My niece predicted that her cheating husband would kill her before he stabbed her and my sister

Shaking with horror, Raneem Oudeh called police for the fourth time in two hours, warning them her abusive ex was threatening to kill her – but they told her to go home.

When she spoke to police again, Raneem, 22, and mother Khaola Saleem, 49, were in custody stabbed by Janbaz Tarin, 21, in front of the very house they fled to for safety.

Raneem Oudeh, 22, was stabbed to death outside the home where she fled to safety


Raneem Oudeh, 22, was stabbed to death outside the home where she fled to safety
Nour Norris with sister Khaola, Raneem's mother, and her mother Salima


Nour Norris with sister Khaola, Raneem’s mother, and her mother Salima

The double homicide in Solihull in 2018 – featured on Monday’s episode of Killer Britain on Crime+Investigation – shocked the nation and devastated a close-knit family who had sought safe haven in Britain after fleeing war-torn Syria .

In an exclusive interview, Nour Norris – Khaola’s sister and Raneem’s aunt – tells The Sun her family’s heart was ripped out in what she calls “the dark night”.

“Khaola and Raneem were everything to everyone in the family,” she says.

“Khaola was the eldest, 12 years older than me, and we all looked up to her as a big sister. We’ve been close to me my whole life.

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“She was the heart of the family and Raneem thrived, ready to take on the world.

“It was an absolutely horrible time in our lives. Not losing one, but losing two in the most painful way.”

Raneem was just 19 when she met Tarin in college, and the first time they met, he told her, “You’ll be mine.”

He started calling her obsessively, followed her and tried to push her into a relationship, only stopping when she married another man and had a son.

Janbaz Tarin was jealous and abusive


Janbaz Tarin was jealous and abusivePhoto credit: Crime+Investigation
Mother Khaola Saleem was stabbed in the double murder


Mother Khaola Saleem was stabbed in the double murderCredit: EPA

“The day you go is the day I kill you”

The marriage broke up after a year and Tarin returned into her life – to the dismay of her family.

“He was mentally and physically manipulative of her from day one,” says Nour.

“She withheld a lot from us and when we realized the extent of it, he controlled her and it was too late in the relationship.”

The couple married in 2016 and Nour says Khaola was upset before the wedding because she knew her daughter was making a mistake.

“Khaola didn’t know how to handle the whole situation and was really worried, but at the time we didn’t realize she was being controlled. Although she didn’t want him, she didn’t have a choice at the time,” says Nour.

“On the wedding day we tried to be happy for her because that was what she wanted and we thought she was in love with him – but she had hidden the worst part of him.”

In reality, Tarin threatened to harm Raneem and her family if she didn’t marry him, telling her, “The day you leave me is the day I kill you.”

Raneem has been the victim of abuse and manipulation


Raneem has been the victim of abuse and manipulationCredit: PA:Press Association
The double murder shocked Britain and devastated a family


The double murder shocked Britain and devastated a familyPhoto credit: SWNS: South West News Service

“I think my days are over”

After the wedding, Nour said Raneem consciously distanced herself from the family and her health began to suffer.

Unbeknownst to her family, she was physically and mentally abused and began to suffer from panic attacks and joint pains, even calling an ambulance three times.

After Tarin returned to his native Afghanistan in November 2016, she discovered he had a pregnant wife and two children there.

She finally worked up the courage to tell her husband it was over – but his threatening behavior began to escalate.

Raneem, right, issued a harassment order at the suggestion of her mother, left


Raneem, right, issued a harassment order at the suggestion of her mother, leftPhoto credit: Mike Woods News

“He wouldn’t take no and slept in the car in front of the house,” says Nour.

“Then he actually cut his hand and sent me the picture to show Raneem.

“After that, she cut us out of the picture. We thought she felt sorry for him and tried to solve their problems. But she was scared and in fact she was trying to protect us.”

Living in the marriage home with her two-year-old son, Raneem found herself in a dangerous situation. Tarin constantly stood at her door and was even chased away by neighbors after she attacked them.

Police were called several times but they refused to press charges – despite telling her aunt: “I think my days are almost over. I think he’s going to kill me.”

Terrible scene

Raneem in happier times


Raneem in happier timesCredit: Delivered
Raneem and her mother were seen at a shisha bar before the attack


Raneem and her mother were seen at a shisha bar before the attack

At her mother’s suggestion, Raneem issued a non-harassment order against Tarin, meaning he could not approach her or contact her directly, but he ignored it.

She moved back in with her mum in the summer of 2018 – and on August 26 the pair spent the day shopping before spending the evening at a shisha bar in Birmingham.

Tarin followed them into the cafe where he attacked Khaola, punching her before grabbing Raneem’s phone and threatening to kill her – in front of a crowd of customers – before being thrown out.

Over the next two hours, Raneem called the police four times – including once from outside the cafe, where she told them she was afraid her husband would kill her.

Being advised to return to her mother’s house, she called her again as she walked across the lawn to her front door – which dissolved into horrified screams as Tarin leapt from the bushes and launched a frenzied attack with a 12-inch knife began.

When Khaola stepped in to protect her daughter, she was stabbed.

Shockingly, the attack was witnessed by Khaola’s youngest daughter, who was only 15 at the time.

“My niece was babysitting and put Raneem’s baby to sleep when she heard screams and opened the window,” says Nour.

“She couldn’t see much because it was pretty dark outside, but it didn’t take long for her to realize that Raneem was being attacked and being dragged across the grass.

“She told her father and he called me. I was there within five to ten minutes and witnessed the whole horrible scene.

“I was disturbed. It was bad enough to hear that Raneem had been attacked, but when I got there I also saw Khaola and lost it. It didn’t take long for me to realize they were both gone.”

“He broke us”

After a three-day manhunt, Tarin was found in the stockroom of a corner shop in Birmingham.

In December 2018, he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum sentence of 32 years.

The independent Bureau of Police Conduct has closed an inquiry into claims that West Midland Police missed opportunities to rescue the two women, but could not comment ahead of the official inquiry expected later this year.

But Nour says there are lessons to be learned.

“Police have been called to Raneem’s home on many occasions, but they haven’t heard anything,” she tells Mark.

“Police have made some changes which is great but more needs to be done as cases increase.

“What really hurts us the most is knowing that they had a chance to live.

“Losing a loved one to murder is bad enough, but to think that they have to wait in the dark, knowing they will end their lives, is incredibly hurtful.”

Nour, who helped raise Raneem’s son alongside his father, has coped with the sickening tragedy by opening up to learn more about domestic violence and speaking up about it.

A trained counselor, after giving up her fashion business, Nour assists other families struck by murder.

“They were the soul of everyone,” she says. “Losing her is one thing. But being gone like they did is another. From a certain single man who thought her life should be his and because he can’t have her they have to go.

“He really broke us all apart. I cannot explain to you the pain we experience every day.”

Killer Britain, starring Dermot Murnaghan, airs March 21 at 9pm on Crime+Investigation.

The horrifying case will be featured in an episode of Killer Britain


The horrifying case will be featured in an episode of Killer Britain My niece predicted that her cheating husband would kill her before he stabbed her and my sister

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