My nurse has to calm down before giving me a Covid booster

ONLY one woman has Martin Kemp in her Christmas suit, and that’s his wife of 33 years, Shirlie.

This year, however, the Spandau Ballet star Martin is sharing the festive cheer and has dressed up as Santa Claus to encourage the UK public to watch. Vaccines against covid and boosters before Christmas.

Celebrity Martin Kemp did Santa's makeup


Celebrity Martin Kemp did Santa’s makeup
Martin Kemp is encouraging the UK public to get their Covid and flu vaccines, and boosters, by December 25


Martin Kemp is encouraging the UK public to get their Covid and flu vaccines, and boosters, by December 25Credit: PA

Santa Kemp has really rolled up his sleeves to help with the vaccination effort before the big day, but the former EastEnders actor is looking forward to a quiet Christmas at home, replete with his annual festive karaoke tradition. Kemp family.

Martin, 60, born in London, says: “Christmas in Kemp is like everyone else.” We always make turkey and smoked salmon.

“Always have roasted nuts by Shirlie and Harley’s side [Moon, the couple’s daughter], because they are vegetarian.

“After dinner, we watched the Queen’s speech and we all fell asleep for a few hours – as everyone does.

“But then, instead of playing board games, we all went to the room to watch TV and sing karaoke.

“Shirlie and I did Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Islands In The Stream, [son] Roman will always look to Kanye West; Shirlie loves Alanis Morissette; I also always try a bit of Elvis.

“I said to someone recently and they said, ‘Why don’t you stream it or make it a show, Christmas with Kemps?'”

The holiday season may have been more of an adult affair at Casa Kemp now that Roman, 28, and Harley Moon, 32, are adults, but Martin has been thinking about how to relive his early days if he becomes one. grandfather.

“I miss Christmases so much when the kids were little,” he recalls fondly.

“I tell every parent who wakes up at 4 a.m., make the most of it, because when they grow up you will miss those early mornings like crazy.

“As soon as your kids are old enough to say, ‘I’m going to the pub for Christmas Eve,’ you know it’s over, they won’t get out of bed until 11am on Christmas.

“I look back on those early days; Roman and Harley in evening gowns, opening presents at four in the morning, are so cute.

“They are one of my best Christmases ever – Christmas fades a little when that goes away.

“I think what you do after that, you wait for your grandson to come back to life.”

Having hit Christmas number one in 1984 as Band Aid with Do They Know It’s Christmas, a single hosted by Bob Geldof for charity, Martin says he’s more proud of the song than anyone Spandau Ballet hits.

For anyone hesitant about vaccines, I’d say, the more protection you have in your body, the better.

Martin Kemp

“When we did Band Aid, I think we knew we were making music history, we were part of something that never happened before,” he said.

“There has never been a moment where bands have come together and fought for the same cause.

“Back then, the only time you saw other bands was in the lobby of Top Of The Pops, but that Sunday morning in Notting Hill we all knew how big it was going to be.

“It’s a great song and it’s always great when I hear it on the radio.

“That song means more to me than any of the Spandau Ballet records, just because of its weight and what it has behind it.

“That day there was no ego, everyone just enjoyed the moment.”

The recorded video has racked up more than 80 million views on YouTube and features toddler Peaches Geldof who passed away at the age of 25 in 2014 and her mother Paula, who died of drug overdoses. dose in 2000.

Martin sadly said: “The footage is special.

“There are a few people who disappeared now are in there.”

Although Martin’s sexy Santa has proven to be a hit on social media, the campaign still has a serious side to it.

After catching Covid himself in August of this year, along with his son Roman canceling a Soccer Aid appearance after he caught it, Martin knows how scary getting sick with Covid can be. .

“I’ve been struggling with it for over a week and I’ve been stabbed twice,” he said. “It was like a really bad flu. It’s easy to listen to every breath and feel anxious when you test positive, but I feel safe because I’m vaccinated and that’s why this campaign is so important.

“Roman had it after me and he was a healthy young man, he also got sick with it, but thanks to vaccination we got over it. We feel secure because we have a vaccine. ‘

While getting stabbed is a routine experience for most of us, for Martin, his vaccines and boosters didn’t pass without a hint of excitement…


“It was brilliant every time but also a little crazy,” he says with a laugh.

“People everywhere are always so lovely when they recognize me, but one of the nurses had to calm down a bit before she could do it.

“It makes me smile because if I was working there and one of my favorite celebrities or pop stars walked in, I would react the same way.”

Despite the excitement at his local vaccination center, Martin begged everyone who hasn’t had their vaccine or booster shot or flu shot to make an appointment and get vaccinated before Christmas.

“For anyone hesitant about vaccines, I would say, the more protection you have in your body, the better. I got the flu, I got my booster shot, I got two vaccines. I even have antibodies to Covid. But the more protection I have, the better for everyone,” he said.

“Shirlie and I did a little car tour around South Asia a few years ago and we had to give something like eight or nine different shots to stay safe.

“I don’t think about it and this is exactly the same. There is no difference. The faster we can make everyone safe, the better.

“We have to be one voice because one voice is how we keep us all safe.

“I know some places where there is a wait, but honestly, in this day and age you wait for everything. Disneyland you wait for hours for each ride. You have to put it into perspective.

“What we are doing as a country, what we are doing as a country, is unbelievable.

“The way we are fighting this disease is unbelievable. It’s something we should all be proud of. But we all have to keep playing our part.”

One of Martin Kemp's nurses was such a fan she had to 'calm down' before giving him a stab


One of Martin Kemp’s nurses was such a fan she had to ‘calm down’ before giving him a stab
When Martin caught Covid himself, he said he "feel safe because I'm vaccinated and that's why this campaign is so important"


When Martin caught Covid himself, he said he “felt safe because I was vaccinated and that’s why this campaign is so important”Credit: PA My nurse has to calm down before giving me a Covid booster

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