Old widow thinks about cutting her granddaughter’s inheritance to support relatives he’s never met

A 60-year-old man has revealed a shocking family secret on Reddit, prompting him to reconsider his will. He asked other users if it was a mistake to rethink how his fortune was divided among his nieces.

The man already has a 38-year-old daughter and two granddaughters. The oldest niece is 20 years old, the youngest is 16 years old.

A strange incident happened in the family, it revealed something that the man did not know. The whole family was shocked to learn the truth and didn’t know how to react.

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OP (Original Poster) disclosure that his wife had passed away a few years ago, so he had only his daughter, husband, and children around. He also shared that his will revolved around only two nieces.

One day, the son-in-law decided to take a paternity test because he suspected his wife was cheating on him. OP confessed that he always thought his little niece didn’t look like her parents. He explain:

“My niece was never really like my daughter or her husband but I love her equally.”

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Regardless of how his niece looked, the man treated her like he would treat his other niece. However, things took a different turn when the test results came out.

She had to find another way to track down her biological daughter.

The results show that OP’s son-in-law is not the biological father. When he told his wife about it, she said she had never cheated on him and refused to accept the accusations.

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To prove herself right, OP’s daughter also took a DNA test. To her surprise, the results revealed that she was not the biological mother of her daughter either.

Stunned, she wanted to find out to the bottom, so she tried to go to the hospital where her daughter was born. She suspects her biological daughter was exchanged for another baby at birth.

Things get complicated for OP’s daughter when she finds out the hospital has closed. She must find another way to track down her biological daughter.

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Meanwhile, OP’s daughter tells him that in case she finds her biological child, she wants the child involved in their lives, which means he has to change his mind. and put the child in it. So far, OP explain:

“I have two grown daughters and right now I will treat them equally.”

When he suggested dividing his estate equally among three people instead of two, to include his daughter’s potential biological child, his eldest granddaughter deemed it unfair. She did not want him to reduce her share of his estate.

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Instead, his daughter and eldest granddaughter offered to split the non-blood niece’s portion in half and share it with her potential grandchild. However, you to add:

“It’s all assuming they can find her and she’s looking forward to being in the family.”

OP confesses that he wants to make his potential grandchild part of his will if he/she wants to be in the family, but he is also afraid that dividing everything equally would be unfair to the family. the other two girls.

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He posted his story on Reddit asking for advice from other users. Pearl answered OP is at fault if she decides to reduce the percentage of her non-blood daughter even though she knows it’s not her fault that she went into labor at birth.

Another user suggested dividing the estate equally among all three of his grandchildren. She also stated that it would not be fair to punish his niece who was not his biological father. She explain:

“You’ve literally devalued her finances since you found out about this. It’s disgusting.”

Others shared their views in the comments | Source: Unsplash

She to add that OP’s niece and daughter are also at fault for pushing OP to cut off the part of his non-blood niece.

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