My veneers resulted in a painful allergic reaction to elephant skin – Here’s how

A woman in the UK suffered a painful and debilitating allergic reaction for weeks after spending over $1,200 on veneers last year.

Lily Lindsay, 29, decided to have the procedure after spending her life taking care of her smile, especially her two front teeth, so she spent the money on composite veneers last August.

What happened next changed her life.

“My veneers caused extremely dry and flaky skin — like elephant skin,” Lindsay told South West News Service.

“No doctor could help me, so I ended up on antidepressants,” she continued. “It consumed me completely.”

Lindsay explained that she was inspired to get new teeth by various TikTok influencers and other friends and that she did it just before the ideal occasion, her best friend’s wedding.

She was delighted with the results after the procedure, but two weeks later she developed red, itchy eyes accompanied by dry lips and skin.

Photo of a woman with a red rash.
A woman experienced a terrible allergic reaction after getting veneers.
Lily Lindsay / SWNS

Photo of a smiling woman.
Lily Lindsay, 29, decided to have the procedure after spending her whole life being self-conscious about her smile.
Lily Lindsay / SWNS

Photo of a woman with a red rash.
“No doctor could help me, so I ended up on antidepressants,” Lindsay claimed. “It consumed me completely.”
Lily Lindsay / SWNS

She went to see a doctor who believed she was suffering from normal dermatitis or irritated skin due to various environmental factors.

Over time, her skin continued to deteriorate, after which doctors concluded that she was suffering from a flare-up of eczema and prescribed steroid cream.

“Every day my face got a little more crusty, itchy and red,” Lindsay told SWNS. “It hurt so bad under my arms — I couldn’t even lower my arms or take a shower.”

The 29-year-old tried everything to cool her inflamed skin. She tried new diets and creams, but ultimately nothing worked and she found herself in what she describes as a “vicious cycle.”

Photo of a woman with a rash.
The reaction started two weeks after she got veneers.
Lily Lindsay / SWNS

Photo of a woman with a rash on her face.
Her mother couldn’t bear to see her suffer like this.
Lily Lindsay / SWNS

It affected her in every way, especially her mental health. Lindsay claimed her own mother couldn’t bear to see her.

“I couldn’t go about my work, I didn’t want to see my boyfriend … I couldn’t deal with how I felt,” she said. “I was just so depressed about my looks. It got to the point where I just didn’t want to be here anymore. I felt like a failure.”

In January, her allergy began to attack her immune system, causing her to suffer from dizziness, ringing in her ears and black spots on her eyesight.

She concluded that her symptoms might be related to her veneers as they appeared two weeks after the procedure.

Photo of a woman with a rash on her face.
Steroid creams didn’t help and seemed to make her skin worse.
Lily Lindsay / SWNS

Photo of a woman doing an allergy test.
Lindsay is sitting for an allergy test.
Lily Lindsay / SWNS

A blood test later revealed that the inflammation was internal to her body, not her skin, and was caused by the resin used in the artificial teeth. This is not uncommon in patients who have had veneers.

“Allergic reactions to composite veneers are usually triggered by the resin used in these products,” said health expert Dr. Helen Evans-Howells to SWNS.

“Usually, this would trigger contact dermatitis, which is caused by a delayed allergic reaction,” Evans-Howells continued. “This can cause irritation at the site of the veneers or mouth ulcers. Occasionally, reactions such as eczema or eye swelling can occur.”

Luckily Lindsay was able to go back to the dentist to have them all removed – an expense her doctor was willing to assume.

Photo of a woman with clear skin.
Lindsay’s skin has cleared since the veneers were removed.
Lily Lindsay / SWNS

Now her face is completely clear.

However, she is now urging others to be mindful, saying she should have signed a waiver before getting veneers.

“I don’t remember ever seeing or signing anything that says I might have an allergic reaction — people don’t really think about that,” she said.

“We need to give composite veneers and soft fillings the same exposure as gel nail polish – dentists need to raise awareness of the risks.”

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