Old man dies without knowing who his biological father is, son completes search

After a man was informed that the person he knew as his father was not his biological father, he became curious and tried to find his biological father to no avail. After his death, his son continued the search and almost gave up before finding details about his biological grandfather.

The son posted the story on Reddit, referring to his grandfather as a “mystery”. He revealed details about his biological father and childhood before revealing details about his biological grandfather.

His father asked him to solve a decades-old mystery when he saw his son’s interest in genealogy. However, after his death, this man stopped searching for his ancestors until he thought about getting a DNA test.

Man finds grandfather after his father’s death | Source: Shutterstock

OP (Original Poster) disclosure His father was born on a military base in Sparta, Wisconsin, in 1945. He was born while his grandfather, EC, was deployed abroad for a year.

EC’s wife, Bernice, divorced him when he returned home. She returned to her hometown, Alabama, and married another veteran but soon died in childbirth. OP explain:

“My father was adopted by his aunt and uncle.”

OP’s grandmother gave birth to a son while her husband was away | Source: Unsplash

When OP’s father turned 16, he discovered that EC was not his biological father. His mother never told anyone who his biological father was, so he spent years wondering about his true identity.

The research results led him to believe that his biological grandfather could not be traced, but he was wrong.

OP became interested in genealogy, so his father asked him to trace his ancestry simply because he wanted to know more about his origins. OP revealed that his father is not interested in meeting or talking to his biological father.

OP’s father always questions his true identity | Source: Unsplash

He takes the quest as a challenge and searches for his biological grandfather. He looks through his adoption papers and tries to connect with his loved ones, only to realize that they are dead.

A few years later, OP’s father passed away. The OP grieved his loss and did not continue searching for his grandfather until he decided to take a DNA test. He explain:

“The test yielded a large amount of matches from my grandmother’s side and a large number of matches from my mother’s side.”

OP looking for his biological grandfather | Source: Unsplash

However, there are almost no matches from the OP’s grandfather side. This led him to believe that his biological grandfather could not be traced, but he was wrong.

He saw a Reddit post that mentioned a Google Chrome extension that filters popular matches from ancestry feed matches. OP installed the extension and tried it.

A few matches were on the freeway, but they had no trees. OP almost gave up on finding his grandfather but tried expanding one last time.

He last tried the extension | Source: Unsplash

To his surprise, he found a match with a dense tree of its own. He immediately texted the person explaining his situation and asked him to take a look at their joint matches.

The person responds with some common ancestor and invites the OP to come see his tree. Excited, OP accepted and studied the tree to track down his ancestors. He disclosure:

“Finally, last night at 2 a.m., seventy-six years after my father was born, I found my grandfather.”

He is very excited and wants to share the results with someone | Source: Unsplash

The grandson of his ancestors in the family served in a military base in his grandmother’s hometown. He discovered that the man was from Iowa and predicted that he would not see his grandmother after she moved to Wisconsin.

OP is relieved after discovering his biological grandfather but wishes his father would witness it. He posted his story on Reddit to share his achievement with other users because his friends and family weren’t interested in it.

A user named sweet fruit feel happy for OP and told him that he was lucky to find someone with a great genealogy. He asked OP if his grandfather met his grandmother at the military base before his father was born.

He shared his success story with other Redditors | Source: Unsplash

OP read the comments and agreed that he was lucky to get a reply from the other person. He added that they met at the military base before his grandmother moved to Wisconsin.

Another user named Ok_Huckleberry6820 shared that her mother always wanted to find her biological parents, so she took a DNA test. Unfortunately, her mother passed away before she could solve her mystery.

Other users shared their experiences | Source: Unsplash

If you were the OP, would you give up or keep looking like he did?

OP’s determination made him successful in his mission. If he gives up after running the Chrome extension for the first time, he won’t find the person who helped him find his biological grandfather.

Do you believe OP’s success is due to luck or persistence?

Since the OP’s chances of finding his grandfather are slim, some might believe that his success was purely down to luck. On the other hand, those who believe in the power of hard work and persistence might attribute his determination to finding his grandfather. He gave up easily, but he chose to stay steadfast.

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