we were shopping and I said ‘when I get home I’ll send you the money’ and he called me.”

‘Horrible JOB’

Some work was completed by the builder, but he began to refuse to complete the construction when it started to rain.

Kit then claimed that he had to constantly chase him, before he completely disappeared and stopped answering calls.

He added: “We chased him. Then he made an excuse about the weather.

“We sent calls, emails and texts. It got so real that he actually said ‘Kit, I can see Widnes from the house. I can see it’s raining so I’m not coming’.

“It was really sunny. It shocked us because we thought it was quite rude.

“He built walls. One side was the height it was meant to be, the other side didn’t.

“We hired the building managers to come and check it out. They said the walls weren’t even tied or anything so it wasn’t safe. You can push it down.

“He did a terrible job which means that if we fix it, those walls have to come down.

The couple even called building regulations to investigate the construction, but claimed they were told it was “not safe” because the walls “didn’t even get attached”.

I don’t need to talk to them. If they want £14,000, they can take me to court and take it.


Kit then wrote a letter to the builder in May and told him he had two weeks to complete the work until further action was taken.

Lisa said: “We were going through IVF at the time and it was one of those situations where everything had to be done right away to get to the hospital.

“I’ve had to go through a lot of hormone treatments. When it comes to IVF and pregnancy, it’s high stress and a lot of money when you’re hoping to start a family. is very difficult to solve.

“The first treatment wasn’t so successful we can’t blame him, but I’m just saying I definitely doubt I was in the best and calmest position, at the time.

“Me and Kit we run our businesses together. This is our only income, our only project, and this house is supposed to be for our business. I should have for months, we had to have all the goods in-house.”

The builder, who is still believed to be working on the sale, claims he doesn’t believe the couple have received a full refund because they’ve completed some work – but doesn’t explain why he kept the full amount for almost a year.

He said: “It’s not finished but every story has two sides. It may not be finished but that doesn’t mean I just put £14,500 on the walls.

“Obviously the building has been demolished, all the foundations have been dug, all the insulation has been put in, the concrete slabs have been put in and the brickwork is almost done.

“I know there is obviously some problem with the tiles but it can be worked out.

“The building inspectors said we didn’t have enough wall size in there. We spoke to the structural engineer.

“I waited almost four and a half months for them to draw the architectural design of the building, at which point my brother took a job extension and had to come for Christmas.

“I got a letter just before Christmas asking for a full refund. I don’t owe a full refund because I’ve done almost enough, I’d say at least 50% of the work.

“If I can get proof that the building manager says it’s unsafe and needs to be taken down, I’ll give them my money back.

“I don’t have to talk to them. If they want £14,000, they can take me to court and take it.”

A spokesperson for Halton Borough Council said: “I can confirm that the couple have been in contact with Halton Trading Standards and have been given some objective advice. We are unable to comment further on the circumstances. single.”

They pocketed 14,000 pounds


They pocketed 14,000 poundsCredit: Kennedy News
But the shadow builder said he wouldn't give them a refund


But the shadow builder said he wouldn’t give them a refundCredit: Kennedy News Our builder stuffed our ‘unsafe’ extension walls with McDonald’s wrapping paper before winning £14,500

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